Odds and Ends

The whole hot person Pfizer gang deal has me rolling. I guess I’m a loser. #teammoderna

Everything you need to know about retinoids is on the blog this week!

Have you tried the new swimwear from Everlane? I got a few pieces and they fit so well!

So Spotify is trying out live audio content. What are we thinking about this?

I bought two of these dresses to wear as bathing suit coverups and the quality is FANTASTIC. Pleasantly surprised!

Many of you know about my comprehensive guide of favorite products, but I also have a page for quick hits too! (Do you have a category you would like me to add? Just leave it in the comments.)

This is really concerning. (Do you know I live in one of the very few states that requires you to notarize your mail-in ballot?!) #suppressiontactics

The CBD craze doesn’t excite me, but I’m definitely hearing good things about this serum for perimenopausal women. Will report back soon!

My thoughts on clean and conventional beauty.

Is there such a thing as an activity tracker that looks more like jewelry? I’m eyeing this gold mesh.

I’m feeling red for summer and this dress is perfection.

What I’ve learned at 65. “Don’t worry about following your passion. You’ll be lucky to follow a conversation.” lol

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a lovely Mother’s Day.

image credit: mark rothko