Odds and Ends

1. Nature at your fingertips. I love the crowdsourcing element.

2. I am really enjoying this podcast. (And you know it’s hard for me to find ones I like.)

3. Baby animals all day every day.

4. My very favorite jewelry brand just launched the spring collection and gave me a discount code for you! SARAH15 for 15% off. This necklace is on the way to me!

5. This is a crazy story. Worth your time.

6. Skin barrier repair is all I’m thinking about lately. Love these two products and the discount is insane.

7. Reeeallllllly nervous for California right now.

8. Use this thinking tool of philosophers, inventors, and billionaires.

9. Yes, I’m still low-key obsessed with birds these days. I think I’m going to buy this…am I over the top?

10. Yes, here’s another link about nature/animals. What is my deal this week? lol

11. Just started this book and I’m fully ready to get all worked up.

Happy Friday! I celebrated my “Immunity Day” yesterday – two weeks since my second dose of vaccine. It feels good and we are actually seeing immunized friends this weekend. Will I remember how to speak to people in person? Only time will tell. Enjoy your weekend!

image credit: daily overview


Skin Barrier Repair

You can watch these products in action here.

Some of you may remember during my perioral dermatitis debacle of 2020 that my skin barrier was not happy for a fair part of last year. It stemmed from the perfect storm of issues, but honestly, overuse of skincare products was the main culprit. It’s easy to do these days, right? We are bombarded with new! and! unique! products! designed to give you your best! skin! ever! (You hear a lot about them here, obviously. #myapologies)

However, the influx of mega exfoliators and acid toners over the past few years has really influenced the way some of us approach skincare in a fairly brash way. Well, newsflash, many of us can’t handle it. I couldn’t handle it. I completely compromised my skin barrier with products too strong for my sensitive skin.