Odds and Ends

1. Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end and now it’s time for Christian Girl Autumn. Did you see this meme and what resulted?

2. Love languages of a male feminist. Ha!

3. Girl, you’re a middle-aged woman now.

4. Have we completely ruined childhood? Great read.

5. Everyone needs a solid cardigan for Fall.

6. Bibliophiles that say screw it to the Marie Kondo method.

7. My love affair with these tinted balms will never cease. This shade is perfect for Fall.

8. Suicide prevention hotline will get a three-digit phone number. This is great news.

9. As if I needed a reason to love Keanu Reeves more.

10. These major cyberattacks on municipal computer networks are so freaky. Some are forced to pay the ransom!

11. Zipper and heel on this bootie ON POINT.

12. Meanwhile, the Amazon burns. Ugh ugh ugh

13. This Superman poster from the 1950s is pretty awesome.

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy the weekend.

image credit: claire ritchie


Odds and Ends

1. Trump staffers complain they can’t get dates. Shocker.

2. What jobs are best for your astrological sign. Looks like I’m spot-on as a Scorpio, hehe.

3. Chat benches for the lonely. What a lovely idea.

4. My dad is a right-wing asshole. Surely some can relate.

5. This has catapulted into first place for night creams. So damn good.

6. 11-year-old girl gets the highest Mensa score, beating Einstein. Amazing!

7. Fall is just around the corner. This hat sure would look good, don’t you think?

8. 20 ways how Trump is copying Hitler’s early rhetoric. Frightening.

9. Speaking of Trump and frightening, did you see this?

10. Geography doesn’t seem to be the strong suit of many. Ha!

11. Interesting article on what products you should and should not be putting on your face.

Happy Friday! Last weekend before school starts for us!

image credit: helen frankenthaler


odds and ends

1. Airplane passengers as explained by their pants. This is SPOT ON and hilarious.

2. When is an excessive poop story not funny? Maybe if it’s in my own house, but that’s it.

3. Look at how beautiful and dignified these rescued farm animals grew to be.

4. I posted a hooded eye tutorial on IGTV this week. (My two favorite eye shadow palettes that I used in the video are 15% off right now! This one and this one.)

5. Right now, the Senate has the chance to pass meaningful gun safety legislation and Mitch McConnell refuses to act. #shocker What’s it going to take, Mitch?! (psst – text CHECKS to 644-43 to demand he take action now.)

6. Do you use Google Chrome? Me too. Have you heard about all the privacy stuff? Ugh.

7. This is disgusting, but when your president condones “grabbing them by the pussy,” this is what results.

8. No no no. This can’t be. Would you eat this?

9. The best green beauty hair product I’ve ever used is right here. Coupled with my favorite exfoliator and a best-selling toner? This deal won’t last through the weekend.

10. Who else loves maps? This collection is so cool.

11. An enneagram analysis of Stranger Things. So right up my alley.

12. I am so taken with this facial oil. Dare I say it’s catapulted to the top spot and replaced my Maya Chia Supercritical Oil? (They both are so good, you can’t go wrong…but this one smells like luscious plums, you guys.)

13. Coffee splotch monster drawings. Super cute.

image credit: alana mccann