Odds and Ends

1. The best money I spent last year on personal growth was this. The David Sedaris class alone is worth it.

2. Now, THIS is the kind of meditation I’m needing in my life right now.

3. New Netflix shows in 2020!

4. What teenage boys still don’t know about sexual assault. Such a great article.

5. Not-to-be-missed shouts of 2019. So funny. So good.

6. This was definitely a cheeky way to raise money for the Australian wildfires. #punalert

7. Best cookbook of 2019 and forever, methinks. It’s a must-have.

8. OMG, EVERY WIG MOIRA ROSE HAS WORN ON SCHITT’S CREEK. This delights me on so many levels.

9. So you say you want a strong, independent woman. Are you sure about that?

10. Hahaaa, remember this Folgers ad?

11. Do I bite the bucket and get a smartwatch? This one is cuuuuuute.

12. Why Gen X women are the most insominia-ridden of all.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a lovely weekend – I’m West coast-bound to spend some quality time with my best friend. SO EXCITED.

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Bralettes For Busty Gals

bralettes for big busts

Are you one of the many who rips off your bra the minute you get home? Maybe even on your drive home? (Hey, I know you’re out there. No judgment…you gotta do what you gotta do.)

Well, being somewhat of busty gal (30DD or 32D for reference), underwire bras are definitely my choice while out and about, but when I get home and (literally) want to take a load off, I do find myself getting comfortable in a bralette opposed to nothing at all. I mean, I don’t know about your personal situation, but my tatas need to be tamed. I always feel a little off walking around my home and children (ahem, one of which is a teenage boy) with my guns braless and blazin’. Capiche?

Oh, before we jump into all the busty bralette goodness, I have to say that in terms of underwire bras, Natori takes the cake. Natori carries all band sizes, but if you have a smaller rib cage/larger cup combo, her undergarments fit like a glove. My two favorites are this one and this one. I wear these two styles 95% of the time during the day – I love the Feathers one because you can wear it with low-cut blouses and dresses, but take note, this particular style runs small in the cup, at least on me. Where all of my other Natori bras are 32D, I wear a 32DD in that style.

Bralettes have become quite the focus over the past few years due to women’s growing desire to be, wait for it, comfortable. (How dare we ask for so much?!) The great thing is that whereas bralettes were previously reserved for those less ample in the bust department, there are now many options for generously-sized chests. And! A fair amount of bralettes out there provide ample support, so you can wear them whenever and wherever you like. (Although some, like this one, make me LOLLLLLLL #areyoukiddingmeeeee)

Here are some of my favorites!

The bra and panty set at the top of the post are by Araks.

Let me know if you have any favorites in the busty bralette department – I’d love to discover some new ones! Also, this post entitled 112 bra problems that men won’t understand is sooooo relatable. Hope you enjoy!

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Odds and Ends

1. Forget the dude with a sign. Have you seen this canine protestor? I love him!

2. I knew I was a female character in a work of historical fiction. KNEW IT.

3. Need help cleaning out your inbox? This is a great way to go about it.

4. Why isn’t anyone studying perimenopause? Oh right…because we are women.

5. What happens to student behavior when schools prioritize art.

6. This is what you need to do. Buy this and then receive 6 fantastic products for free, through Sunday. #newyearnewskin

7. Did I already post the top 50 NYT recipes from 2019? Too lazy to look. Related: the best thing I did for myself in 2019 was purchase a digital New York Times membership. This link will get you a $1/month membership for a year.

8. We killed the old internet, didn’t we? What a walk down memory lane.

9. Make women great again. OMG THIS CANNOT BE TRUE.

10. Sigma makes incredible cruelty-free, vegan brushes and this set is such a steal! It’s pretty much all you need.

11. Walking truly is the best exercise for you. #butwhysoboringtho

Happy Friday! Our holiday break is winding down and I’m super ready to kick it into high gear next week.

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