Odds and Ends


1. Kids try dark chocolate for the first time. THE HORROR.

2. You must know about the new emojis by now, right? I was just a tad bit excited about certain additions.

3. Have you read Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart? So much wisdom…that book is never far from me.

4. This is EXACTLY how I teach my yoga classes. It’s uncanny, really.

5. I am truly thankful for my new studio because I struggled with several of these work-at-home issues.

6. Hillary Clinton is down with yoga. Like that lady.

7. An average Saturday morning. With and without kids.

8. Fall is definitely here…what are our feelings on infinity scarves? You know how much I love scarves, but I’ve never worn that style. This one is cute.

Happy weekend to you all!

image credit: karin olah


Holiday Sets for the Green Beauty Enthusiast

I’ve got more in the wings on this subject forthcoming, but just had to share these utterly lovely holiday sets by Beautycounter. They are perfect for gift-giving, even if the recipient is yourself. (Ahem, the lip gloss has already found its way into my makeup bag. Shocker.)


The Travel Body Collection – You know how much I love the body wash and lotion, right? Remember this love letter? Well, I completely neglected to mention how much I love the shampoo and conditioner in that post. (Quelle horreur!) So so good, and this set is the perfect way to try out all the products without making a commitment to the larger sizes. Oh yeah, and a nice gift too.


Rose Neroli Body Oil – Two words for you. Rose. Neroli. Enough said. #amazingscent


Jet Set Bag Collection – What a chic set of white cosmetic bags. Perfect for the jetsetter in your life.


Sheer and Shimmer Collection – Okay, so this might be the MVP of the bunch. First off, the Twig lip sheer is the perfect nude for everyday or your ultra smoky eye looks, but you guys, let’s chat about that shimmer oil.  A little bit on the legs, maybe on the collarbone and shoulders…this has the potential for super sexy.


Day-to-Night Lip Gloss Collection – Last, but certainly not least, this lip gloss collection is fantastic. The red is sheer enough to not overpower the face, and I adore the opalescent shade layered over all different shades of lipstick.

Happy (almost) holidays!


odds and ends


1. Grab your kids’ crayons. It seems coloring is the best alternative to meditation.

2. What have smartphones done to us? This series of photographs will make you think.

3. Well, this is the sweetest display of emotion I’ve seen in awhile.

4. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since Kid A released. I think I’ll listen to it right now.

5. Are you using any of these words incorrectly?

6. Such an insightful photo series about interracial couples and the bigotry they’ve experienced.

7. I adore these moms.

8. Have you seen manwhohasitall on Twitter? SO good.

9. Winter is just around the corner, and this coat would be perfect for hopping around town. (Fur hoods FOREVAH.)

10. Who’s planning on watching the final season of Downton Abbey? I’m on the fence…oh, who am I kidding, I’m totally going to watch.

Happy weekend, friends. I’ve got my yoga accreditation tests all weekend. Back to studying!

image credit: clare elsaesser