Odds and Ends

1. After yet another school shooting, are you ready to demand action? If so, please visit this website.

2. To my sweet, wonderful children, please don’t get murdered at school today.

3. For those of you who don’t think you can do anything in regards to gun control, you absolutely can. It’s called voting out the politicians who have the NRA in their pockets. Here are some of the biggest assholes, um, I mean offenders. (Follow the money, you guys! Always follow the money. These politicians have blood all over their hands.)

4. Proud of this student. Although ADULTS AND POLITICIANS should be protecting these children. Forget thoughts and prayers, we need policy change. Period.

5. Did you see the Obama’s official portraits? OKC was so honored to display Kehinde Wiley’s works of art last year.

6. Artists as hoarders. These works are amazing.

7. So intrigued this video by Nike Korea.

8. I’ve watched this “curling” video 50 times. So good.

9. OMG. Speaking of curling, my one and only Tim Riggins used to curl in high school.

10. Let’s ban elementary homework. I was about to joke that it’s killing our children, but actually I think it’s clear what’s killing our children in schools. #guns

11. I’m trying to get a good mix of serious and funny this week, although it’s tough. This one should prompt a laugh or two.

12. #1 question asked of me on social media. What hair products and hair tools do I use? Well, here you go. I use these three hair products. As for what styling tools I use…Hair dryer. Curling wand. Flat iron. (<- if you use those links, you can get 50% off the price of those styling tools YOU ARE VERY WELCOME. Price reflected when you check out.)

13. On this week’s Selfie podcast, we are talking friendship in your forties.

Happy weekend to you all. Give your kiddos an extra squeeze or two.

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Odds and Ends

1. You guys, I knew it was healthy to fucking cuss.

2. A message from women everywhere. Daaannng.

3. Husband does the voice-over for his wife’s makeup tutorial and it is pee-in-your-pants hilarious.

4. Whoa, Quincy Jones! Not afraid.

5. Now, THIS is some erotica I would read.

6. Have you tried to quit Instagram? Don’t think I could do it.

7. Seriously considering one of these light devices for aging/sun damage on my chest. Have you tried?

8. If LA journalists covered New York the way The New York Times covers LA. SO GOOD.

9. 12 steps according to Russell Brand. This is absolutely brilliant and so worth your time. (Despite “fuck” being said 800 times, but hey, see #1, people.)

10. 30 fashion staples to have by 30. (Although not by 30, I admit to having all of these now. Except the cashmere crewneck. I strongly dislike cashmere and the way it pills. #nowyouknow)

11. Perfect spring blouse. Spring is coming soon, right? RIGHT?

12. Raising tweens and teens with a conscience. The time is approaching for me.

13. Ooh! You know how much I love Inika mascara, right? (Seen in action here.) Good promotion alert at The Choosy Chick. Get a free Inika Lip and Cheek Cream with your $65+ order of Inika products. (Mascara + their killer bronzer and BAM, there you go. Also love the Primer toooonnnns. Code is INIKAGIFT)

14. On this week’s Selfie Podcast, Kristen and I are talking about the Instant Pot. Is it worth the hype, y’all? Also, we finish up the Enneagram series with Type 9!

Happy Friday, friends. I’m currently on the tail end (fingers crossed) of a run-in with Flu A and am hoping to feel like myself again very soon. Enjoy your weekend!

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Two Creams I Can’t Live Without

If you were to look into my vanity cabinet (or the archives of this blog), you would quickly see that I’m an oil girl. Serums, oil-based topicals, balms, cleansers…heck, even my “eye cream” is an oil blend. My reasons are many, but one of the biggest factors is that many conventional manufacturers add all sorts of fillers and emulsifiers to create a creamy lotion, while certain plant-based oils are super-effective at keeping skin hydrated and radiant without needing all the added crap.

With that being said, there is absolutely a place for clean lotions and creams in my life. Unlike oils, which protect the skin’s lipid barrier and are great at preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin, most lotions are designed to penetrate the skin, leaving it softer and more hydrated. And sometimes you just need a little penetration, am I right? #thatswhatshesaid #imsorry #youcanttakemeanywhere

The two creams I use on the regular are the Cloud Comfort Cream and the Redness Rescue Cream by Fitglow Beauty.

First up? Cloud Comfort Cream. Oh, this cream is so good. Formulated with a proven blend of essential fatty acids and plant-based oils in liposome form to mimic the composition and function of our skin, it penetrates even the most defensive barriers with tons of hydration, nutrients and anti-inflammatory support. When I use this cream, signs of inflammation on my face (particularly around my nose and cheeks) disappear, and my skin feels pillow soft, no joke.

Fitglow Beauty’s products are organic, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and this particular Comfort Comfort blend has arnica, comfrey, cloudberry, chia, cucumber, gotu kola and horsetail in it. Damn good.

However, we need to chat about the Redness Rescue Cream pronto. Ladies with rosacea and/or red, sensitive skin, you must try this cream. YOU. SIMPLY. MUST. This ultra-hydrating C3 plant blend (featuring comfrey, calendula, chamomile, wakame seaweed bio ferment extract and zinc) makes my redness virtually disappear. And the coolest thing is that it’s tinted green, so not only do the ingredients work to reduce inflammation and redness, the green neutralizes redness in the skin.

cloud comfort on the left, redness rescue on the right

I love using the Redness Rescue as a primer before my foundation. It’s not greasy at all and soaks right into the skin, making it feel hydrated and balanced. It works wonders at keeping the red at bay, so then my foundation application is so much easier. I love this stuff.

If you are still on the fence about oils and prefer creams, you will love these two additions. And, honestly, I feel they are a must even for us oil enthusiasts. If I reach for a cream, you can bet it’s one of these two.

So, drumroll please, these two creams are Beauty Heroes February Beauty Discovery. (Wheeeee!) This discovery is valued at $153. Yep. A $153 value for 39 bucks. It’s insane.

You must join Beauty Heroes by February 20th to receive this month’s Beauty Discovery, and if you didn’t notice, there was a waitlist to join last month. However, Jeannie has reopened the queue today so if you are interested in these creams, I think it would behoove you to move quickly before we hit a waitlist situation again. I love these products, and I think you will too.

Everything you could possibly want to know about these two products and Beauty Heroes is here, and please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments!