Odds and Ends

I cannot WAIT for this book.

Brand new Saie blushes launch today and they are so unique and beautiful. I’ve been wearing all 5 shades for a few weeks and I can’t stop. (Also available here if you want points.)

Hahaaa, 4-step authentication is coming for us.

9 types of perfume, explained.

Violet Grey’s big spring event ends this weekend! Here are my faves.

I am fully on board with this reasoning in regard to banning Tiktok. #outoftouch

25 best college towns.

Naturium is having its first 20% off sitewide sale this weekend. I swear by these three products -> 1. 2. 3.

Too far, nail trends. TOO FAR.

How some people get away with doing nothing at work.

Kjaer Weis 25% off Friends and Family in full swing! Here are my top recommendations from the line.

Gah, I miss Between the Ferns so much. Best interview series ever and this blooper reel is hilarious.

Happy Friday! The kids are out of school and the pool is open! Wishing you a fabulous holiday weekend.

image credit: new yorker magazine


Odds and Ends

Would you vacation apart from your spouse?

Loving this summer trend edit. Many dresses are calling my name.

Here’s what’s actually happening with the whole TikTok banning thing.

Speaking of TikTok, heaven has a receptionist and she’s hilarious.

An alluring history of photographic blur.

I cannot stress how much I love my Hunza bikinis – just got another one for this summer.

Haha, working in an upscale restaurant or serving meals to young children?

Skillet dinners FTW!

The stealth wealth fashion trend. (Is this really a trend? I feel this has always been the way with generational wealth.)

Brandon Sklenar: hot or not?

Cutest raffia drawstring bag.

Avene is 25% off! Don’t wait until your face freaks out…always have these on hand.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: liz young artwork