A Vitamin C Serum Showdown

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Folks, I’ve been testing so many Vitamin C serums over the past few months, my mouth literally tastes like citrus daily. (True story! Occupational hazard, I suppose. #couldbeworse)

Vitamin C, which also goes by ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid, is one of the best vitamins you could possibly use on your skin. Everyone knows Vitamin C is a great immune-booster when taken orally, but when you use it topically, it’s 20 times more potent.

What are Vitamin C’s benefits for skin, you ask? Well, pretty much everything. Vitamin C helps to repair damage from sun exposure and collagen loss by encouraging healthy cell turnover and regeneration, diminishes fine lines, and is essential for firm, youthful skin. Most importantly, vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure.

(You know when you cut an apple open and how the edges brown? That, my friends, is oxidation and *also* what’s happening to our skin on the daily. SO GIVE ME ALL THE ANTIOXIDANTS thankyouverymuch)

Vitamin C also inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance.

If you want to up the ante, you can maximize the benefits of vitamin C by combining it with other antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. Together, they have optimal absorption benefits when it comes to anti-aging, skin brightening, and protection against free radical damage. Vitamin C also plays well with vitamin B and hyaluronic acid.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t mix vitamin C with retinol or niacinamide because the pH levels are incompatible. That’s why I use my Vitamin C serums in the morning and my very favorite retinol at night.

So how about we get to the nitty-gritty? Here are my 5 favorite Vitamin C serums!

best vitamin c serums in clean beauty

from left to right: Ursa Major Brighten Serum, Kypris Antioxidant Dew, GOOP Glow, Marie Veronique Vitamin C, African Botanics Nutritive Molecule Serum



Odds and Ends

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Wow, y’all, this list took much longer than normal to compile because it was really difficult to find links that weren’t focused on Coronavirus. Please stay safe out there. My kids start Spring Break today after school and we will be social distancing for the next few weeks. Wishing you all mental and physical health during these unsure times.

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Odds and Ends

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Happy Friday! I hope you have a stellar weekend.

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