How To Wear Eyeshadow Over 40

How To Wear Eyeshadow Over 40

I certainly enjoy my mid-forties – there’s a confidence that comes along with being a certain age and I celebrate the aging process as much as I can. Except for that little part of the aging process influenced by gravity. Um, can we opt out of that part?

As our skin matures, it gradually loses elasticity. Couple that lack of elasticity with the constant pull from gravity and we’ve got some loose, excessive skin issues.

Whereas excess skin on the lower eyelid can cause wrinkles, puffiness, and bulges, the upper eyelids are usually plagued with an extra fold of skin that hangs a little lower than the days of yore…sometimes even over the eyelashes. Rude, if you ask me.

Crepey skin, sagging eyelids, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles…hoo boy, women over 40, your eyes are in for a treat! Read More


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Did you follow the whole Rushtok thing? I thankfully did not because it would have been a slippery slope of time suckage on my part.

Walking is key. Non-gym-goers agree.

Buttery soft leggings for 23 bucks. I even broke free of my black addiction and bought the navy and dusty red shade. #callmecrazy

Parents of teens, this account is a must-follow. lolololol

Have you tried cupping for back pain? I did it a few years ago and the results were incredible.

Yes, please, I’d love to be invisible to mosquitoes.

Like many of you, I’ve been glued to the situation unfolding in Afghanistan. My dear friend created this document of vetted resources to help.

This linen blouse is a great transition piece from summer into fall. I have two colors and have worn them like crazy this summer.

Clearly Fall is on the brain and I am so in love with this top and trousers.

I miss Anthony Bourdain so much. Have you all seen Roadrunner yet?

This month’s Boxwalla beauty box features Votary and both products are incredible. $49.95 for a $254 value!

If you need help slowing down maybe this thread will help?

These were made with colored pencils! #whutthewhut

Happy Friday! Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead.

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Odds and Ends

18 famous authors’ houses worth seeing.

Lots of questions about the subtle yet brightening shadow I wear in this video. It’s the shade Aura and it’s 15% off right now! (20% off if you are a new customer with the code CLEANFORALL20.)

10 best countries for Americans who want to live abroad.

The Nue Co is offering 25% off sitewide for my readers with the code WHOORLAUG25. I am such a fan of the Magnesium Spray (reviewed here) and the Barrier Culture Cleanser and Moisturizer (reviewed here and psst it’s great for teens too). A quick list of all my faves can be found here.

Did you all read about the U.N.’s climate-change report that was released earlier this week? Gah.

More and more children are dealing with long COVID. Breaks my heart.

I know I’m gonna get some Leo pushback, but I think August is the worst month of the year. So hot and humid, back-to-school BS, and ALL I WANT IS FALL WEATHER. Too early to talk about this sweater?

IKEA, you’ve gone too far. Too far.

Have you read about Anna Sacks and her social media trash walks?

The lost canyon under Lake Powell. The drought is revealing some interesting things.

Do you remember calling “time and temp” on your landline phone in the 80s? We had an entire discussion about this on Instagram this week. LOL (Also, I love how Northern California’s phone number was POP-CORN.)

I’ve been living for the Delta variant memes this week. When all else fails, laugh. (Or maybe get vaccinated.)

If you are looking to educate yourself on women’s reproductive issues, check out this weekend’s RePRO Film Festival. Really incredible films and 100% of them were directed by individuals using she/her pronouns.

Happy Friday! School started this week for my son and next Monday’s the day for my daughter. I’m really happy to get back on a school schedule, although is Delta going to throw us for a loop soon? We shall soon see.

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