Beauty Heroes + Beautycounter = True Love


Fellow lovers of the green beauty movement, I have some fun news. Two of my favorite green beauty companies have partnered up for the month of February, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So, I haven’t dedicated an actual post to Beauty Heroes before, but those of you who follow my Odds and Ends on Fridays know that I have become obsessed with this company.  Beauty Heroes is a monthly green beauty subscription box sent to you with some seriously covet-worthy products. Every product included is chosen from a community of clean beauty brands that are leading the way with products formulated with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that truly nourish and benefit your skin.

However, the one thing that sets Beauty Heroes apart from other subscription services (green or conventional) is that you receive one full-sized beauty product (usually with a great sidekick product as well) instead a slew of sample-sized products. Personally, those type of sample-sized subscription boxes never work for me because, frankly, I don’t end up using any of the products. I might be jaded, but sometimes I feel like it’s the crappy colors/unpopular items from companies that end up in the boxes. In a nutshell, I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed in a matter of months with every box I’ve tried.

Until Beauty Heroes, that is. The products sent out every month are amazing. They are carefully curated by Jeannie, the owner of Beauty Heroes, and they always come with tons of information about the product, the company, how the ingredients are sourced, etc. It is a green beauty maven’s dream, for certain. (Some of the past products have been Vintner’s Daughter Serum, Osmia Organics Black Clay Soap and Face Cream…I mean the creme de la creme of green beauty.) Best part? The monthly subscription rate is $39. Yes, for 39 bones, you basically receive $100+ of amazing product. Every month. Not to be over-dramatic, but I’m truly OBSESSED. No joke, you guys. I have adored everything I received.

So, guess who Beauty Heroes is featuring the month of February? Beautycounter. Yes, one of my favorites, and if you’re new around these parts, just go ahead and search for Beautycounter in the sidebar. Needless to say, I’m a fan. In this month’s Beauty Heroes box will be a full-sized Rose Neroli Body Oil and a full-sized Lip Sheer in Petal. (You can see all the shades on me here, if you are curious.) Friends, this is such a great value, and if you’ve wanted to try Beautycounter in the past, this is a great time.


If you are looking for a smart way to be introduced to truly responsible, ethical, high-performance green beauty brands, Beauty Heroes is your new best friend. Keep in mind, though, new Beauty Heroes members must join by February 20th to receive this particular box, and limited quantities are available. You can sign up for the service here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



Odds and Ends


1. I love Mary Louise Parker and am dying to read this. (Steamy!)

2. The problems associated with great taste. I had to laugh at this one.

3. No food is healthy. NO, NOT EVEN KALE.

4. How to cure winter skin. Love these tips.

5. Barbie will have hips?! Never thought I would see the day.

6. Have you seen the new “reactions” debuting on Facebook soon?

7. Could you refrain from texting a significant other for a week?

8. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s “Africa” music video. Are they the coolest/funniest couple ever or what?

9. Who doesn’t love TED talks? Here are the top 10 from 2015.

10. Forget the class, I would like to major in tacos, thank you.

11. I’m sorry, but I’m just not down with this bra. Would you wear that?

12. Have you seen this brand of necklaces? So delicate and cute! I want to layer several of them.

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend.

image credit: way way allen




Odds and Ends


1. 12 things a therapist taught me about happiness.

2. Dude, don’t hold your pee in.

3. Exercise isn’t just for your body. (I know my mood goes in the shitter when I don’t move.)

4. Love these photos of beautiful women around the world.

5. I’ve made it pretty clear that I absolutely loathe talking on the phone, right? Well, this is right on point.

6. I enjoyed reading this piece on Obama’s biggest (sometimes underestimated) achievements during his presidency.

7. OMG. Who will see this with me at the theater? (HAS IT REALLY BEEN THIRTY YEARS!?)

8. Every woman should read this. How many of these simple things do you have?

9. I can’t stop laughing over this. #hairybutt (Related: have you ever done a boudoir-type photo shoot?)

10. Remember my undying love for this Madewell tee? (I have NINE OF THEM.) Well, this is the long sleeve version and it’s just as fantastic. (And both are on sale right now. Run, don’t walk.)

image credit: georgina vinsun