How To Find the Best Nude Lipstick (+ My Faves)

How To Find the Best Nude Lipstick

Dear friends, a good nude lipstick can be hard to find, but never fear for I am here to make things crystal clear! #quarantinepoetry

To find the best nude lip shade for you, three things need to be taken into account:

1. Skin tone (e.g., fair, light, medium, dark)
2. Skin undertone (e.g., cool, warm, neutral)
3. Natural lip color (e.g., beige, pink, brown, tan, etc)



Odds and Ends

1. Center Stage is the best dance movie of all time, don’t even try to debate me.

2. What some social distancers infer they are doing and what they are actually doing. This is such a good read.

3. First it was the cocktails and now meals too? Stanley Tucci, you’re my hero.

4. I filmed a short video tutorial using all the products from my Fitglow Makeup Favorites Kit!

5. Can you imagine being this entitled? Sheesh.

6. Museums around the world have asked people to recreate works of art at home. These are fantastic.

7. Um, how is it already Memorial Day weekend? 15% off orders of $100+ with the code MDAY15 at Integrity Botanicals and Laurel is included, which is rare! Perfect time to pick up this (the best for hyperpigmentation).

8. Have we talked about the best cotton bikini underwear? Look no further.

9. If 80% of Americans would wear masks, infections would plummet.

10. Oklahoma continues to embarrass and frustrate me. Why did my family move back here again?

11. Pajamas are pretty mich paramount at this point in time. I found some new-to-me brands here.

12. Facebook goes all-in on work-from-home. I’m curious who else will follow suit.

13. My lips have been crazy dry lately and I’ve been slathering on my long-time favorite constantly. Did you see it has a new vegan formulation?

14. Alison Roman’s column has been put on hiatus after the Chrissy Teigen/Marie Kondo debacle. Still feeling so disappointed in Alison –  I was such a fan and have all of her cookbooks.

15. Finally. It took wayyyyy too long, but I was so pleased to see this earlier in the week.

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy the long weekend! Got any exciting travel plans? #eyeroll

image credit: hype sheriff 


My Fitglow Favorites Makeup Tutorial

fitglow whoorl favorites makeup kit

Hello, hello! Last week I launched the Whoorl Makeup Favourites Kit in collaboration with Fitglow Beauty and it’s such a versatile selection of my favorites from the Fitglow line at an incredible discount. The kit includes the Night Makeup Palette, Lumi Firm Highlighter, Lip Serum in Nudie, Lip Serum in Cherry (all in full sizes!), and a travel-sized Night Lip Serum.

You can purchase the kit here and don’t forget to use the code WHOORL15 for an additional 15% off your purchase!

Here’s a quick 4-minute tutorial using the products from my kit. Hope you enjoy!


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