Odds and Ends

Looks like Gen Z falls for online scams more often than boomers do.

The best eye cream in my book is 25% off right now. #brokenrecord #inwhoorlwetrust

Why does everyone freak out about bangs? Seriously.

The Saks Friends and Family 25% off event starts today! I scoured the website and here are my picks.

My Saturday self versus my Sunday self.

Which star signs make your closest friends?

These boots are such a good price for how luxuriously expensive they look in person.

Fall fashion makes me unnaturally happy.

The skincare products that save my face again and again are 20% off this weekend with code FLASH20.

Nothing beats the 1955 Horsebit. So damn classic.

I only use BK Beauty brushes and my favorite set is 25% off this weekend. The code is ANGIE-2Y for additional savings.

12 fragrances master perfumers wish they created.

Who else is watching The Super Models?

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: john thatcher


Odds and Ends

You guys, the weather is about to get even weirder this fall.

We have reached the peak of seltzer madness. #prilosechardseltzer

Don’t sleep on this sports bra and these leggings in chocolate brown! Gorgeous color.

Great Substack post on menopause by Shannon Watts.

A woman goes on a phone-free walk and regrets every second.

There’s a denim and shoe bonanza happening in my Poshmark closet right now because…

I completed a total denim overhaul over the past few weeks (newsletter upcoming!) and this is my favorite new pair. So chic.

8 trans and nonbinary models who slayed NYFW.

I don’t know about this whole new TikTok Shop feature.

Unnaturally excited about these new Uggs I just bought. Cozy to the max.

America’s best small towns.

Omg, iPhones are finally getting new ringtones for the first time in a decade.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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Odds and Ends

Hahaaaa, welcome to your menopausal vagina. Can’t wait!

Red carpet fashion from the Venice Film Festival. Sofia Coppola was *chef’s kiss*

Currently trying to find the perfect chocolate brown suede booties and these check all my boxes. This pair is calling my name as well.

Long live the party mom. Solid thoughts on mom-shaming.

Can’t wait to style this scarf with alllll the things this fall.

My precarious relationship with facial devices.

The overdramatic 80s were the best.

My spendy purchases are almost always on classic, super-wearable items, but I threw caution to the wind and purchased this skirt. How could I not, though?! #redlipaddict

Always good to rest between sets!

Yep. It wasn’t a phase…this lip gloss in Dip is my favorite shade and texture ever.

The power of food for people with dementia.

Greta Garbo, the “furious lesbian.” Interesting read.

Dude, can I be a judge at the Olympics of Cheese?

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: gentlemancarworld