Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends 9.4.20

Odds and Ends 9.4.20

1. The small pleasures of adulting. Loved this piece.

2. What if Facebook is the real silent majority. An eye-opener.

3. Loved AOC’s beauty routine and all the insight she peppered throughout.

4. I so relate to this, especially in terms of creating content.

5. Remote school parents looking for headphones – my daughter loves these. And my gamer son digs this pair.

6. Here’s how I clean my makeup brushes.

7. Cats’ faces superimposed on random animals. I’m dying.

8. This is my favorite sweatshirt for fall. #alreadywornit20times

9. I’ve finally been sold on the double-cleanse thanks to this product and this product. (psst – you can get them for HALF OFF here!)

10. Perfect neutral summer-into-fall dress.

11. A Nebraska man has some very strong feelings about boneless chicken wings.

12. This is good, right?

13. Did you know that Boxwalla not only creates beauty boxes, but book boxes? I’m so excited for the October box. (Elena Ferrante’s new book + another that they haven’t announced yet!)

14. While we’re on the subject of Boxwalla, you can still get my very favorite African Botanics Le Masque Hydralift for over 50% off right here. #rundontwalk

15. This building security team deserves all the accolades!

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend.

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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes jenny patinkin brush soap review

Cleaning makeup brushes isn’t the most thrilling task, but it certainly needs to be done. Bacteria, dead skin cells, oils, and product residue can accumulate quickly and cause a bit of a ruckus on your skin so it’s ideal to wash your brushes once a week, although it’s more of a twice-a-month thing for yours truly. #justbeinghonest

I will say, though…not much makes me happier than my brush container filled with freshly-washed and completely clean brushes! Here’s how I wash my brushes, which has become a much quicker and less wasteful task this year.



Odds and Ends

1. Murder mysteries and makeup application at the same time? Sign me up.

2. Frog and Toad re-emerge after quarantine. Good stuff.

3. These are the kind of stories I want to read right now.

4. Found the perfect soap for cleaning my makeup brushes! You can watch my Brush Cleaning 101 tutorial here.

5. Fellow Okies, are you up-to-date on what’s happened in Oklahoma County politics over this past week? (Spoiler alert: it’s insane.) You can get up-to-date here.

6. Not liking the sound of this.

7. Eye makeup over 40. Ladies, we need to adjust and I’ve got all the good tips right here.

8. My daughter is reading Ramona Quimby books right now and I totally agree with this sentiment.

9. Please read/watch this. Let’s find Hazel a forever home.

10. This woman is quite possibly the bravest person EVER.

11. Let’s all take a break, shall we?

12. Why do people do stuff like this? It’s maddening.

13. Speaking of the aforementioned “people,” here’s a look at the evolution of the Karen meme.

14. Finally, this is a FASCINATING post. Worth the lengthy read, I promise.

Happy Friday, my friends! Enjoy your weekend.

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