Odds and Ends

1. Today is my 46th birthday and here’s my #1 makeup tip for looking youthful and refreshed. #goingtoneedit #especiallyafterthisweek

2. Why people who hate Trump stick with him. An enlightening read!

3. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard, but it did.

4. What’s the best thing you’ve ever cooked?

5. With COVID numbers rising, methinks my holiday celebrations will be more immediate-family-focused. Do I dare buy these pajamas for the whole crew?

6. I have a Warby Parker home try-on box on its way to me. I do one every year or so and always find cute frames.

7. Does everything happen for a reason?

8. This is 24 minutes of wonderful.

9. Dream sweatshirt alert. Great color options too.

10. Oh oh oh! Free mini Limitless Lash mascara with purchase at Ilia Beauty. You know how much I love this mascara.

11. Incredible work being honored at the International Photography Awards. This photo is sublime.

Happy Friday! Let’s put this thing to bed, shall we? #election2020

image credit: paulius makauskas


My #1 Makeup Tip For a Youthful Look

wearing Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks in Chouchette

Makeup Tip For A Youthful Look

If I had to pick ONE cosmetic item to use for the rest of my life, it would be blush. Okay, wait. Honestly, it would be lipstick because 1) um, hello, LIPSTICK, and 2) I can use lip color as a blush so it’s like killing two birds with one stone, people. Regardless, bottom line – it’s a very rare occurrence if you see me without color on my cheeks. It’s my #1 tip for creating a youthful, healthy appearance.

I fancy myself quite the blush aficionado. I have a ridiculous amount of blushes, yet completely unapologetic because you can bet your bottom dollar that I find a use for every single shade I own. Here’s the rub, though. #nopunintended Blush can make you look years younger OR, if applied incorrectly, add many years to your face. It’s all in the texture you choose and the application technique. (Say NO to awful-looking stripes across the cheekbones! The worst.)

As a lady in my mid-40s, the texture of blushes is becoming more and more important so I rarely stray from cream blushes. Cream blushes are the literal crème de la crème – they create a dewiness that is unparalleled and are so easy to blend on the apples of cheeks, which is key as you develop more texture on aging skin. Although I do have a few powder blushes I enjoy, the majority of my favorites are creams or balms.