My Fitglow Favorites Makeup Tutorial

fitglow whoorl favorites makeup kit

Hello, hello! Last week I launched the Whoorl Makeup Favourites Kit in collaboration with Fitglow Beauty and it’s such a versatile selection of my favorites from the Fitglow line at an incredible discount. The kit includes the Night Makeup Palette, Lumi Firm Highlighter, Lip Serum in Nudie, Lip Serum in Cherry (all in full sizes!), and a travel-sized Night Lip Serum.

You can purchase the kit here and don’t forget to use the code WHOORL15 for an additional 15% off your purchase!

Here’s a quick 4-minute tutorial using the products from my kit. Hope you enjoy!


2020 Clean Beauty Bronzer Showdown

My #1 Makeup Tip For a Youthful Look


odds and ends

1. Not to brag or anything but I got a 20/20 on this quiz. I am a genius or a total nerd.

2. Now, this is my kind of quarantine cooking show. When the host starts with “I’m tired,” I’m 100% in.

3. Caftans are my jam and appear to be on the up and up during the quarantine.

4. Did you see my skincare and makeup kits at Fitglow Beauty?! I have my own kits at Fitglow Beauty!! #pinchme

5. Science, you all. It’s a thing.

6. The day the live concert returns. I love Dave Grohl and this piece he wrote.

7. 3 reasons Evangelical Christians fall for conspiracy theories. Very interesting. (And written by an Evangelical.)

8. Closing the streets in Berkeley for outdoor public dining? I like it!

9. You’ve probably heard, but HAMILTON. JULY 3RD. #thatrhymed

10. Oh man, I’m falling really hard for this luxury clean makeup line.

11. British writer pens quite an accurate description of Trump. I mean, it’s not that far off, y’all.

12. Block people and pretend they died. Okay, this made me lol.

13. Just a friendly reminder that false reporting comes from both sides. Respect the facts.

14. The fastest way to look refreshed and lovely. Just fake it ’til you make it.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend.

image credit: herbert green


Fitglow Beauty x Whoorl Collaboration

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to finally announce what I’ve been up to over the past few months with Fitglow Beauty. Whoorl-Approved Skincare and Makeup Kits! If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that I am one of Fitglow’s biggest fans and supporters – they are total pioneers in the clean beauty space and consistently introduce great products to the market.

Over the past few years, a handful (maybe even two handfuls, if we want to get technical) of products have landed in the coveted Best of Best spot at Whoorl and remained there ever since. Well, we thought it was time to share my very favorites with you all in two limited edition kits that showcase my tried-and-true, shout-from-the-rooftop products at an incredible discount!

Introducing Whoorl Skincare Favorites and Whoorl Makeup Favorites!

Let’s start with the Skincare kit.

whoorl fitglow skincare favorites kit