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how to hot roller your hair

It’s been quite some time since I’ve busted out the hot rollers over here, but thought what better time than Spring? Although I am the self-professed queen of loose, messy, slept-on waves, Spring makes me want to bust out bright lips and big volume.

Want volume? Get those hot rollers heated up and let’s do this.

April is all about creating spring looks for less at Sally Beauty, so they challenged me to create a new hair look for under $50. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, SALLY.

I found this fantastic 12-Roller Ceramic Hair Setter by Jilbere on sale for $32.99.


Six of the rollers are jumbo and six are large, which is perfect for big volume.

First, let’s do a hot roller refresher.

how to hot roller your hair

Sure, it’s easy to roll from the ends of your hair, but what if you have layers. like I do? As pictured above, I like to start right above my longest layer, and then wrap the ends around before rolling up to the head. It’s a very easy way to keep those pesky layers from falling off the roller.

Let’s talk volume, though. The trick to big volume is to roll at the crown of the head, not just the sides.

how to hot roller your hair

I place a couple of rollers on the crown of my head first, and always use the largest rollers on the top layers of my hair, and the smaller ones on the bottom layer. I’m not looking for crazy curl, so I usually wait 5 minutes before pulling the rollers out, and release the bottom ones first, since they are smaller in diameter and don’t want them to create too much curl. Once all of the rollers are out, I flip my head and run my fingers through to create more texture and volume.

Add a little red lipstick, and voilá, Va-Va-Volume.

how to hot roller your hair

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Odds and Ends



1. Daughter tells her mother she hates her. Mother does this. Pretty epic.

2. This makes me so happy. DANCE, PEEPS.

3. Things looking pretty grim? You’re bound to feel better after watching one (or many) of these.

4. Tom Hanks does Tom Hanks.

5. This is so terrifying. Sadly, I don’t think teens are the only ones distracted.

6. Shifting gears, I was hoping to add a pair of white jeans to my capsule, but am having the worst luck. I’ve tried these, these, these, these, and these. (I know, right? Citizens of Humanity is usually my go-to for jeans – I know the fit, I love the way they look, but it’s just not happening with the white jeans. So tight on my calves, people!) Have you had any luck? Should I just give up the dream? One more pair is on the way, but I’m not holding my breath.

7. Kids are pretty much just tiny drunk adults, right?

Happy weekend!

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Winter Capsule Wrap-Up (And Spring Preview!)



Hi ho, here we go. I am officially transitioning into my Spring capsule (full capsule will be on the blog next week!), but, in the meantime, I’d like to share my official thoughts on my first capsule wardrobe go-around.

Let’s start with some of the issues.

When Weather Rules Your Life

You guys, Oklahoma weather is insane. Completely unpredictable and a real pain in the ass when it comes to choosing from a limited amount of clothing picked for a particular season. If I were still living in Southern California, wearing a capsule would be a total breeze, so you ladies out there, I don’t want to hear any complaints, you hear? Take a gander for yourself.


Depicted here is a random week of weather in March. In Newport Beach, it’s basically sunny and 70 every day. Multiply that by 49 and you have the entire year of weather in Southern California. (I subtracted 3 weeks for those random times when it rains for 5 minutes or the Santa Ana winds blow, which by the way, have nothing on the winds sweeping down the plain, believe you me.)

Now, let’s take a gander at Oklahoma City’s weather. As you can see here, it was freezing and snowing and gusting wind, however, never fear, the weather quickly warmed up to 64 and sunny within a few days. The problem? Well, next week was freezing again. And then it was hot. And then it was cold. Followed by some more hot and cold and rain and wind. You see, Oklahoma has four seasons WITHIN EACH SEASON. I, without a doubt, experienced Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall during the last three months.

This poses a bit of a problem when it comes to wearing a capsule, as you can imagine, and from what I’ve heard, Spring is just as tricky here. (It’s 75 and sunny right now, with wind gusting so hard my trash can just flew down the street.) I somehow will need to prepare myself for every kind of weather imaginable for the next 3 months. It’s gonna be fun.

