Odds and Ends

The most memorable advice from 2021. Love.

This cream bronzer/brush duo has far exceeded my expectations. A must-have, IMHO! (You can watch my application technique here.)

Man, Omicron sure took down SNL last weekend.

Some of my most-loved (and asked about) clothing items are by Zimmerman and I only buy new pieces during their annual sale which started this morning.

The art of Botox. Interesting read.

We visit Colorado every year but have never been to this town. Looks beautiful.

Joan Didion. What a loss.

My 2021 Best Clean Beauty Picks is coming next Monday and I’m so excited. SO many good products this year, including this brightening eye cream.

These 80s Christmas photos totally take me back.

Ayn Rand writes Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The cobalt blouse/forest green skirt combo that Carrie wore in this week’s And Just Like That was EVERYTHING.

14 food pros share their fave holiday dishes.

Happy Friday! I posted the above photo to put me in the mood for Christmas considering it is going to be 80 DEGREES HERE. #notcool Alas, Christmas Eve is here and I wish you the happiest of holidays!

image credit: ville.kivimaki


Odds and Ends

Why has movie dialogue become more difficult to understand? I’m personally a subtitles person 24/7.

I definitely purchase high/low when it comes to athleisure. Love this sweatshirt which is uber affordable, but my favorite activewear purchase of the year by far was this jacket.

My friends at Boxwalla just opened a makeup shop and the brands they are carrying are so good!

The good and bad news about the Omicron variant.

This is THE eye shadow palette for brown eyes. I’m wearing it here.

Oooh, I’m loving this list: Escapist Sounds of 2021.

Do we love or hate these Birkenstocks? I think I love the grey ones. #houseshoesFTW

50 best places to travel in 2022.

A holiday gift guide for creatives.

Does your brain feel slightly broken? This might be why.

How do we feel about this ranking of all-time best Christmas songs? Meh. FWIW, my personal fave is this one.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

image credit: mark rothko


Odds and Ends

How to rekindle a friendship after years apart.

One of my favorite color combos is chartreuse and red (lips, specifically) hence I bought this sweater immediately.

Enjoyed looking through these 2021 photos by The New Yorker.

Will I have diarrhea? A flow chart. LOL

20% off at Sephora with the code GIFTEASY. My top picks are here. #yesiplacedanotherorder #imhopeless

Do you know why I love winter? Because you can wear coats like this and no one knows you’re wearing pajamas underneath.

Who watched the And Just Like That premiere yesterday?! I have many thoughts.

Have you heard of main character syndrome? This is was an interesting read.

I finally achieved glass skin, but now birds keep flying into my face.

I wore a pair of aviator-shaped readers on IG Stories a few days ago and received tons of inquiries. Guess what? 32 bucks on Amazon!

If you want to quell your anxiety regarding the state of our nation, don’t read this.

22 slow cooker recipes for the upcoming chilly weather.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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