Odds and Ends


1. If politicians had man buns. OMG.

2. If you let the internet name animals, chances are you’ll get some doozies. Hahaaa, Danger Noodle.

3. The downsides of growth. “I want an awesome audience, not a huge one.” Amen to that.

4. Beautiful post on what real love entails.

5. This is what happens when you reply to spam email. Hilarious.

6. Quit worrying about fat and get really freaked out by sugar. A rigorous study just proved it.

7. The price of being single. Do you agree that single people are discriminated against?

8. “It’s with a heavy heart that I announce I am having my parents pick me up early from this sleepover.” Ahhhh, this is a good one. Haven’t we all been there?

9. Universal parenting struggles. Spot on – photo #2 just happened this morning.

10. 4 questions to ask your kid everyday. I’m on board.

11. Is addiction a learning disorder? Absolutely fascinating read on addiction.

12. I linked to a piece on high-functioning depression a few weeks ago, now let’s talk about high-functioning anxiety.

13. What the what?! This scarf is wicked.

14. Buy these shoes, okay?

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What Are Your Favorite Documentaries?

image credit: the outbound life

Calling all my savvy, in-the know friends! Can you help a lady out?

Dustin has this thing, y’all. He can not stay awake while looking at a screen. At all. I am not exaggerating. It sounds funny, BUT IT IS NOT FUNNY, PEOPLE. Okay, maybe a little funny. Mostly incredibly annoying, though.

It doesn’t matter where we are or what time of the day it is, the man will fall asleep within 5 minutes of watching a television show or movie. And it goes wayyyy back…apparently at HIS OWN birthday/slumber party as a child, when “Raiders of The Lost Ark” had just been released on VHS (gawwwwd, we are old), he fell into a deep slumber within minutes of the movie commencing. Yes, he missed his entire party due to SIN. (Not “sin,” for crying out loud…clean up that mind, you heathen! But S.I.N. – a very serious and very plausible disorder, Screen-Induced Narcolepsy, the name of which I personally created. About five minutes ago. We’ll be selling a SIN wristband to raise awareness for this calamitous disorder very soon.)

Due to this disorder, we have seen a grand total of…wait for it…5 movies in the theater since we started dating in 2001. Let me do the math for you…that equals 15 years. One movie every 3 years. Fabulous. And guess what, friends? I like movies. I would enjoy seeing a movie with my husband once in awhile. Alas, not in the cards.

Until last week. Upon hearing about the death of Bill Cunningham, I mentioned interest in watching this documentary released a few years back. Dustin agreed that he was also interested. I sharply inhaled when I heard this statement. Could it be? COULD THIS BE THE ONE?! I prayed to the screen gods as I accessed the documentary via Amazon Prime.

And you guys. He stayed awake. For 124 blessed minutes. (And that’s pronounced blesid, like the adjective. Say it aloud with me, one-hundred and twenty-four blesid minutes. Feeeeeel that important distinction in pronunciation.) Dustin did not suffer the ill effects of SIN. Glory be to the highest!

As we finished the documentary, and I brushed away my tears of happiness, he said to me, “I think I might like to see some more documentaries.”

FRIENDS. HE WANTS TO SEE SOME ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTARIES. Could this be our turning point? Could his SIN go into remission due to a robust supplement of varied documentaries?

Help me, dear friends. Help us. Keep Dustin in SIN remission, and please share the best documentaries you’ve seen – any and all subject matter welcomed. #putanendtoSIN


My Favorite Yoga Leggings


I’ve given you the lowdown on my workout faves over the years, but I feel it necessary to wax poetic about the leggings I keep comin’ back to, over and over, again and again.

They are from Fabletics – specifically called the Salar leggings and the Salar capri. And I am obsessed. Truly.

So obsessed, in fact, that I’ve noticed I won’t wear any of my other leggings from other brands. Popular brands. WAY MORE expensive brands. Nope, no thank you, not interested.

What do I specifically love about the Salar leggings, you ask? Well, they wash well, wear well, aren’t see-through when you bend over, and most importantly, don’t budge when I move through yoga postures. You see, ladies, for whatever reason, yoga leggings tend to sliiiiiide down my waist and hips when I flow through postures. IT DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY BATTY. Yes, I’m the one on her mat yanking at her pants all the livelong day…at least, when I’m not wearing the Salar leggings/capris.

However, when I have the Salars on, they just stay put. End of story.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they come in about 20 shades and/or patterns. (For what it’s worth, I find the patterned leggings to feel a bit stiffer than the solid colors. But truly, the black ones just can’t be beat for feel and longevity, although I have many colors and patterns.)

So, here’s the deal about Fabletics if you haven’t tried the brand. It’s a monthly service, in which you are billed $49.95/month UNLESS you decide to skip the month, in which you aren’t billed anything. I skip all the time. In fact, I go months and months without purchasing anything. All you need to do is log into your account and hit the skip button within the first 5 days of the month. It’s that easy. (I just have a reminder on the first day of the month on my Google calendar – I log in and then buy or skip…I skip more than I buy, personally.) I’ve been using the service for about 2 years and have no complaints.


As you will see, Fabletics has quite a robust workout collection – not just for yoga. I’ve tried the tanks and bras, which were fine, but I actually prefer other brands. However, the leggings are #1 for me.

Best part? Your first outfit is $25. Yep, three pieces for 25 bones. I mean, come on now. Oh, and they have free shipping and returns, so there’s really not much to lose. I think you should check it out.


Let me know what you think! Have you tried Fabletics before? Also, can my ass look like Kate Hudson’s? Thanks.