My Natural Hair Care Routine

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Finding a natural hair care routine wasn’t quite as easy as replacing my cosmetics and skincare with green alternatives. Being a slave to Oribe for years, I was pretty sure there wasn’t a ghost of a chance I’d be able to get that same hold and shine from natural products. I mean, I all too well remember the days of searching the local natural store’s personal care aisle, grabbing a random product and whispering a prayer to the hair gods. Make this one THE ONE…

I think we all know how 90% of those purchases turned out. Thumbs down, my friends.

However, after years of trial and error, I have found some incredible natural hair products that perform as well (if not even better) than conventional hair products and I’m here to share all of those with you today. And I’m not stopping there – I’m including my favorite styling tools, as well as a step-by-step video explanation of how I style my hair.

Let’s get down to business!



Odds and Ends

1. People sum up their most inappropriate relationship in 6 words. This is pure gold.

2. Man angry his photo was used to prove all hipsters look alike – and then learns it wasn’t him. Hahaaaa

3. Motley Crue movie? I’m in.

4. Patriarchy chicken. When you refuse to move out of the way of men.

5. Luke Perry’s death hit all of us pretty hard. Why? Because Gen X is starting to die.

6. The letter your teenager can’t write to you. *little weepy over here*

7. How kids are using Google Docs to bully each other. Ugh.

8. Photoshop guy takes requests again! So funny.

9. Looking for the perfect everyday tinted lip balm? LOOK NO FURTHER.

10. The best morning routines by Enneagram type.

11. These teen girls are everything.

12. Claire’s makes me wanna puke, for real. Shut ’em down.

13. What no one tells women about what happens to their bodies after 40. I feel this so hard.

14. You need to teach your kids to fail. Here’s how.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

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Vapour Runway Minis are Here!

vapour runway mini collection

The Vapour Beauty Runway Minis are here, the Vapour Beauty Runway Minis are here! You guys know I love my Vapour Aura Multi-Use Sticks. (Wait, you don’t? Let me get you up to speed here.) If you haven’t tried a Multi-Use Stick before, let me just say, they are the perfect mix of performance and ease. Gorgeous colors in stick form. I mean, come on, is there anything easier to use on your face than a stick, pray tell?

Described as “the essential tool in creating your naturally radiant look, from monochromatic elegance to a fresh pop of color, the Aura Multi-Stick imparts beautifully blendable color for lips, cheeks, and lids.” An Allure Best of Beauty Award winner too! Cruelty-free, suitable for all skin types, calms and balances, non-comedogenic, 70% Organic, made with renewable energy, inner & outer packaging recyclable…shall I continue?

On top of it all, it’s like Vapour came directly to me and asked which of the shades I would want as Runway Minis. These are my 5 favorite shades, for real.

vapour mini runway swatches

Here’s the thing. Thinking about getting into cream blush? Wanting to try a Multi-Stick, but you’re not sure? GET A MINI. The price is right and there is so much product in these little sticks – at $22 a pop, you just can’t beat it! They also have a cool collection and a warm collection that both come with three minis and an adorable artisan pouch complete with little crystal.

Here I am wearing Courtesan on my cheeks.

vapour courtesan review

And my favorite Spring and Summer shade, Spark.

vapour beauty spark multi-stick review

You will fall in love with these little numbers, no doubt in my mind. Bonus – use the code WHOORL and get 15% off your purchase at Vapour Beauty! As always, leave me any questions you might have in the comments section.

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