When Rule-Following Becomes Generalized Stupidity

I had a moment a few weeks ago. I was standing in my closet, getting ready for an event in one of my very few evening/night out options, and remembered I had the Perfect Pair of Shoes for the ensemble I was wearing. That Perfect Pair was sitting in the very back of my closet with the other shoes not deemed worthy of my winter capsule, and I knew they were exactly what I needed to wear.

I owned them. They were within 5 feet of my person. They were the perfect choice. Yet I couldn’t wear them.

At that moment, I believe I said (with great force), “THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT.”

Because, you guys, it kind of is. I am down with so much of the capsule mentality, but come on now, if you already own a pair of shoes that you really want to wear, then by all means, WEAR THEM.

(I didn’t wear them for I am a Rule Follower. In fact, I never broke the the rules, except for snow and rain boots.)

When Two Weeks Is Simply Not Enough Time To Plan/Purchase For The Next Capsule

Another geography-related issue, living in a city that doesn’t have, how do I phrase this, the best shopping, when I wanted to find a couple of new items for my capsule, I had to do all my shopping online.

Sourcing items + Shipping times + My Newfound Appreciation For Making Sure The Item I Buy Is EXACTLY What I Need = A Lot Of Receiving And Returning

For example, when I finally retired my decade-old trench coat, I wanted to make sure my new one would last another decade. This involved a lot of back-and-forth with retailers, and two weeks just didn’t hack it. (I’m still waiting on a few transactions to go through…anyway, I don’t know how to remedy that exactly but wanted to put it out there. I guess the remedy is to never buy anything again, which, ahem, will not be the path I take.)

When The Laundry Never Seems to Stop

Ladies, you have to stay ON TOP of your laundry. When I had 100+ items of clothing, it was easy to find something to wear, but when you wear the same white button-up and chambray button-up for what seems to be eternity, those puppies are constantly needing to be laundered. Just a thought.

When You Really Think You’ll Wear An Item But Never Do

This is understandable – I mean, one of the best reasons to start a capsule wardrobe is to hone your own unique style, and it obviously takes some time, but it sucks when one of your 37 items gathers dust. My item was a plaid dress. Poor lonely dress. Listen, I like dresses in certain seasons, but I’m not really a dress or skirt wearer in the winter. Yet, I thought it would be downright ridiculous not to include a dress or skirt of some sort for an entire season. Come on. Would I really wear pants every day of the winter season? Why, yes, I did.

Moral of the story – don’t think you need to include an item just to include it. If your capsule seems like it doesn’t have everything it should based on other capsules, don’t fret. Stick with what feels right.

So, yes, there were some issues. Enough to make me bid adieu to the capsule wardrobe concept?

Hell to the no! And here’s why.

1. I still love everything in my closet. (Well, except for the dress.) Am I ready to retire some pieces? Hell yes. But I’ll definitely wear them again when the appropriate season rolls back around.

2. While I definitely struggled with wanting to wear something new once in awhile, I still felt completely put-together and stylish while wearing my capsule outfits. Every day.

3. Getting ready for the morning has become the easiest part of my day. SO simple.

4. Wearing a capsule wardrobe is a great conversation piece. I have had so many discussions about capsule wardrobes with friends and new acquaintances over the past three months.

5. Impulse buying is completely eliminated. First off, you can’t shop for the majority of the challenge, and when time comes to purchase a few items (if need be), you get mega critical about what items deserve your moolah. What a difference, you guys.

6. Like any challenge, seeing it through feels great. Hooray!

So, are you planning a capsule wardrobe or have you been wearing one? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and if you are wearing a capsule and blogging/Instagramming it, leave me a link so I can check it out!



Odds and Ends



1. I love faces, and I’ve been pinning them like crazy this past month.

2. I very much resonate with this post by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge. Great read.

3. What is the purpose of love? According to genes and human history, this answer might differ from what we are raised to believe.

4. Cardio makes you fat! Science says!

5. But wait! It’s already being refuted. Better hop back on that treadmill.

6. Do any of you use coconut oil for toothpaste? I just don’t know.

7. An open letter from your horrible Facebook friends. Good stuff.

8. I am so down with this denim trend. A slimmy is so much more flattering.

9. Three ways the universe could end, you know, if you are wondering.

10. How cute is this striped tote for only 26 dollars?! Come on now.

Happy weekend! It’s the last two days of Spring Break over here. #thankgod