Odds and ends

Dude, NASA released the sound of a black hole and omg hold me.

Saie has really won me over this year and these brand new Lip Blurs are so effortlessly chic.

I love Gary Janetti’s books and here are some of his own favorite reads.

In defense of half cocktails.

Have you seen Lee Friedlander’s portraits of his wife over 6 decades? Beautiful.

Anyone else obsessed with this flight tracking website?

The age of the Instagram face. What is this wacky world coming tooooooooo, geeeez.

Don’t yell at me…I bought these boots and it might have been a bit impulsive. (But with my long dresses in the fall! What if I recreate this video if I keep them?) We shall soon see when they arrive.

The cult of A24.

Why self-care hasn’t cured your burnout.

Santa Fe is one of my very favorite places. Love these photos from the recent (100th!) Indian Market.

If I’ve learned anything during my skincare adventures, it’s that you have to get AHEAD of dryness/sensitivity. Now’s the time to buy my skincare godsend so you’re ready for the inevitable skin freakout during the colder, drier months. #youwillthankmelater

Speaking of sensitive skin godsends, these 4 saved my face last year.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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Odds and ends

To get out of your head, get out of your house.

Pretty sure this sweatshirt was solely made for me.

Have you heard about the geomagnetic storm that’s happening over the next few days?

This lip balm/gloss hybrid in Charlie is EVERYTHING. (Remi too!) Do it, you will thank me later.

Streaming has officially overtaken cable and broadcast TV.

An incredible deal on two of my favorite African Botanics products! ($310 retail value for $49.95! omg DO IT) My full review of both products is here.

The inner world of South African “drummies.”

Fall bag splurge alert.

I’m really having a white moment and am not planning on stopping after Labor Day. #stupidrule

The Donald Trump guide to getting away with anything.

Best tees in the world – even my tween daughter agrees.

Fall is around the corner which means slow cooker recipes yay yay yay.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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odds and ends

Serena William’s retirement, in her own words. An emotional read.

Whoops, we forgot women could still vote.

This has changed the game in terms of undereye darkness. (I use peach in warmer months and pink when I’m less tan.)

Elevated tween screen time linked to disruptive behavior. Shocker.

How to self-induce a coma that will last until Season 4 of Succession.

First fall dress purchase.

Best thing I watched this week.

Dermstore anniversary sale! Here are my top picks.

Obsessed with Sienna Miller’s country cottage.

Do you like bananas/chocolate/baked goods? Need to make this immediately.

Yes it’s hot AF outside, but I just bought this and am counting the days until I can wear it.

Happy Friday! Making a quick girls’ trip to Dallas before school starts. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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