Odds and Ends


1. We need to talk about these menstrual panties, ladies. This review is so hilarious, yet oddly informative.

2. 100 years of fashion in 2 minutes. Love this.

3. Over the past few months, I have seen 11:11 almost every day. Pretty cool explanation here.

4. What? Will they ever figure out the Adnan Syed case?

5. Sleep orgasms are real.

6. I’m usually drawn to cosmetics over skin or body care when discovering new brands, but I have to say that after using Beautycounter for a year, my two very favorite products are the everyday body wash and body lotion. I can’t even tell you how much I love them, and the fact that my seemingly endless search for soap/body wash/lotion is finally over makes me want to scream from the rooftops. Call off the dogs!

7. How do you feel about your eyebrows? These celebrity eyebrow transformations are awesome.

8. As of today, my kids are both in school full-time, and I am chomping at the bit to publish some clean beauty posts for you all. I’ve been researching and trying out so many brands, and if you are in the clean beauty camp as well, I highly suggest checking out Citrine Natural Beauty Bar and Spirit Beauty Lounge – they both carry amazing lines, and offer sample programs so you can try before fully pulling the trigger.

Happy Friday to you! Enjoy a cocktail or two this evening.

image credit: jessica bell 


Come Hang With Me at Madewell!


You guys, pinch me…could it be? Oklahoma City has a new Madewell! (It’s like they just knew I couldn’t live without one.) I hope you will join me next Tuesday, September 1st from 7-9pm for some tunes, sips, snacks, and of course, shopping. It should be a good time.

Oh, and those flea market flares I mentioned last week? Super cute, friends.


I, for one, am thrilled to give my ankles some breathing room this fall. You? #breakfromtheskinnies

Hope to see you next week!


Odds and Ends


1. Teachers like this are so inspiring.

2. You can alter your brain by staring into someone’s eyes for 10 minutes. Trippy.

3. When is school going to start, pray tell? I am totally feeling this mom.

4. Um, this can’t be true. THIS CAN’T BE TRUE.

5. One of my favorites on self respect by Joan Didion.

6. My DIY honey mask is featured on Better Homes and Gardens. I love that mask.

7. How to talk to little girls. Great piece.

8. Red solo cups – did you know about this secret feature?

9. Are you a naked person? Can’t say that I am.

10. Would you wear this jumpsuit?

11. Your state’s favorite emoji. The ghost sticking his tongue out? What the hell, Oklahoma?

12. If you aren’t watching Matt Bellassai get drunk at his desk and complain, you are totally missing out.

13. Science rules.

Happy Friday! We had the most beautiful weather yesterday…I’m definitely ready for fall.