My Morning and Evening Skincare Routine

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This post is long overdue, my friends! Truth be told, although it’s a very common question asked of me, it’s hard for me to consolidate a specific skincare routine for you all. Given that I spend so much time researching and trying skincare, my bathroom vanity is like revolving door…products in, products out, rinse and repeat.

However! I do have those tried-and-true products that never fail me. In fact, if you check out my last skincare routine post (made in 2015 WHERE DID THE TIME GO), you might notice several products are still in rotation 3 years later. And the coolest part? Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, most of these items are discounted for the next few days! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get rolling.


When I wake up, I’m all about invigorating my skin so I use either an exfoliating mask or an exfoliating cleanser. My exfoliating mask of choice is the True Botanicals Resurfacing Mask. This is a chemical exfoliation mask (as opposed to a physical exfoliator), and the process is very similar to the Body Radiance Mask I recently wrote about here. What I love about this mask is that it really minimizes my pores and makes my skin glow in such a short time. I put this mask on my face, go downstairs, start some water for my tea, and then rinse it off. (2-5 minutes is the recommended time to leave the mask on.) Boom, glowing skin. I do this every other day or so.

On the other days, I wake up and use an exfoliating cleanser. Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser (all purchases over $150 get a free glam bag this weekend at Citrine!) has been a long-time staple of mine. You apply it to a dry face and it gently exfoliates and clarifies the skin. Fresh enzymes, clays, essential oils, and microspherical apricot seed powder make this quite a lovely product and it’s gentle enough to use every day.

But guess what? There’s a new product in town, and I am obsessed. Have you heard of the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Facial Cleanser? The fabulous folks at Aillea Beauty turned me onto this line and YOU GUYS. I have no words. (Except yes of course I do.) I am in love with this cleanser. It looks like a traditional sugar scrub in the pot, but when you apply to your face with water, it turns into the silkiest lather that feels so good on the face. It clarifies, rejuvenates, smooths my skin, AND smells like fresh citrus, which is my fave. Suki is a new line to me, and I have been loving it because the products work AND the line is totally affordable. You all really need to check this line out. (15% off May 25-28 with the code MEMORIAL at Aillea Beauty! You can find most of the products I mention in this post there.)



Stepping Up My Body Care with True Botanicals

2018 is my year of body care. It’s been one of the last frontiers for me in green beauty because I’ve spent almost all my time looking into skincare for the face, cosmetics, and hair care. Well, at 43, I’m realizing that the body needs some love too.

Dear Body,
I’m super sorry I’ve neglected you for so long.
Love, Me

I’ve been researching and testing soaps, body wash, lotions, hand creams, body oils, sunscreens, you name it, and I can say I’m close to delving my holy grail picks to you fairly soon, but I couldn’t wait to tell you about this powerhouse duo that has made a big difference in the way my skin looks and feels. I mean, if we are masking our faces on a regular basis, why aren’t we extending the same care to our bodies? (You probably are already. You are always so smart and with it.)

Enter the True Botanicals Pure Radiance Body Duo. You know I love True Botanicals something fierce, right? I wrote about all of my favorites in the line here.

Well, the body duo is game changer, y’all. Listen folks, every inch of our bodies need care, and sadly the bummer news is that our bodies become less efficient at shedding dead skin cells with every year that passes, which can leave it dull and blah.

This powerhouse duo includes the Resurfacing Body Mask and the Pure Radiance Body Oil. The Resurfacing Body Mask exfoliates, stimulates, and makes your skin glow like no other. And really quickly, while we are talking about exfoliation, it’s important to note that this product is a chemical exfoliant, which is actually easier on the skin. (Read about the differences between physical and chemical exfoliants and the way they affect the skin differently here. Kind of blew my mind.) The star ingredient in this mask is lactic acid, which dissolves the oil complex that holds dead skin cells together, leaving skin renewed, vibrant, and more able to absorb moisture and nutrients. Green tea and sandalwood oil are additional fab ingredients that make my skin sing.

To use the mask, just apply to the skin 5-15 minutes before showering and let it do its thing. The mask actually absorbs fairly quickly so it’s not like you are waiting around with a sticky, wet mask on. The skin will actually feel fairly dry within minutes of applying. (It’s still working, though. Never fear!) Then, just rinse off in the shower and voilá, you’re done! I use this once a week, although sometimes I go for twice a week if I have the time.

Next up is the Pure Radiance Body Oil. Oh my my my this smells so good. Both a rich moisturizer and a skin-reviving treatment, this potent body oil takes moisturization to the next level. Essential fatty acids help skin retain moisture, and leave skin silky, smooth, and luminous. And yes, it does soak in, friends. I’ve had issues with body oils sitting on the skin in the past, and this does indeed absorb quickly. Green tea seed oil, hemp seed oil, and sandalwood oil are the critical components here. Did I mention the scent? IT IS LOVELY.

If you are looking to up your body care game, I can’t recommend this duo enough. New to True Botanicals? Take $20 off your first purchase of $40+ with the code WHOORLTRUE20. What do you have to lose? Super soft, glowy skin awaits!

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have…just leave ’em in the comments.


Odds and Ends

1. Things sure have been wacky in Hawaii as of late. #globalwarming

2. I know I’m late to the party, but have you listened to the Dirty John podcast? Just started.

3. OMG this Foo Fighters fan completely shreds on stage! So good.

4. Moby made ambient music for all of us to help with sleep.

5. Slum tourism is an actual thing.

6. Now, THIS is a race I could enter. (Well, minus the smoke break. Blech.)

7. This whole incel community is freaking me the eff out.

8. Citrine’s annual friend referral event is happening right now! Click here to get $20 off your purchase for you *and* a friend. #greenbeautyftw

9. Who in the sam hell still puts two spaces after a period?!? DO NOT DO THAT.

10. Really interesting take by Anthony Bourdain on spending time in the heart of Trump country.

11. I’ve become obsessed with Thrive Market. (psst – that link will give you 25% off your first order) Last week I got razors, cartridges, shampoo/conditioner, nutritional yeast seasoning, shaving cream, and soap and saved over $40. They carry all natural and Organic products for 25-50% off + you donate to a low-income family, teacher, veteran, or student. Win-win.

12. On this week’s Selfie podcast, we interview Jess Wiener about female empowerment, changing Barbie’s body (yeah, she did that), and her own (literal) kick-ass self-care routine.

Happy Friday and wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. xo

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