Odds and Ends

Goodness, we’ve been misled about menopause. Important read.

I think almost every single one of you bought at least one of these this week and for good reason. SO GOOD. Whoorl20 for 20% off your order! (Did you not catch my Stories earlier this week? Check out my Lips highlight.)

The secrets to beating jet lag.

Baum and Pferdgarten sent 26 Margot Tenenbaums down the runway this week. Love it.

Amazon reports its first unprofitable year since 2014.

11 of the most anticipated beauty launches of 2023.

Will you be able to eat your way out of a cold in the future?

Marie Kondo had kids and shocker…she isn’t so tidy anymore.

7 ways to butter your toast without destroying it. Important stuff.

It’s cold and it’s February but you should really be buying sandals right now. Forget waiting until Spring…the best ones will be gone by then! #inwhoorlwetrust

On people who don’t read books.

Season 4 of Succession is almost heeeeeeeere.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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Odds and Ends

Have you heard about the lunchbox wives of TikTok?

The Jones Road Bronzers are here! Let me tell you, if you are looking for I’m-a-bit-tan-but-also-blushing look, Dusty Rose is for you. I’m obsessed.

The glories of dining out alone.

Hahaaa, food from The Great British Bakeoff or a song by The Cure?

What should have made the Oscars nomination list.

There have been some celebrity looks at couture week.

Mille just launched their Spring drop and I want it all. I have several items coming, but most excited about this and this. (That particular dress style has such a flattering cut.)

This year’s James Beard semifinalists.

2023 hair trends.

I’ve used this hack to clean up my phone camera roll and it’s truly helpful. #littlebylittle

Omg! Did you see me swatch the new Tower 28 JuiceBalms? (It’s saved in my Lips highlight.) They are so so so so good run don’t walk.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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Odds and Ends

15 long-overdue slang terms for female masturbation. #denchingthejudy

Speaking of down there, I asked and you answered. These panties are a resounding favorite for cute and comfortable underwear, although I’m not sure about the silicone strip.

How scientists discovered the universe is really freaking huge.

Remember these 1980s book covers?!

If this isn’t the most perfect depiction of white dads at private school sporting events, I don’t know what is. #thevests #thenoeyecontact #thebropat

I consider myself a wide-leg pant aficionado and this style is one of my faves. The black corduroy is great for winter.

6 steps to a great apology. (Although if the behavior doesn’t change, that apology is worthless, right?)

The longest study ever done on human happiness – here are the findings.

I have adored Wet Leg since Chaise Longue came out last year.

These makeup tips for the 50+ set are spot on.

Did you see my Me + Em IG Stories last week? I’m so excited because they just extended my discount code! WHOORL15 for 15% off your first order. Some of my favorites are this blouse, this sweater, and these pants.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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