Odds and Ends

1. Those of you with tweens/teens, get ready for an ugly cry.

2. What a week. Look at all the firsts for women in this week’s midterms. And here are some of the assholes that lost. (Not my choice of words, but still…)

3. Best neutral/nude/pink lipsticks at a great price.

4. Children of the caravan. (Interesting how Trump suddenly isn’t talking about that horribly scary migrant caravan post-midterms. #eyeroll)

5. This is the hardest thing to watch, but it’s important. Gun reform, you all. Before it’s your child.

6. I can’t believe things like this are happening in the White House. Fascist much?

7. Okay! Enough with politics today. Everyone in my family is trying to steal this set. My kids love the rollerballs before bed and I’m currently wearing the Rise scent as my perfume. This would make the BEST holiday gift.

8. After much research (you know me), we are seriously considering adopting a retired greyhound for the family.

9. This sweater is on sale and you should buy it.

10. 25 comics that perfectly sum up the internet.

11. Oh, I love kitchen gadgets.

12. On this week’s Selfie episode, we are talking hair upkeep, facial toning devices, and our favorite morning and evening rituals.

Happy Friday!

image credit: marleigh culver


Odds and Ends

1. Midterms are almost here! Here are some actual excuses as to why some still will not vote.


3. Everyone needs a pointy-toe black bootie. Dreaming about this pair.

4. No one answers their phone anymore. I guess I’ve just been ahead of the curve for the past 20 years.

5. My favorite lip glosses in two new shades for the holidays! (15% off with code WHOORL15.)

6. This actually happened. In an elementary school. OMG

7. Four books that make Bill Gates feel optimistic about the world. (I’m reading this one right now by Harari.)

8. Children and screens. We knew this wouldn’t turn out well.

9. Do cats have bones? Ha. (Related: are Russian Blue cats one of the most hypoallergenic? Asking for a friend.)

10. Need these in every color for around the house. Cozy times ahead.

11. This young lady is so cool. Love those photos!

12. What is up with the photos on Martha’s Stewarts Instagram account?

13. On this week’s Selfie podcast episode, I dish about a crazy breathwork class I attended and Kristen interviews Lisa Leonard about finding space for yourself and getting off our phones.

Happy Friday. Hope you have a great weekend!

photo credit: mogensen lopez


Odds and Ends

1. Whoah, Dear Abby. Might be time to retire.

2. I seriously adore my gray hairs and love seeing such a silver hair movement building.

3. Are you ready for the midterms, guys? BallotReady is a non-partisan website that has everything you need to know before heading to the polls.

4. Also, study after study shows that the most effective way to get people to vote is talking with them in the four days leading up to the election. I love this website!

5. Avocado hand is a thing, y’all. #dangerdanger

6. What? True Botanicals has aromatherapy rollerballs now? NEED.

7. Love this! See what words went into print during your birth year.

8. Librarians WIN EVERYTHING.

9. The world is dying of loneliness, despite social media.

10. Which of these lipstick shades is your favorite?

11. Some hilarious game show moments.

12. 10 worst Halloween candies. I’m sorry, but I am totally on Team Candy Corn.

13. Sephora VIB Event starts today! 20% off products and they have so many clean beauty lines now! (I so wish I would have waited to buy this. GAH.) Code is ROUGEBONUS

14. Such a fantastic Selfie episode this week – we talked with Casey Brown about what it’s like to live day-to-day as a trans person. I highly recommend giving it a listen, as Casey speaks with such candor.

image credit: audrey bodisco