Odds and Ends

My go-to makeup look in Laguna Beach this week couldn’t be easier!

Omg, a research library devoted to hair. Cool cool cool.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public and I posted my favorite beauty finds here.

Plastic babies lololol

This might be the coolest video ever.

The “twisties” sound absolutely horrible and I’m so proud of Simone Biles for advocating for herself.

Yesterday was National Lipstick Day so I rounded up my top 10 lipstick shades for you here.

House of Gucci official trailer. Can’t wait.

Can you be addicted to travel?

I know I am so incredibly late to the game, but Ted Lasso is genius and totally deserving of 20 Emmy noms!

Stand here for dancy party. So fun!

Can reading make you happier?

Sophia Loren on eating, loving, and living well.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Finds

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public this week and I always find a few great beauty deals in the mix. I was super excited to see the Riki Lighted Mirror included – this is the mirror I use daily for makeup application and to film my videos and I adore it. Also, if you’ve been wanting to try True Botanicals, this set is 50% off.

Here are my top picks!


Odds and Ends

The lie of “expired” food. I fall victim to this all the damn time.

This is EXACTLY how I act when I’ve had one sip of caffeine and the reason I haven’t consumed it in 20 years. lol

Oh oh oh, did you see me applying the brand new Make Beauty Lip Serum Balms?! They are so soft and luscious and plumping and not one bit sticky. Dare I say they are better than Fitglow Lip Serums?! Well, I’m saying it. I’m partial to Nude Nova and Pink Cerise, but I can easily wear all shades.

Punctuation in text, man. #areyoumadatme

Necessaire reformulated the Body Serum with more Hyaluronic Acid and I now use it daily before the body lotion. It makes the biggest difference in my skin’s smoothness. Use code SARAHJ10 for 10% off this weekend only!

Emotions are contagious. Here’s how to not sacrifice yours.

The high cost of vaccine hesitancy.

I’ve found the trifecta of products for natural waves and demonstrated them in this video. Here’s the list of everything I used!

Why does butter explode in the microwave?

Tiktok challenges can be deadly. This makes me so sad.

Do we really need to take 10,000 steps daily for our health? Researchers say no.

I can’t stop raving about the Blissoma Photonic facial sunscreen. (See all my favorite sunscreens here.) I’m so glad Beauty Heroes introduced me to it. Did you see that they are offering 15% off all subscriptions with the code JOINBH?

Dolly Parton’s still got it!

Happy Friday! We are headed to Laguna Beach and I can’t wait to be in my old stomping grounds. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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