Odds and Ends

All the underwear I’ll be packing for a weekend trip.

I’ve written about retinol a lot over the past many years, but this one is by FAR my new favorite. (Full details on my IG Retinol highlight.)

90s makeup is back again and I don’t think it will ever die. #notreallyafan

Just purchased what I predict will be my favorite sandal of the spring season.

Is Monopoly truly the cruelest board game?

March Netflix shows, coming up!

It’s time for the power bob.

WTF are kitchen shoes?

Warmer days are ahead which means time to switch to the short-sleeve version of the shirt I wear to every damn workout.

Have you been to Palm Springs Modernism week? I highly recommend it.

Michael McDonald was my very first crush as a child in the 70s and frankly why I have a thing for beards. 40+ years later, he’s still got it.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: peggy kuiper


Odds and Ends

If you haven’t incorporated retinol into your life, what are you waiting for? (I CANNOT wait to share my new favorite with you next week – I’ve been testing it for over a month and it’s incredible.)

Signs you’re ready to wear taupe. lolololol

Unique traditional ice cream flavors from around the world.

This body wash and this lotion is a made match in heaven for super soft, hydrated skin.

20 most beautiful small towns in the US.

We are heading to Palm Beach next month so naturally, I can’t stop thinking about sandals. And purses. I do not need another mini Jodie, I do not need another mini Jodie…

Have you heard of the new Instagram broadcast channels?

Oh, I am loving these new cotton straight-leg pants.

Useful travel tips shared by a flight attendant.

Did you hear about Pharrell becoming the men’s creative director for Louis Vuitton?

Prep aesthetic is back!

Bought this in black and am now going back for the white. (FYI – it says “designed for a loose fit,” but no. The small is relatively fitted on me.)

If you aren’t following Grandma Droniak on Instagram, you best be changing that ASAP.

Some early intel…tonight I’m posting a Reel featuring the two hair styling products (this and this) that have been game-changers for me. 20% off with the code HAIRLOVE. #justsayin #getaheadofthegame

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: sarah lee


Odds and Ends

Do you know how to behave? Are you sure? Loved this.

The best (and I mean the BEST) nude pointed-toe flats and they are worth every penny.

Why everyone feels like they are faking it.

Wedding dress codes to befuddle everyone.

Best arthouse films to watch on Netflix right now.

Pamela Anderson is having a moment.

I continue to reach for and adore this cleansing oil every single night.

Ozempic/Wegovy face is a thing. No thank you.

Bubbletecture! Love it.

My new favorite blush shade is this one in Stockholm. So fresh and dewy!

“When people show you who they are, believe them.” I go back to this time and time again.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: andreannu