My Favorite Black Friday Deals!

Hello and happy Thanksgiving Eve! I’m currently en route to Santa Fe, New Mexico for the holiday weekend, but far be it for me to not share some of the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions. Wow, there are so many deals to be had, but I am going to stick to spotlighting my favorite beauty brands and shops that I feel worthy of our almighty dollar. (I really tried to keep it around 10 mentions, but I couldn’t make it happen. We landed at a respectable 16, folks.)

Some promotions have already begun and some not quite yet, but I will include dates for you, as well as my top picks from each shop!



Let’s not beat around the bush…the first Best of the Best post on this website featured True Botanicals for good reason. Their skincare is absolutely lovely and it WORKS. Period. My very detailed review of favorite products is here, but if I had to choose two products from the line, the Resurfacing Moisture Mask and the Vitamin C Booster would take the cake. Every single one of you could benefit from adding these two to your rotation.

True Botanical’s once-a-year sale includes 20% off everything. EVERYTHING. Plus, you can earn a $10 credit for every $50 you spend. Use code ONCEAYEAR. Goes live Friday, 11/23 through Monday, 11/26.



AILLEA has become my online green beauty retailer of choice due to the sheer number of incredible brands in one place. (There are brick-and-mortar shops as well in Denver, Charleston, Raleigh, and Atlanta, and oh, how I wish I lived closer to one.)

AILLEA is offering 20% off store-wide Friday, 11/23 through Monday, 11/26. This promotion is happening both in-store and online, and shoppers can use the code CHEERSAILLEA when shopping online for the discount code to apply.

My Top Picks:

Kjaer Weis! Oh my goodness, you know my love runs deep for this brand. Cream blushes, my beloved KW Red lipstick, the new cream eyeshadows (love Gorgeous for the lid and Enticing for a liner)…these products are incomparable.

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Pretty Purple, Cream Blush in Abundance, Lipstick in KW Red

Aila Nail Polishes are my nail polish of choice! My favorite shades are Ms. Martin, Sarang, Mr. Pookie, Room 212, and the Better Than Gel Topcoat is a must!

Can’t get enough of Clove + Hallow. Lip Velvets, Lip Glaze, and the Conceal and Correct concealer are my faves.

left to right: Clove + Hallow Lip Velvets in Roadtrip, Sugarbear, and Napa

CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion is the best body lotion for sensitive skin types.

Olio e Osso Lip and Cheek Balms are perfect for toting around. Wrote about the gorgeous tinted balms here!

Vapour! Love love love Vapour AER Deodorant (it’s my daily deodorant), the Soft Focus Foundation in 115 (see it in action here), the Multi-Sticks, and the Lux Lip Conditioner. (Full brand review here.)

Kosas lipsticks and cream blushes are in constant daily rotation over here.

And don’t forget two of my favorite skincare lines, MUN and Maya Chia! (psst – if Maya Chia is on your radar, check out my Beauty Heroes section below!)



This is Laurel’s only sale of the year and it is quite special. The Thankful Sale starts on Friday, 11/23 through Monday, 11/26 and is 20% off your entire order. Use the code THANKFUL at checkout and orders over $100 receive complimentary shipping.

Also, there are some really wonderful Thankful Sale Gifts with Purchase too:

Spend $250+ receive a deluxe trial size Limited Edition Honey Rose Spice Mask (15ml)
Spend $400+ receive a deluxe trial size Limited Edition Honey Rose Spice Mask AND a deluxe trial size sneak peek Jasmine Hydrating C Elixir (coming in 2019!)

I am obsessed with trying both of these products – the Honey Rose Spice Mask has an abundance of local organically farmed Roses, raw California Orange Blossom Honey, and warming spices of Tulsi, Nutmeg and Vanilla. UM, come to mama. The Hydrating Jasmine C Elixir is a whole plant Vitamin C and flavonoid-rich Hydrating Elixir including Hibiscus, Camu Camu, Rosehip and a genuine Jasmine Hydrosol made by the only artisan distiller in the world who has mastered the distillation of the delicate flower.

Wondering what to purchase from Laurel? My top three products are the Brighten Mask, the Honey Berry Enzyme Mask (reviewed here), and the Sun Damage Repair Serum. You can’t go wrong with these gorgeous options!



Odds and Ends

1. Life lessons from 100-year-olds. Makes you think.

2. 17 reasons why modern women are struggling so much. (Reason #18, see directly below.)

3. Parents, you look away for ONE second…these videos are absolutely hilarious.

4. I wrote a piece on why cleaning up your beauty act is a super thing.

5. This is just too sweet.

6. I filmed an impromptu morning skincare and makeup routine yesterday.

7. I think these cozy pajamas are a must this winter. (Matching ones for kiddos too!)

8. I knew my robust concert attendance this year was all for a reason!

9. Yep. Definitely a correlation between early risers and high achievement.

10. Change the way you view introverts. I love this…rings so true for me.

11. On this week’s Selfie podcast, I try a menstrual cup, we chat about social justice fatigue (it’s definitely a thing), and share all of our productivity tips. (Keep in mind, we are both Enneagram 3s so WE HAVE LOTS. #getshitdone)

Happy Friday, friends. Hope your weekend is fantastic.

image credit: gingersnap design


Odds and Ends

1. Those of you with tweens/teens, get ready for an ugly cry.

2. What a week. Look at all the firsts for women in this week’s midterms. And here are some of the assholes that lost. (Not my choice of words, but still…)

3. Best neutral/nude/pink lipsticks at a great price.

4. Children of the caravan. (Interesting how Trump suddenly isn’t talking about that horribly scary migrant caravan post-midterms. #eyeroll)

5. This is the hardest thing to watch, but it’s important. Gun reform, you all. Before it’s your child.

6. I can’t believe things like this are happening in the White House. Fascist much?

7. Okay! Enough with politics today. Everyone in my family is trying to steal this set. My kids love the rollerballs before bed and I’m currently wearing the Rise scent as my perfume. This would make the BEST holiday gift.

8. After much research (you know me), we are seriously considering adopting a retired greyhound for the family.

9. This sweater is on sale and you should buy it.

10. 25 comics that perfectly sum up the internet.

11. Oh, I love kitchen gadgets.

12. On this week’s Selfie episode, we are talking hair upkeep, facial toning devices, and our favorite morning and evening rituals.

Happy Friday!

image credit: marleigh culver