Shopbop Friends and Family Event. Get It, Girl.


Shopbop Friends and Family event. Enough said.

Per usual, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite picks..feel free to peruse while your wallet shivers in fear.

The sale begins at 12:00AM EST Tuesday the 13th, and ends October 15, 2015, at 11:59pm PT. So get to it, friends!


A Fresh Cut For Fall

Well, I said sayonara to about 7 inches.


Before pic here.

My hair feels so light, and I haven’t seen the tops of my shoulders in years. Thanks again to Sal and Johnny from Ramirez Tran Salon!


It’s Time For My Annual Hair Post

Well, hello there! I’m coming to you from 29,000 feet up…on my way to Southern California to see friends and, you guessed it, make my annual visit to Ramirez Tran to get mah hairs did. For those of you mildly invested in the life and times of my hair, I get it cut and colored once a year by Anh and Johnny, and then let it grow out like a disheveled mermaid. Rinse and repeat. (Although due to a scheduling snafu, Sal will be cutting my hair today, and according to his Instagram account, I think I’m in good hands.)

I thought it would be apropo to take a little stroll down Ramirez Tran memory lane….

First, we had the lightening of the virgin hair in 2013.


Then we had some major lopping off in 2014.


And then a little bang action later that year.


And now? This is the current state of my hair. (How’s that for a horrible morning selfie?)


Long, flat, with some really grown-out highlights. (I am so ready for this appointment!)

So! What shall I do? I can’t do anything high maintenance because I obviously don’t have these hair dynamos at my beck and call since I live halfway across the country. They are always fantastic at giving me cuts and color than last a looooong time, so I’m thinking a little something like this?


I would be saying sayonara to a fair amount of hair, but I’m totally game. Also, I’m loving those subdued highlights…I think it’s time for me to tone down the lighter ends a bit.

What say you? You have about 4 hours to chime in or forever hold your peace. Mwah!