Odds and Ends

1. Is travel a priority in 2020? Here are 20 destinations with cheap flights this upcoming year.

2. These images are so cool. #frozenhairftw

3. Lots of sales happening right now and this is one to watch. Personally own and love this, this, and this.

4. Facebook is so freaky, man.

5. Cold and rainy day and we have some sickies in our household. Thinking of making this. (Got any great soup recipes? Please share!)

6. My favorite night lip serum and this fantastic eye cream are half off. Crazy awesome deal.

7. Also, this set is spot on for us traveling folks. I’m buying several since they are on sale.

8. Speaking of traveling, these are THE BEST travel containers. They never ever ever leak.

9. Here’s every single sample on the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique album. Am I the only one who geeks out over this stuff?

10. Have you heard of this clean beauty brand? I’m extremely intrigued after hearing rave reviews…

11. These photos of Marilyn Monroe are just so gorgeous.

12. Most beautiful bag in the history of bags. #dontlookattheprice #daydreamcity

13. 45 achievable resolutions for the New Year. There’s gotta be one on there that I can achieve. ;)

Happy last weekend of the decade, friends!

image credit:  darcymarc


Odds and Ends

1. Every single parent needs to read this. (Ugh. Sorry to start off the week this way.)

2. Every single parent should also watch this, but I promise this one won’t make you want to cry and/vomit. It’s so funny and SO TRUE.

3. I would like to eat every single one of these.

4. Speaking of eating, I made this earlier in the week and it was delicious.

5. This dress. This dress was made for me I WANT SO BAAAAAD.

6. How about a little end-of-the-year positive news? I think we all could use some.

7. I always knew Barack Obama was my favorite for a reason. So wise, that one.

8. The Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog is back. Laughed so damn hard.

9. Have you seen these mystery bags containing surprises at 50% off?!

10. Listen, I’m not claiming it’s the chicest robe out there, but I am OBSESSED with mine. If you need a warm and cozy robe, look no further!

11. Southern Trips You Need to Plan in 2020. Guess who’s #1? Yeah…

12. Evangelical Christianity is not something I care much about, but this editorial written by the EIC of Christianity Today deserves a mention.

13. It’s almost the end of a decade. Here are 33 ways to remember the 2010s.

Happy Friday! Wishing you the happiest holidays.

image credit: libby vanderploeg


Odds and Ends

1. The Amazon Coat: One Year Later. (I’d never heard about this coat before I read this piece. Where have I been??)

2. What Christmas treat you are, based on your astrological sign. Pertinent info.

3. Travel + Leisure just announced the top 50 places to visit in 2020 and OKC is #36! #feelingproud

4. Beauty lovers! $15 off $75 at Sephora with the code 2019HOORAY. They carry so many clean brands now!

5. Have you all heard of dopamine fasting? I might need a little of that (non) action.

6. This Twitter thread started by Netflix is EVERYTHING.

7. Joie is one of my favorite brands (love their sweaters and blouses) and right now they are having an additional 30% off sale items. HUGE savings on an otherwise expensive brand.

8. Sensible hairstyles for women over 50. Hahaaaa

9. Do you follow the Holistic Psychologist on Instagram? Her posts have been really helpful for me when dealing with hurtful people.

10. What a cool invention for those with disabilities.

11. Comedy = Tragedy + Time. I love this piece.

12. I’m totally down with this man’s protests.

13. This is just about the cutest little girls holiday sweater I’ve ever seen.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

image credit: maya koplowitz