Odds and Ends

Me trying to have a conversation after quarantine.

My favorite SPF and foundation are 20% off this weekend! (Review on foundation here and sunscreen here.)

Millennials: a generation delayed.

BUT WHAT ABOUT GEN X?!? I feel really slighted right now. lol

For the ladies who like to keep their upper chest covered while working out/walking/etc, these tanks are really affordable.

11-year-old girl credits Law and Order: SVU for quick thinking that helped identify the man who tried to kidnap her.

What’s changing about your life post-pandemic?

Perimenopausal women, listen up. This is fantastic for hormonally-challenged skin and your face will thank me.

Got this in the oak color and liked it so much I bought the white one as well. Perfect for super casual summer days. (And you can wear it backward for a different tank style.)

20% off at Beauty Heroes this weekend!

Why yes, I do want to know what Michelle Obama eats in a day to stay healthy.

Have you heard of The Drop on Amazon? They host influencer-created collections that usually sell out in a day. They’ve had some cool collaborations – you can sign up here to get a text when a collection goes live.

This is the truest truth ever. #lookout #hangry

I have a new favorite place to shop online and my wallet hates me.

If my dog could do this I would love him a lot more. #kidding #kindof

I am all about the lipstick again and it feels damn good! Here are my 6 favorite intense shades.

Happy Friday! It’s my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow so we are CELEBRATING tonight. Hope you have a great weekend.

image credit: christopher dorr


Odds and Ends

The world’s 50 best dishes. Want them all.

Low-key obsessed with these young photos of Julia Child.

Do you all use Bark on your kids’ devices? I’ve used it for years but realized I’ve never talked about it. It’s really incredible and gives me so much peace of mind.

Stacey Abrams talks about the parallels between politics and writing. I love her so much.

Coclico shoes have always been my favorite brand…they are expensive but so worth it. I love that they started a gently pre-owned program and I’ve listed a few from my personal collection!

Um, no thank you to this fish washed up on a beach my kids and I used to frequent.

Fun gadgets for musicians.

This convertible belt bag is all the rage and I simply can’t make up my mind about the color. Raspberry? Pebbled Forest? Chesnut? Slightly paralyzed by the options.

If we wrote about men the way bad male authors write about women

After years of using $10 shampoo and conditioner, I’ve fallen head over heels for this shampoo and conditioner which (to my wallet’s dismay) has a much higher price point. *shaking my fists at the hair gods* However, my hair smells like HEAVEN for days after using it! I need a stronger word than obsessed because that’s how I feel. 

Welcome to the social media panopticon. Oh, this mini-essay is solid. 

This is what you call coming full circle in terms of some anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers.

I am currently testing these serums and all I can say is wow wow wow. FRIENDS. Look at the price. And then read about the company. I’m impressed.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: thomas müller