A Little Spring in My Step

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Spring is here, friends. I mean, not officially, but here in Oklahoma, we’ve been experiencing Spring-like temps since mid-February. (Is there actually anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming at this point?)

I’m pretty sure Spring is my favorite season when it comes clothing and accessories – I love adding pops of color to my otherwise neutral uniform, and of course, sandals. Sandals, sandals, sandals. It’s so nice to break free from clunky winter boots and socks. I mean, HOW OPPRESSIVE. #thestruggleisreal

I’m pretty selective when it comes to purchasing sandals – I want them to be chic and stylish  (of course!), but as I get a bit older, comfort is almost as important. I said almost, people. I’m not planning on orthopedics anytime soon.

Luckily, I found two pretty adorable pairs of sandals from Børn this season. If you don’t know about Børn shoes, they are known for the utmost comfort for busy ladies on-the-go, and they have a done a great job at merging style and comfort in their footwear.

Take a look at the two pairs I will be wearing in the upcoming warmer months.


The Cindie Sandal in Sabbia/Rosa, $120

I adore this sandal – the simplicity, the wooden heel, and and camel/pink combo? Perfect. Very easy to walk in over the course of the day.


For some super casual kicks, I’m all about these cuties.


Idina in Ivory Snake Metallic, $95


The pewter straps and natural sole make it a done deal for me. All about the natural sole. Also, #snakeskinforever


These will get lots of wear this summer, for certain.

If you are looking for shoes that fit the bill for style and comfort, I have a feeling these two pairs will reside at the front of your closet. Happy Spring to all of you!

This post is sponsored by Børn Shoes.


Odds and Ends


1. I love dancing. I love toddlers. I love James Corden.

2. Oh, the tears I’ve shed on my yoga mat. It seems I’m not the only one.

3. Forget strobing and contouring. Have you tried Trumping?

4. I had quite a struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction a few years back. This is a fantastic article on the pelvic floor – all women should read.

5. Best procrastination story EVER.

6. Relying on friendship in a world made for couples. Such a great read.


8. I have this clutch in black, but the pale pink shade is calling my name. Saaarrrraaahhhhhh.

9. Ladies need more sleep than dudes. IT’S SCIENCE.

10. Look at those handsome gents. Swoon.

Happy Friday to you! Hope your weekend is peachy keen.

image credit: david mramor


How To Tie a Scarf


Let’s be honest, there are a bazillion scarf-tying tutorials out there, but I am really loving this video. Some great options that I’ve never attempted before, and trust me, I’ve tried a fair amount. Enjoy!

How to tie a scarf!


Posted by Hñiñ on Thursday, February 18, 2016