Your Favorite Things - Lifestyle/Fitness Edition

Your Favorite Things – Lifestyle/Fitness Edition

Ever wonder what products mentioned on this blog are the most popular? One of my favorite things about blogging is doing a deep dive into my analytics at the end of each month to see what’s resonating with you, and I thought I might share…

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What’s Next

Please pardon my French, but 2020, man…what in the fuckity fuck fuck. (I gave much poignant thought as to how to start this post and, well, that sentence is frighteningly accurate at summarizing my feelings.) Oh, and this too… I love that I share this…

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Ultimate Wellness Guide to Laguna Beach

This post is in partnership with Visit Laguna, whom I’ve worked with for years and completely adore. Be sure to check out their Pathway to Zen featuring yours truly! Photos by Greer Inez. Laguna Beach is my home away from home, and I’ve spent years…

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My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Welcome to the #betterforyoucrew series! I’ve teamed up with my girls Lisa, Suzi, Kate, Kristina, and Caroline to highlight green, yet effective food, beauty and lifestyle products that are rocking our natural mama worlds. This series will publish the last week of every month so check back for the latest. You…

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beautycounter shampoo for fine hair

Say Goodbye To Tangled Tresses

My daughter’s hair has been a point of contention since Day 1. By the looks of it, you wouldn’t think it was such a tremendous pain in the ass, but don’t be fooled for a second. Although straight, it is thick and loves to tangle….

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Best Podcasts! (And a bit about my exercise routine.)

Every weekday morning, I walk 3-4 miles. It’s something I’ve done since the start of summer and I, by the grace of something or other, have completely stuck with it. #praisebe If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’m pretty…

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