Odds and Ends

Is anyone else counting the minutes until Phoebe Philo launches her collection?

I’ve finally found a moisturizer that is great for my teenagers’ skin and they both love it as well. (It’s excellent for those prone to clogged pores and/or keratosis pilaris on the face.)

Email greetings for modern times.

Please don’t wear an Apple Watch to a wedding. (I bought one. I know. You will never see it on my wrist unless I’m in workout clothes, mark my words.)

Why Taylor Swift is re-recording all of her albums. #scootersucks

Oh, look! I bought yet ANOTHER black and white knit vest for Fall. Perfect layered with a silk blouse in the cooler months.

A race to save the world’s DNA.

Is it time to embrace “opinion fatigue?”

A friendly reminder that these jeans are the perfect style for fall and winter. I love mine so much.

I’ve always wanted to pickle my own veggies.

One of my favorite sports bras is 20% off!

Are you watching The Crowded Room? I started it this week and really liking it.

Added a new necklace to my rotation and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: kule