Odds and Ends

1. What a week. How do we proceed after Wednesday? These three minutes have stuck with me.

2. Anyone else doing a dry January? I’m still hanging in there, but this week almost did me in.

3. Ditch these 6 habits for a happier, healthier year. (The complaining one is hard because COME ON.)

4. Here are my top beauty picks from 2020. Also! Credo is doing an incredible gift with purchase (including my fave mascara and deodorant!) this weekend – the perfect time to purchase.

5. It’s cool to eat foods that make you happy, a nutritional scientist says so.

6. What the WHAT is up with this house for sale?

7. I have become so enamored with the column How to Build a Life. It’s just lovely.

8. You all, why would someone do this? Uggghhhhhhhhh

9. What can I say? I love a tush-covering sweater. Throw this over my workout clothes and I’m good to go.

10. Don’t let anyone pretend this didn’t happen.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Be safe. Be smart. Be kind.

image credit: helen frankenthaler


Odds and Ends

1. Only 11 TV shows received a perfect score on rotten tomatoes this year. Have you watched them?

2. She is 2 YEARS OLD. Bow down to the drumming queen.

3. An argument for going to bed super early, which I fully support.

4. I splurged on this blazer and it’s EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED IN A BLACK BLAZER. #slightlydramatic

5. OMG, one of my all-time phobias has occurred.

6. Like many of you, I binged Bridgerton this week and all I can say is RACY. Did you know they had an “intimacy coordinator” on set?

7. 10 best things I spent my money on in 2020 and none were beauty-related.

8. So many incredible restaurants closed this year. Ugghhhhhhhhh.

9. The most-Instagrammed national parks.

10. My husband is super particular about clothing and this brand won him over this year. Not gonna lie, pretty obsessed myself.

11. What do you all think of family YouTube channels?

12. Just downloaded this book on my Kindle after all the rave reviews.

13. Inside Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s life in San Francisco. Very cool.

14. Are you following The Atlas of Beauty on Instagram? It’s one of my favorites.

Happy New Year to you! This will be the way I’m approaching 2021. Also, BUH BYE, 2020.

image credit: colors collective