Best Things I Bought in 2020

2020. What can I even say about 2020? Good riddance, perhaps?

Considering the vast majority of my time was spent at home, my purchases and spending habits definitely shifted, and looking back, none of my most-used purchases were beauty or style-related this year. Unsurprisingly, they were food, drink, and wellness-related so I thought I would share!

Best Things I Bought in 2020



Odds and Ends

1. Toddlers in the snow. LOLZ DYING

2. The most relaxing 2 minutes of your life.

3. You’ve probably seen it by now, but the SNL Christmas mom skit is everything.

4. How to cut back on drinking since the pandemic probably upped your intake a bit. #justsayin

5. What to expect when you get the COVID vaccine. I can’t wait until it’s my turn and this article helped to manage expectations.

6. Highest bidder gets to blow up a former Trump casino.

7. Um, horses can grow mustaches.

8. Next week I’m posting my top purchases of 2020 and this was top of the list. (Didn’t help much with #3, though.)

9. What a lovely item for the home! (Big fan of the price as well.)

10. Does your ex text you over the holidays? You’re not alone.

11. This PSA wins for most f-bombs ever. And it’s so great.

12. Tea drinking considered a reckless pursuit for women? Oh, how far we’ve come.

13. Well, time to re-watch the Schitt’s Creek holiday special. I miss that show soooooo much.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (Please let it be happy. Or happier. The tiniest bit happy? Please please pleeeease.)

image credit: rafaela perasinic


Odds and Ends

1. This is the best pay it forward (or backward) I’ve ever seen.

2. Paint colors according to your Enneagram type. They nailed mine!

3. Food delivery codes you may have used during the pandemic. So good.

4. Love winter sweaters but hate the itchiness? These are the best. (Tagless! Comfy! I have several of the khaki shade to wear under all my sweaters.)

5. Okay, this is freaky. Have you noticed the light on the top of your screen?

6. Best reason to get fined ever.

7. Talking to kids, Mr. Rogers-style.

8. Is Joseph Epstein the biggest tool in history? Yes.

9. Solar-powered tent for the homeless, invented by an all-female team.

10. These vegan lip liners are one of the best makeup products to launch during the pandemic. Use with a balm and you’re good to go, even under your mask. 15% off with WHOORL15

11. Who doesn’t love a pom beanie?! Perfect holiday gift and there’s still time to order!

12. Some connections are undeniable. This video does me in every single time I come across it.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: xanda mccagg