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My love for Avene knows no bounds and they just launched a retinal product. I’m already testing it out and am so excited to share thoughts soon.

Cutest summer tote.

Why are American chips so boring?

So excited this project is ready for you all to see! Here’s the first of 3 videos of me getting to know some of the most innovative chefs in OKC. I had so much fun making these.

I recently added this mask back into my weekly routine and am reaping the benefits. Take a look at the glow for yourself!

Our home was featured in Better Homes and Gardens! Online version here.

This week’s news has been a huge blow to women’s bodily autonomy. Why I’m pro-choice.

In a post-Roe climate, 9 legal experts share what rights the Supreme Court might target next.

How I finally learned to dress like a mom.

10 best countries for Americans looking live abroad.

Welcome to the middle-aged restaurant.

I tend to buy one activewear-type summer top in every color each year and this one is it for 2022.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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The Makeup Shop At Boxwalla

I have been a huge supporter of Boxwalla for years – some of my most-adored skincare brands were introduced to me via their monthly beauty box (think African Botanics, Votary, and Twelve Beauty, to name a few…), so when I received word that a makeup shop was opening, I knew it was going to be incredible.

(I was right.)

Lavanya and Lola wanted to create a safe space with no judgment – where inclusivity and diversity are the heart and soul of the shop and I promise you, it’s brimming with thoughtful brands and artisans. I have found some incredible new makeup brands that have become staples.

Here are some of my favorites!

Manasi 7

clockwise from top: sanguinello, cristallo, dianthus, roseate, kuranberi, fuchsine

I am fully obsessed with the Manasi 7 All-Over Colour Pots, as you can see above. These little pots of lip and cheek color goodness are award-winning, versatile, and organic. (Wild-harvested too!) They can be worn in limitless ways, built up from a subtle shade to a statement look, or layered with our other colors to create unique shades.

manasi 7 all over colour

Formulated with the perfect balance of oils and waxes, this creamy blendable formula glides on effortlessly and blends easily into the skin and onto lips for a truly natural flush of color. My most-used shades are Fuchsine, Sanguinello, and Dianthus.

Flavedo and Albedo

clockwise from top: grapefruit dew tint, velvet eye shadow in rose quartz, velvet eyeshadow in cool bronze, rose dew tint

Another gorgeous brand, Flavedo and Albedo creates some of the most beautiful shades for the face and eyes. The Dew Tints in Grapefruit and Rose are both incredible for creating a youthful flush on the cheeks, and the Velvet Eyeshadows are the coolest cream-to-powder, cushiony-soft eyeshadows with a non-greasy texture. You can use either wet or dry and the balance of pearl and pigments melts to give a rich, weightless color. Super long-lasting.

top to bottom: rose, grapefruit, cool bronze, rose quartz

I must mention that Flavedo and Albedo is a 100% percent plastic-free brand. Quite impressive.

Madame Gabriela

left to right: sydney at 8am, new york at 1pm

Oh, how I love Madame Gabriela lipsticks – in particular, the two shades above. This formula hydrates, nourishes, and plumps lips and the collection is free of phenoxyethanol, petroleum-based products, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMO ingredients, talc, glycol, and artificial fragrances. Never tested on animals.

Marie Hunter Lipsticks

left to right: purposeful, cynthia, rush street, ogden avenue

Let’s talk about gorgeous, velvety, super-pigmented matte lipsticks, shall we? Be still my beating heart, Marie Hunter. These lipsticks make my lips so happy and the way they brighten my face is unparalleled.

Purposeful is a perfect neutral for the day, Rush Street is a sublime plummy raspberry, and Boss Lady is my favorite red, although missing from the photo because it’s currently lost in one of my purses.

Here are swatches of all the aforementioned lipsticks.

top to bottom: sydney at 8am, new york at 1pm, purposeful, cynthia, rush street, ogden avenue


Finally, the gorgeous Eye Magic shadow palette by Lovinah. I don’t even know where to begin with this perfectly curated mix of jewel tones and neutrals.

You can create endless looks with this Nilotica, Squalane, and crushed gemstone-based eyeshadow. The palette includes foil, matte and metallic shades with silky-soft textures and each provides a long-lasting payoff. The shades are extremely buildable, blendable, and easily adhere to the eyelid. A definite favorite of mine.

You can watch me apply several of these products in this video.

Who’s ready for the best part? Boxwalla is offering 20% off with the code MOTHERSDAY20 through the week. A damn good time to add to your makeup collection, don’t you think?


Odds and Ends

I am obsessed with Luisa Dorr’s photography, especially her series featuring Bolivian skateboarders.

Reasons we aren’t having sex. lolol

20% off Fitglow Beauty with the code WHOORLBDAY20. Stock up on my favorites while you can! (Nice lip serum + Buff lip pencil is the perfect lip color.)

The Coastal Grandmother Beauty Aesthetic. I’m feeling it.

It’s no surprise that I love Mille dresses. This one and this one will both be summer staples for me.

The secret lives of restaurant furnishings.

Transforming trees into skyscrapers.

I waxed poetic about this highlighting balm on Instagram because I wear it every damn day. (You can watch the Stories in my Cheeks highlight.)

The Fendi Spy Bag is back.

7 ocean mysteries scientists haven’t solved yet.

How adorably perfect is this blouse?

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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