Odds and Ends

1. Aging in quarantine – it’s been fast and furious.

2. Are you receiving random Amazon packages too?

3. My favorite face roller for skin toning is 20% off with code WHOORL20!

4. Oooh, this is a good article on debunking myths about sleep and exercise.

5. Are you all double masking yet per Fauci? Just bought these disposables to wear underneath our cloth ones when we are in precarious situations. (Which, let’s face it, is pretty much every day in Oklahoma. I just picked up my PR packages at a local UPS store and employees are STILL not wearing masks.)

6. The daily itinerary of Champ and Major Biden.

7. I don’t know when I’ll board a plane next, but this doesn’t get me excited.

8. The teenage duo who seduced and killed nazis. Whoa.

9. Did you see the final tally of Trump’s untruths? Well, he’s definitely the best at something.

10. Pick your free gift from Credo with purchases over $125! I’m eyeing several things, but the brand new red berry shade of my favorite cream blush is calling my name!

11. I didn’t even know Dungeons and Dragons was still a thing!

12. I’ve been really enjoying the content and wisdom from Dr. Ranella Hirsch on Instagram lately. #allthingsskin

Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonnnnderful weekend.

image credit: abstract.mag


Odds and Ends

1. I feel hopeful for the first time in quite a while and wrote about it here.

2. So many incredible things about the Inauguration, but for a little fun, the Bernie Sanders memes take the cake. Here are my favorites -> 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

3. Listen, if you are half as excited about your job as Jim Cantore, you are doing it right.

4. The winter sale at Integrity Botanicals starts this morning with up to 20% in discounts! I did a roundup of my favorites from the shop here. (Also, if you haven’t pulled the trigger on my favorite eye treatment of 2020, now’s your chance to get it on sale.)

5. I NEED this needlepoint. #misophonia

6. Posted my daily supplement routine yesterday. #itsallaboutheskin #andimmunity

7. These are really cute jeans if you don’t like a high rise. Good price too!

8. When this pandemic is over, I’m headed straight to blue water.

9. How incredible was Amanda Gorman on Wednesday? You can pre-order her book here.

10. This is on its way to me and I cannot wait. The scent of warmth and sunshine? HERE FOR IT.

11. I am a tartan plaid freak so this is on its way as well.

12. Masks aren’t going anywhere and I still think these ones are the best.

13. I’m not a cat person, but please look at this cat ASAP. I WANT THAT CAT.

14. I just love this video so much. Makes me choke up every time I watch it.

Happy Friday! It’s the beginning of a new chapter and I’m smiling ear-to-ear. Enjoy your weekend.

image credit: ethan cook