Odds and Ends

The holy grail of hydration is 20% off this weekend!

The bob, the lob, now the slob.

Is there a cuter blouse for spring? Maybe this one.

Your phone is ruining your vacation. I feel attacked.

When you eat a dried fig, you’re probably chewing wasp mummies.

If you wear mini dresses, please buy this one so I can live vicariously through you.

One quiet moment away from cutting bangs.

Didn’t realize climate change also causes airplane turbulence, fun.

Already wearing the hell out of these nude patent leather sandals.

I’m a spice blend whore, y’all.

Oh, Credo Beauty, how I love these particular products so much.

If you aren’t watching Shrinking, you simply must. The writing is exceptional and it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite character!

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: italy segreta


Odds and Ends

I’ve heard crazy amazing things about this SPF (+ vitamin C + glow) – it’s on the way and I’ll report back.

This month’s perimenopausal horoscope.

Gwyneth sure isn’t afraid to look chic in court this week.

Pecan is back in stock! I repeat, pecan is back in stock. Fantastic long-wearing crease color.

Loved this article about Elliott Smith.

Never pay a medical bill without asking these questions first.

Something odd is happening with handbags.

The best eyelash curler on the planet.

Bad lighting is…so effing bad. #moodkiller

Be sure to renew your passport ASAP if you are traveling internationally this year.

Can you guess where season 3 of White Lotus will be?

Cutest summer dress.

It seems Urban Decay is going in a different direction, y’all… ;)

It’s Friday! Wishing you a spectacular weekend.

image credit: molly goddard


Odds and Ends

Cool people accidentally saved America’s feet.

How long has it been since you’ve seen Joan Collins?! #dynastyforever

I’m spilling full details this morning on IG Stories, but I have finally found THE holy grail of eye creams and it’s quite affordable. (It’s also 25% off right now!) You need this in your life. #inwhoorlwetrust

While we’re talking skincare, a new must-have is this cleansing balm that ticks all of my boxes. (Smells like Sicilian groves and rinses off with water – no for real, it really does.) 15% off with WHOORL15

How to get rid of clothes, even if you hate letting go.

I am utterly transfixed with what this man creates.

Why does the US keep running out of medicine?

I wear the black one so much…just had to go for the white linen for spring.

Honest haikus for women. Yep, “I can’t find it” will be the death of me.

I can’t believe lobotomies used to be a thing. #wtf

It’s Saks Friends and Family event! I’ve got my eye on this and this and my favorite jeans are on sale!

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: the great planet