Odds and Ends

1. How did I just learn about this iPhone photo hack?! PRAISE BE #manyphotos #somanyphotos

2. I am never using Postmates or Door Dash again. Uggghhhhhhhhhh

3. The one health problem each zodiac sign is prone to.

4. Woman spirals into a vortex of self-doubt after Trader Joe’s cashier doesn’t compliment any of her items. Hahaaaa

5. We talked about this on Selfie a few weeks back – continuous partial attention is A THING, folks.

6. I love Lizzo.

7. Oh oh oh, last weekend of the Nordstrom Sale! Did you see my picks?

8. I have gone back to look at this beautiful humanity 20 times this week.

9. Are you an early riser like me? You should read this.

10. This flasher picked the wrong woman.

11. 10 findings that contradict medical wisdom. Interesting.

12. Sure, it’s 100 degrees outside, but Fall is already on the brain. This blazer is on its way to me and I can’t wait to bust it out.

Happy Friday!

image credit: jean jullien


Odds and Ends

1. A woman’s greatest enemy? Lack of time to herself.

2. Obsessed with these photos of 20- and 30-somethings with gray hair. #grayhairrevolution

3. “You better change your dog’s name because I want to name my newborn the same thing.” This actually happened.

4. Is there such a thing as a “drama-free relationship?”

5. Compression socks are the jam, people.

6. Have you seen the RoastMe forum on Reddit? It’s like the anti-Instagram.

7. I’m in Laguna Beach and LOVING Dew Skin for my face. Why am I just coming around to this tinted amazingness?

8. Gwendoline Christine is the shit.

9. “Goodnight Moon” as read by LeVar Burton and Neil deGrasse Tyson. So good.

10. What does your attachment style say affect your work-life balance?

11. Man, I am loooovvvving bodysuits right now. This one’s my fave.

12. J Lo is FIFTY and damn, she looks amazing.

Happy Friday! We are sandy and blissful in Laguna Beach this week.

image credit: maria carluccio


Odds and Ends

1. Installing the Face App that makes you look older? Hard pass for me (and it’s not because I’m vain). ;)

2. So you’re telling me that my procrastination has nothing to do with self-control? Go on…

3. Please read the comments on this thread and cry-laugh for the next hour.

4. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale all-access starts today! Here are my favorite picks. (This is the best bra I’ve ever owned. I now have it in 5 colors.)

5. Women are starting successful businesses after 50. Never too late!

6. I love Mark Bittman and his most recent article is beyond eye-opening about the state of farming and food in this country.

7. Gray hair is trending something fierce.

8. This is gutting. New York children read the letters of their detained migrant peers.

9. Why so many Christians go on mission trips to help children but actually don’t want them here. Great read.

10. Love what Sandra Oh has to say about aging.

11. Game of Thrones killed it on the Emmy nominations.

12. OMG, my favorite shampoo for tangled hair has been discontinued. We are going to try this one and I’ll report back.

13. I love this shirt so much and can’t wait until it’s back in stock. I support ALL of my congresswomen.

Happy Friday! It’s SO FREAKING HOT HERE.