Odds and Ends

Whatever happened to having taste?

Love that these interns took selfies with all 100 senators.

What I eat in a day, down to the hour. #becauseyoulikedetails

Have you heard of the Scandinavian Sleep Method?

The brand-new Merit Solo Shadows are one-and-done superheroes. Wearing all my Merit faves here.

Why are we still taking our husbands’ last names? Confession: I really wish I would have kept mine.

Black fall/winter bag secured. (The leather feels like butter. Beyond soft.)

Totally on board with this study on heat and aggression as I’m nearly homicidal in the current 100+ temps.

Why we drink what we drink.

You need to buy these ballet flats before they sell out. #inwhoorlwetrust

Metallica at midlife: less booze, more tofu. I love every bit of it.

Recently listed lots of great stuff in my Poshmark Closet. Give them a good home.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: viatolila

  1. Kathleen

    August 25, 2023 at 2:14 pm

    I really wish I would have kept my last name too. I told my. husband that sometime in the last couple years (we’ve been married for 19 years) and he was kind of offended! Hah! But I stand by it. I do still have my maiden name as a second middle name so I didn’t ditch it altogether but I don’t use it in my day to day. Maybe an interesting topic for your Substack sometime? Or a convo on Instagram? I’d be curious to know if other folks have similar regrets.

  2. Allison Cloud

    August 26, 2023 at 6:55 am

    I thought you did keep your name? Isn’t it different from your husband’s?

    I often wish I’d kept mine too, but It’s such a tricky deal, bc if you have kids, their name will almost always be different from yours. ???? I ultimately changed mine out of tradition. It’s a hard thing to go against, even as a feminist.