Odds and Ends

1. Well, if this isn’t the sweetest thing.

2. You all! The Mars Rover landing! Swati Mohan! #CHILLS

3. Did you ever see this post on the mental load women carry? It’s so good.

4. If the outages and freezing temps in Texas weren’t enough, there has been quite a disruption in the food supply. Feeding Texas is a great way to help.

5. I can’t stand Ted Cruz, but he didn’t write that tweet. #factsfirst #forbothsides

6. I’ve found the pinnacle of loungewear! Maybe you caught my IG stories this week when I was wearing my favorite pieces? This, this, and this are the pieces I had on.

7. Another loungewear purchase (yes I am the queen of loungewear, I take pride in this fact) is this set. (I purchased the off-white shade and can’t decide if that was an unwise move. #dogowner)

8. Black makeup legends.

9. COVID cases are falling rapidly. Here’s why.

10. Our rental in Santa Fe this week had an incredible library which introduced me to Jim Harrison. I devoured this book in a few days.

11. Maybe the best purchase I made so far this year. Seasonless and fits like a dream.

12. What’s the deal with all the robins? An answer!

13. I added a new ring to my stack and I love how dainty and lovely it is.

14. Man’s best friend might be a dog, but a dog’s best friend might be a woman. Interrrresting.

Wishing you a warmer weekend with lots of sunshine. It seems things are heading in the right direction.

image credit: mark rothko


Odds and Ends

1. Is anyone else feeling chilled to the bone during this extended cold snap/polar vortex? It’s all about cozy pajamas over here and I highly recommend this set and this set for cozy sleeping without overheating. #perimenopause

2. Great ways to compliment someone without mentioning their looks.

3. Fran Lebowitz is my FAVORITE and this New Yorker piece was pretty clever.

4. Two-thirds of Americans approve of Biden’s COVID response. Dare I say we have some unity on this matter?

5. This petal pink perfection is the loveliest and will carry me into spring.

6. Speaking of spring (omg please get here), this blouse makes me happy. This one too. Throw this over both and you’re good to go.

7. Most bookmarked Airbnb rentals by state.

8. Um, NPR, how are you going to rectify this situation?!

9. Stop it with this hugging dog. HOW SWEET.

10. I’ve been using this every day on my cheekbones and it makes me look like I just returned from a 2-week spa trip. (Remember spas?)

11. A model’s thoughts while walking the runway. #dontlaugh #clenchjaw

Happy Friday! Wishing you a warm and cozy weekend. WHY SO COLD HALP

image credit: violette_fr


Odds and Ends

1. Are you aging out of fashion? Bwahahaaaaa.

2. If you’re going to buy girl scout cookies, please support Troop 6000, which serves girls in the New York City Shelter System.

3. 5 hacks to make your mask more protective.

4. Quitting is for winners.

5. My favorite gold necklaces at every price point.

6. Through Sunday, make any purchase (no minimum!) at Integrity Botanicals and you’ll be entered to win the entire MUN line, valued at $300+. Just enter “Whoorl giveaway” in the comments section upon checkout to be entered!

7. Why working moms deserve a tantrum.

8. Goodbye, casual friends.

9. Let’s stay aware of what’s happening in terms of the legislative push to tighten voting restrictions. Not good.

10. Three female directors nominated for Golden Globes this year.

11. I’m having so much fun with my daily style pics at the studio. Here’s January’s round-up.

12. Have you watched Pretend It’s a City yet? LOVED IT. Fran Lebowitz fan club president over here.

13. Sitting at a desk and staring at a large monitor is new for me. Here’s how to sit.

14. Sweet little love story.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

image credit: caroline denervaud