Odds and Ends

1. “But your concept of yourself makes no sense. You got it from a rom-com. Age 35 is not an expiration date on your beauty or your worth.” Love this.

2. Badass women spies from the Civil War.

3. How to be fulfilled at work according to your Enneagram type.

4. It’s time to stop coddling white teenage boys.

5. A parent’s guide to Instagram.

6. I don’t know what I was expecting from this video, but it wasn’t this.

7. Wow. Marie Kondo has gotten serious.

8. Speaking of Marie Kondo, this article really sums up the cultural insensitivity surrounding her show.

9. Are we overly worried about kids and screen time?

10. It’s dry as a bone out there. Here are some of my favorite dry skin saviors.

11. Grombre has definitely become one of my favorite Instagram accounts. Obsessed with silver hair!

12. Just when I thought I couldn’t love libraries more…this brilliance.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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Odds and Ends

1. Facebook’s “10 Year Challenge” is just a harmless meme, right? Hmmm.

2. Science proves husbands stress wives out twice as much as kids. You can’t deny science, man.

3. Be careful with fresh produce during the government shutdown. Yikes. (Here are 90+ direct effects of the shutdown.)

4. Speaking of government, will the media be Trump’s accomplice again in 2020?

5. 20 best TV dramas since The Sopranos.

6. My daughter has a new head of hair thanks to this shampoo and conditioner. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours of tangle-combing and crying they have saved. If you have a little one with thick yet fine and super tangly hair, it’s a game changer!

7. Did you see this flawless floor routine by UCLA gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi? It is incredible!

8. If you need me, I’ll be buying lots of razors.

9. Dad creates an app that locks teens’ iPhones until they text you back.

10. Obsessed with this hat for my daughter. Valentine’s Day gift, methinks.

11. Raising girls who are includers instead of mean girls. Love this.

12. I have to agree…there is nothing better than the joy of a new hobby.

13. On this week’s Selfie podcast, we dive into hangxiety. It is definitely a thing.

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

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Best Natural Face Creams for Women Over 40

Welcome to the #CleanOver40 Series! After MANY conversations about the unique challenges women over 40 experience in terms of beauty and wellness, my good friend Lisa from This Organic Girl and I are teaming up to bring you the most effective clean skincare, makeup, and lifestyle products for those of us fortysomethings. This series will publish the second Monday of every month so be sure to stop by for the latest. You can also search #CleanOver40 on our blogs to access the entire series. Be sure to tag #CleanOver40 on social with your favorite picks as well…we ladies of a certain age need to stick together!

ayuna face cream

We are smack dab in the dead of winter, so it’s high time to discuss super-hydrating face creams, don’t you think? When Lisa and I had a chat about our favorites, these two creams were the top of the list. (And I’m going to tell you how to get them at a discount and/or part of a great deal but shhhhhh, don’t tell everyone…)

These two products are at very different pricepoints, but I love them both for varying reasons. Let’s just get to it!

best face creams women over 40

See that beautiful bright orange color? That’s the Jane Scrivner OO Cream, $38.

This product was introduced to me about a month ago and it’s not common that I fall so fast. The OO Cream (stands for “over oil” cream) is so incredible as my last skincare step- from its beautiful, natural orange color from rosehip to its lovely mild scent of vanilla. Soothing and calming stressed skin (fantastic for eczema and rosacea!), this cream is intended to be applied over face oil or serum to lock in nutrients and moisture and reduce trans-epidermal water loss. It’s the perfect addition to your winter lineup – where I usually use my beloved Maya Chia Supercritical Oil as my last step, I’ve been putting the OO Cream on top and it’s been fantastic!

The great thing about the OO Cream is that it creates a matte finish from the thin film of beta-glucans in the colloidal oatmeal so it’s super rich and soothing yet leaves absolutely no greasy residue on the skin at all. Soaks right in yet my skin feels hydrated all day. And since it leaves a nice matte finish, it is the perfect primer for makeup application. Plus, um, 38 bucks, you guys!

However, I feel I must tell you that the OO Cream is part of the Beauty Heroes Discovery Box this month! Included with the cream are the Jane Scrivner Cleansing Balm plus two fluffy cleansing mitts to use during your skincare routine.

jane scrivner oo cream

This cleansing balm is so damn good. Super melty soft, it takes off my makeup in a jiffy and smells great. Lightly floral. Made with blends of jojoba seed oil, beeswax and a blend of nine essential oils, this balm’s base works to mimic the natural lipids in skin to improve elasticity and restore balance. Plus, I’ve already used the cleansing mitts tons of times. They are fantastic at removing balms and masks and I always feel like using mitts and/or washcloths adds a little bit of gentle exfoliation to the mix. If you aren’t a member of Beauty Heroes yet, this would be a great month to do it! It’s a $97 value for $42.95 when you sign up to be a member. (3-month initial commitment, but Beauty Heroes knocks it out of the park every month. This particular discovery ends on January 20th.)

Next up, let’s talk about my long-time love, Ayuna Cream, $198.

ayuna face cream

Ayuna Cream is the milky-colored wonder on the inside of my wrist in that previous photo of the two creams. Where do I even begin with this favorite? First off, this product is a brilliant melding of beauty and science. The emulsion targets a range of skin functions by incorporating the science of Phyto-peptides and Plasmas rich in Botanical Cell Factors, including those of Green Carrot, Arabian Cotton and Pomegranate. Phyto-peptidic Fractions from Turmeric Root and Centella, known as the longevity plant, favorably help the skin to maintain its regenerative abilities.

Um, what does that mean for you? Well, wrinkles are softer, elasticity visibly improves, skin appears more radiant and hydrated, and the formula definitely evens redness and tightens pores. I am obsessed with this cream because it has helped immensely in reducing redness and sensitivity on my face, but especially my chest.

Let me tell you, the skin on my chest is my personal problem spot. It looks at least 10 years older than my face (thanks a lot, side-sleeper wrinkles!) and gets incredibly irritated and bumpy for no specific reason. Seriously, I joke that you could look at my decolletage and a rash would pop up, but um, it actually HAPPENS. (What the heck, people!? Drives me bananas.) I’ve been using Ayuna as my facial cream for over a year, but a few months ago, I started applying the cream all over my chest after my shower (from neck and shoulders down to just above the breasts) and I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference it has made in calming and smoothing my decolletage. I am a forever convert because of what this cream has done for my chest. PRAISE BE, AYUNA.

The Ayuna Cream is considered their light version but is more than enough for my normal skin. However, if you need a richer cream, Ayuna Cream II is for you. Oh, did I mention how beautiful the scent of these products it? So lovely. Neutral and light, just the way I like it.

The Ayuna products do come with a steep price tag, but there is a little deal going on right now where you can get a killer discount. Remember my personally-curated Maya Chia Level Up Discovery last year? Well, there was another curated discovery involving Ayuna and it’s still available! This discovery contains the Ayuna Cream 15ml (the original is 50ml) AND the Ayuna Balm, which is a volcanic revitalizing mask that I also adore. You can get both of these products in the discovery deal for $99. Such a great option if you don’t want to commit to the full-sized cream from the get-go. (Although I have a feeling you will become a convert!) You can find the Ayuna deal in the dropdown box here.

There you have it, my two favorite creams in the green beauty market. Be sure to check out why Lisa loves them too! Questions about either? As always, hit me up in the comments!

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