Odds and Ends

1. My fellow African Botanics junkies, 20% off starts today through Monday with the code WHOORL2021. Full updated brand review here!

2. What does clean beauty mean? This article hit it home for me.

3. This is EVERYTHING. The shaking coffee mug at the end is * chef’s kiss*.

4. Have you seen this movie? Might be just what we need.

5. This is the yummiest dish. It was a hit with all family members.

6. Ten diverse voices in the wine industry.

7. I’m fully obsessed with stylish Italian women on Instagram.

8. I updated my hair product faves and overall routine this week. (psst – included is a killer discount on my favorite T3 styling tools!)

9. President Biden revokes the controversial classical architecture order from the previous administration. BRAVO.

10. The recent polar vortex was bone-chilling, but this is next-level.

11. Wait, what? This is just sick and wrong.

12. I would very much like to visit this capital of culture someday.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a relaxing weekend.

image credit: condé nast traveler


2021 Updated Hair Routine

Time for an update on all things hair, yes? Last year, I went from an overall one-length style with blunt bangs to a modern shag with lots of layers and textured bangs. (I know some of you will ask – my stylist used scissors to achieve this look, not a razor, although many stylists prefer a razor for shag styles. I prefer my ends not to be super feathery.)

This style change has made a world of difference in terms of styling my hair. Whereas I previously blow-dried my hair smooth and then used heat tools to create waves, now I just embrace my natural waves and let it air dry. You all, the amount of time I have saved not having to blow dry my hair is pretty much astronomical and I am not mad about it. However, there are definitely some tricks to making my waves work for me.

So let’s walk through my full hair routine as well as my favorite products and tools!

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Odds and Ends

1. Well, if this isn’t the sweetest thing.

2. You all! The Mars Rover landing! Swati Mohan! #CHILLS

3. Did you ever see this post on the mental load women carry? It’s so good.

4. If the outages and freezing temps in Texas weren’t enough, there has been quite a disruption in the food supply. Feeding Texas is a great way to help.

5. I can’t stand Ted Cruz, but he didn’t write that tweet. #factsfirst #forbothsides

6. I’ve found the pinnacle of loungewear! Maybe you caught my IG stories this week when I was wearing my favorite pieces? This, this, and this are the pieces I had on.

7. Another loungewear purchase (yes I am the queen of loungewear, I take pride in this fact) is this set. (I purchased the off-white shade and can’t decide if that was an unwise move. #dogowner)

8. Black makeup legends.

9. COVID cases are falling rapidly. Here’s why.

10. Our rental in Santa Fe this week had an incredible library which introduced me to Jim Harrison. I devoured this book in a few days.

11. Maybe the best purchase I made so far this year. Seasonless and fits like a dream.

12. What’s the deal with all the robins? An answer!

13. I added a new ring to my stack and I love how dainty and lovely it is.

14. Man’s best friend might be a dog, but a dog’s best friend might be a woman. Interrrresting.

Wishing you a warmer weekend with lots of sunshine. It seems things are heading in the right direction.

image credit: mark rothko