Odds and Ends


1. There really are two kinds of people. Which one are you?

2. This anonymous Instagram account is so sweet.

3. How foreigners distinguish Americans. I have to say, I can’t argue with most of it.

4. Wito’s feet are officially as big as mine. I made him put on my sandals as proof. (p.s. – those sandals are only $65, peeps!)

5. This new resource is fantastic for party planning!

6. Haha, how many of this friend type do you have on Facebook? I definitely have a few.

7. NEW EMOJIS. I’ve needed a taco for years!

Happy Friday to you! Today is Dustin’s 40th birthday, so we have a fun weekend planned. #notoldjustdistinguished

image credit: mia christopher




Odds and Ends


1. I certainly wouldn’t mind if I was stuck at an airport and this was happening in front of me.

2. Um, creepy drawing alert.

3. Interesting article about J. Crew. Do you shop there? I haven’t bought anything from the brand in years.

4. I’m in love with this palm leaf one-piece. I also want to wear this when I get out of the pool.

5. Hipsters are so done. Enter the yuccie.

6. I always love The Oatmeal – did you read the Apple watch post?

7. Rest in peace, beards. My heart is breaking. (Although, the beard thing is a little out of control in OKC. I think I’m ready for a change.)

8. How are cars and neighborhoods are pulling us apart. Great read.

9. Pretty food arrangements always get me.

10. Stop the press. The lip glosses are HERE. The peony shade is mine, all mine.

Happy Friday to you all!

image credit: jenny andrews anderson


Chambray All The Way

chambray dress roundup

Let me tell you a little story. A few days ago, I was sweating sitting at my niece’s softball game in 90-something degree heat and 1,235% humidity. Like a good rule follower, I was donning items from my Spring capsule wardrobe, but as you can see, the options for my lower half are extremely limited when you factor in OPPRESSIVE HEAT. (Seriously, can you imagine sitting in the blazing sun in skinny jeans? It is the worst, I tell you. THE WORST.)

Anyway, while I was marinating in my own pool of sweat and tears, I began daydreaming about lightweight chambray dresses. I love chambray – the way it feels on the skin, the shade of blue that works with anything, and most importantly, the way it keeps you cool as a cucumber.

I will be buying one very soon. Oh yes, I will. Maybe two, capsule be damned.

Here are some of my favorites, and I threw a few denim skirts in there for good measure. I’m crazy, I tell ya.

top image credit: the sartorialist