Odds and Ends

Would you vacation apart from your spouse?

Loving this summer trend edit. Many dresses are calling my name.

Here’s what’s actually happening with the whole TikTok banning thing.

Speaking of TikTok, heaven has a receptionist and she’s hilarious.

An alluring history of photographic blur.

I cannot stress how much I love my Hunza bikinis – just got another one for this summer.

Haha, working in an upscale restaurant or serving meals to young children?

Skillet dinners FTW!

The stealth wealth fashion trend. (Is this really a trend? I feel this has always been the way with generational wealth.)

Brandon Sklenar: hot or not?

Cutest raffia drawstring bag.

Avene is 25% off! Don’t wait until your face freaks out…always have these on hand.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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Odds and Ends

Haha, the best texts to end group chats.

A roundup of my favorite Violette_FR products on the blog this week!

I mean, these shoes are just perfection. #boughtem #hadto #wincing

The best books of May.

The world’s next greatest food cities.

I love this jean style so I added the light almond wash to my collection.

Dude, this is why I don’t eat oysters.

Why we suddenly get so tired in the afternoon.

How to handle grief on Mother’s Day.

Nothing wrong with a navy/white striped dress.

Very sad to hear of the passing of Heather Armstrong. I have many memories of her – sending so much love to her children.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend. Wishing you peace and happiness.

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Best of the Best: Violette_FR

Best of the Best is a series showcasing my favorite, tried-and-true, go-back-again-and-again skincare and cosmetics. Being a beauty content creator, I’m in a constant state of flux with skincare and cosmetics, as I’m always trying new products. However, these brands are always in my rotation and are worthy of my highest recommendation.

Violette_FR is such a lovely brand founded by the quintessentially chic (and French!) Violette Serrat that really speaks to me on a personal level because her entire ethos is about celebrating individuality and differences rather than fixating on trends. On top of that, Violette_FR’s products are clean, effective, luxurious, and accessible.

Let’s just say as this line has grown and evolved, I’ve become quite a fan. Let’s talk about my favorite products!

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