Odds and Ends

1. Um, this wheel of emotions chart is pretty cool.

2. OMG, LIFE CHANGING. This seriously has made texting on my iPhone infinitely easier.

3. It’s cold and flu season and I think I’m going to try this method for relieving my symptoms.

4. Kids + Amazon Echo/Google Home = Hilarious

5. I miss her in the White House so much. SO MUCH.

6. When blogging goes a little bit too far. Yikes.

7. Your future grandchildren’s responses to how dating worked before apps.

8. What are we thinking of the rose gold Birkenstocks, people? Too much?

9. Three women wore a “smart dress” to a club and you won’t believe how many times they were touched.

10. I’m hosting a big Kjaer Weis giveaway on Instagram right now! Be sure to enter because Kjaer Weis cosmetics are the best.

11. The real reason you can’t forgive someone. (Why is it so hard?)

12. On this week’s Selfie podcast, it’s our ginormous gift guide for women! Such good stuff – everything can also be found in our show notes.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Odds and Ends

1. Everyone should see these photos before deciding to have children.

2. It’s holiday card season so let’s address a very common grammatical mishap, shall we? #downwiththeapostrophe

3. At a pelvic ultrasound yesterday, my OBGYN informed me I was ovulating on Day 7 of my cycle. THE DAY AFTER MY PERIOD ENDED. I am feeling perimenopause and this article so hard right now.

4. This is the sweetest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

5. Horrified at what’s happening at the border? (Tear gas and rubber bullets aimed at innocent children?) Here’s what you can do.

6. Never been much of a fan of Bruce Springsteen, but this is a great read.

7. Another excellent read. Is your church gaslighting you?

8. Wondering what your dog is trying to tell you? This might help.

9. Huge giveaway on the blog this week. Over $1,000 of gifts!

10. This robe is so cozy. And I don’t want it to be, but it’s SO F*CKING COZY. Clearly passionate about it.

11. OMG, the top 100 best pens. Completely geeking out.

12. Another geeking out moment, The New York Times just announced the top 10 books of 2018.

13. In this week’s Selfie episode, Kristen and I discuss social media boundaries – how much is too much?


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Best Natural Gifts for the Holidays ( + $1,000 Giveaway!)

Welcome to the #CleanOver40 Series! After MANY conversations about the unique challenges women over 40 experience in terms of beauty and wellness, my good friend Lisa from This Organic Girl and I are teaming up to bring you the most effective clean skincare, makeup, and lifestyle products for those of us fortysomethings. This series will publish the second Monday of every month so be sure to stop by for the latest. You can also search #CleanOver40 on our blogs to access the entire series. Be sure to tag #CleanOver40 on social with your favorite picks as well…we ladies of a certain age need to stick together!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and you know that means…the holidays are here. Yay! Also, ugh omg so much to do. Well, I’m here to give you some gifting ideas for that great friend or loved one in your life! (Or let’s face it…for you too. I mean, these are too lovely to pass up if you ask me.)

And! Since I’m feeling all holiday-ish, I am going to give one lucky winner all of the products mentioned in this post.

But that’s only half of it. My partner-in-green-beauty, Lisa from This Organic Girl, is talking about her favorite holiday gifts too. Annnd giving away her picks as well. So one lucky winner will receive all 8 amazing gifts, totaling over 1,000 dollars. What the what?! Yes, my friends. This is some damn good action.

Let’s dive right in.

1.  Custom Initial Bangle by Yearly Co, $340

First, one of my favorite possessions of all time. I am asked about the bangles I wear often, and I want you to have one! Have you heard of Yearly Co? If not, get ready to fall in love. These 14k gold bangles are the epitome of class and charm, and when you hear the story behind the company, you can’t help but smile.

Ann Williams, the founder and jewelry maker is carrying on a 60-year tradition started by her grandfather when he gave a simple gold bracelet to Ann’s grandmother to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Every year, a new bracelet was given as a gift and the tradition has carried on with all the women in Ann’s family, shown below.

Isn’t that amazing? I just love the impetus behind it. Of course, you don’t have to be celebrating marriage to wear these gorgeous bangles. I wear three bangles from Yearly Co daily – all were gifts to myself. (Although my husband totally has these on his radar now. Not such a bad thing!) The bangles are solid 14k gold and are meant to be worn all day, every day. You can shower in them and all!

In today’s giveaway, I will be giving away The Initial Bangle to one lucky winner. The winner will be sent a sizing kit to measure their wrist first to make the bangle truly customized. I can’t say enough about these bangles -I’m wearing my initial bangle in the above photo and I love it so much!

Also, Ann is offering Whoorl readers 10% off your purchase with the code WHOORL10. A note for those of you that might feel the need to pull the trigger on a bangle – the initial bangles will be offered through December 1st to receive in time for the holidays. All other items can be ordered until December 10th.

2. de Mamiel Limited Edition Sleep Set, $99

Oooh, get ready for some slumber time luxury. We all know that your sleep ritual is an essential component of looking and feeling your best, and the De Mamiel Limited Edition Sleep Series Collection was created to soothe your tired mind and body in the most lovely way. This set comes with three blends to help you navigate a good night’s sleep. First off, there is the Settle rollerball which stills your mind and reduces inflammation with its botanical blend of herbs, watermelon seed oil, and passionflower oil, which maximize the impact of magnesium, zinc and Vitamin B—essential for a deep, calm sleep.

One for light sleepers, the Anchor balm slips you back into a calm state, letting sleep envelope you once more and the Rise rollerball is ideal for the mornings when you need an energy boost – through its blend of herbs, milk thistle, and jojoba, it stimulates your body, both physically and emotionally, powering you with the verve to take on your day. I’ve been using this as a perfume lately and I love it.

Along with the gorgeous oil blends, you also receive a sleep journal to help you reflect- whether it be gratitude, unresolved issues, or future plans. I have enjoyed this set so much, I want you to have one as well. (Thanks to Beauty Heroes for providing the set!)