Odds and Ends

1. Are you the ugliest person alive OR are you about to start your period? LOL

2. My currently using page was in need of some serious updating. It’s good to go now!

3. Your guide to voting for a woman based on why you like a man. Heh.

4. I’m beginning to think the term “rigged” actually means when a man loses to a woman and his ego can’t deal.

5. This lippie in First Date has been my go-to this summer. Wearing it here.

6. I am a fully-converted, 100%-on-board packing cube enthusiast now. These ones are the best!

7. Why can’t the internet do perimenopause better?

8. Why older women have replaced young men as the art world’s darlings.

9. My new favorite clothing line. Obsessed.

10. The “best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever.” Have any of you tried this one?

11. Adore these shoes. Want them in ginger and blonde thankyouverymuch.

Happy Friday! We are leaving for our annual Colorado summer trip tomorrow. So looking forward to it!

image credit: slocation


The Mille Collection

rose wrap dress in indigo

I am genuinely so excited to share this gorgeous line of clothing from Mille. Based in Minneapolis, I’ve been shopping (online, although I desperately want to see the brick-and-mortar store soon!) at the Mille boutique for years. It is one of the most thoughtfully curated collections of brands that I adore, and I always have a mile-long wish list brewing.

florian top in pearl

This year, Michelle (the lovely owner) debuted her own line aptly named Mille and it’s chock full of dresses and separates made from the softest cotton gauze made in India. This fabric is so incredibly wearable and the easiest to pack. I’ve found that these separates are the ones I pack time and time again on my trips.

florian top in black

Made for women by women, the way this fabric drapes on the body is uber feminine and makes me feel so pretty every dang time. Isn’t this blouse divine?

calle skirt in poppy

I have this skirt in both the poppy red shade and black – the soft gauze with tortoise buttons and pockets (hello, POCKETS #praisebe) make it both practical and cool. The skirts (and the indigo dress featured above) are fully lined, and I love that I can control the slit height of the skirt with the buttons. Some days you’re a little friskier than others, am I right?

As for sizing, it runs true-to-size. I generally wear an XS and I took an XS in all of these pieces.

All in all, I am singing the praises of this line and I want you all to experience it for yourselves! Michelle has graciously offered 15% off your order with the code WHOORL. Hooray! I’m sure you will love this line as much as I do. As always, if you have any questions about the line, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer!


Odds and Ends

1. Cats photoshopped into food. Who is the person responsible for this?

2. What your neighborhood looked like 750 million years ago.

3. Did you actually read the transcript from Trump’s interview with George Stephanopoulus? Practically unintelligible.

4. This woman has completed 10,000 hours of negative self-talk. How inspiring! ;)

5. I don’t use a cream or lotion as my nightly moisturizer. I use this.

6. I have found THE BEST foundation. Obsessed with how natural my skin looks when I have it on. (I wear shade 4 for reference.)

7. 13 has become the new age of adulthood in terms of the internet. Gah.

8. 633 divers set the record for the largest ocean cleanup. 1,600 pounds of trash!

9. Brene Brown with Russell Brand. I really dig both of these cats.

10. I enjoyed this robust guide to Vitamin C serums. (Also loved that they included some green options!)

11. When self-care isn’t enough for burned-out moms.

12. Funny books for summer! What are you reading?

13. Taylor Swift inspires teen to come out as a straight woman. Heh.

14. This bag. Is everything.

Happy Friday! We are headed to Bentonville, Arkansas for the weekend. Should be a good time!

image credit: iamwellandgood