Odds and Ends

1. The best thing I’ve ever read in regards to healthy eating and nutrition.

2. 50 compliments that have nothing to do with appearance.

3. Allure’s Best of Beauty winners were announced! So happy to see a “clean” category – I totally agree about this body balm being the best.

4. “I can’t cum unless someone calls me a voracious reader.” This made me laugh.

5. What makes an editor great. Love this touching tribute to Susan Kamil.

6. THIS. I sooooo relate to this in regards to parenting in the digital age.

7. Animal prints are huge right now and I’m really loving this sweater.

8. The internet is littered with dubious diet tips. Shocker.

9. America’s wealthiest families by state.

10. This article about climate change makes me want to curl up in fetal position.

11. Hilarious story. I mean, can you imagine doing this in your sleep?

12. I rounded up my favorite delicate gold necklaces here.

13. This is how we can make daily change in regards to gun reform.

14. Now therapists have to figure out astrology, tarot, and psychedelics. Great read.

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

image credit: anna wassner


The Gold Necklace Search Is On

14k gold necklaces

This summer, I lost my two favorite delicate gold necklaces. (The two shorter ones in the above photo.) In the midst of all the terrible things happening in the world right now, I realize that losing a couple of necklaces probably isn’t the biggest deal, but I’ll be straight with you, I was pretty devastated. I’m no stranger to losing really important pieces of jewelry, but I’ve been lucky in the past and found them. (I still can’t believe I found that diamond band BURIED IN THE SAND AT THE BEACH 6 HOURS LATER.)

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will experience the same luck this time around because I’m almost 100% positive my necklaces are somewhere in Breckenridge, Colorado. #wompwomp

Naturally, I’ve started looking for lovely gold necklaces to grace my lonely, deprived neck and I’m happy to report that there are many. This retailer is a favorite (both lost necklaces purchased there), as well as here and here.

delicate gold neckalces

love how delicate these necklaces are

I figured I might as well share what I’ve found during my searches. Here are some of my favorite gold necklaces, some solid 14k and some plated to fit varied budgets.

What are some of your favorite jewelry retailers? Would love to hear about your favorites!


odds and ends

1. Best hairstyle for every zodiac sign. (I scoffed at this link until I read that my sign should have bangs. IT’S LIKE THE STARS KNOW ME)

2. 16 surprising ways to injure yourself when you’re over 40. Done ’em all.

3. One year of living like my rich friend.

4. The secret power of menopause. Interesting read!

5. I switched out my facial oil and can’t get enough of the new one.

6. 145 CEOS call on the Senate to pass common-sense, bipartisan gun laws.

7. By the way, have you made your voice heard regarding gun laws? Just text CHECKS to 64433 and you will get walked through the quick process.

8. Bare-faced women with common skin conditions celebrate the beauty of imperfection.

9. Why the measles surge could open the door to a host of other diseases.

10. I’m obsessed with these mega expensive boots. What?! A girl can dream…

11. Alice Guy Blaché, the world’s first female filmmaker.

12. Did you love Fleabag as much as I did? Do you have a slight crush on the hot priest? Yes? Watch this and swoon.

13. A 3,000-person game of hide-and-seek at Ikea. What that WHAT?

14. Oh man, this one rips you up a bit. So true.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend.

image credit: bando