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Best of the Best: Ere Perez Cosmetics

Best of the Best is a series showcasing my favorite, tried-and-true, go-back-again-and-again green beauty brands. Being a beauty blogger, I’m in a constant state of flux with skincare and cosmetics, as I’m always trying new products. However, these brands are always in my rotation and are worthy of my highest recommendation.

So, I’ve been slightly holding out on you in regards to the incredibly lovely cosmetics brand, Ere Perez. I’ve been using it for months and somehow managed to not mention anything to you guys via social media. (Not really sure how I kept my mouth shut for so long, but I can do it no longer! Must share immediately!)

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Look

Wearing Oat Milk foundation in Chai, Carrot Colour Pot in Holy on lips and cheeks, Chamomile Eye Palette in Pretty, the Jojoba Eye Pencil in Brown, and the Avocado Waterproof Mascara.


Best of the Best: Kosas Cosmetics

Best of the Best is a series showcasing my favorite, tried-and-true, go-back-again-and-again green beauty brands. Being a beauty blogger, I’m in a constant state of flux with skincare and cosmetics, as I’m always trying new products. However, these brands are always in my rotation and are worthy of my highest recommendation.

kosas cosmetics review

From the inception of the brand in 2015, I have been borderline obsessed with Kosas Cosmetics. First came the lipsticks, which as you will soon see, possess some kind of magic fairy dust because every single one in the line works with my complexion. Yeah, let’s stop and think about that for a sec – have you ever encountered a line in which every shade worked on your skin tone? How does that happen exactly? (Lipstick swatches featured below!)


Best Organic Foundations for Women Over 40

Welcome to the #CleanOver40 Series! After MANY conversations about the unique challenges women over 40 experience in terms of beauty and wellness, my good friend Lisa from This Organic Girl and I are teaming up to bring you the most effective clean skincare, makeup, and lifestyle products for those of us fortysomethings. This series will publish the second Monday of every month so be sure to stop by for the latest. You can also search #CleanOver40 on our blogs to access the entire series. Be sure to tag #CleanOver40 on social with your favorite picks as well…we ladies of a certain age need to stick together!

Ladies, this is the post I’ve been waiting to share with you because if there is one makeup category that becomes elusive as hell once you hit the 4-0, it’s that of foundation. Women of a certain age, do you cringe at the thought of what a “full coverage” foundation might do to the cracks and crevices fine lines and slight wrinkles on your lovely face? Do you find that the more foundation you apply, the older you look? Are you confused with application techniques? Well, let me whisper sweet foundation nothings into your ear. Yes, it’s time to talk about the best foundations in green beauty for women over 40.

Obvi alert. Long gone are the days of a “perfect” canvas. We’ve earned every single laugh line, sunspot, and bit of texture here and there and there’s no need to spackle on a heavy foundation to hide all our glory. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? The less foundation, the more radiant you will appear.

Listen to your friend Sarah. She wants to help you. (She also apparently has a thing for speaking in the third person. Ew.) For real, though, I have tried almost every BB cream, tinted moisturizer, and foundation on the green beauty market, and I almost took a photo of my foundation drawer to prove this to you, but I didn’t want to completely freak you out.

Lisa and I decided to choose our top two foundations each and when we reconvened to share our picks, we quickly realized we PICKED THE SAME ONES. No joke. So, just to be clear, we chose our fave foundations based on the typical challenges of those 40 and above – fine lines and wrinkles, textured skin, and loss of elasticity and fullness. Out of the sea of facial foundation products, these two clearly reign supreme in our eyes. So, let’s get to it!

Unfiltered photo wearing the Inika BB Cream


This is my go-to primer and foundation in one. INIKA Certified Organic BB Cream contains the highest percentage of Certified Organic ingredients (80%) in a BB Cream, but honestly, that’s just the icing on the cake. Since this a BB cream, it’s important to point out that in general, BB Creams have a smoother consistency than a liquid foundation, have lighter coverage, and are considered multi-taskers. Also, although the color range is smaller, one shade can work for many skin tones. This BB cream is a 3-in-1 formula that combines a silky primer, moisturizer, and foundation.

I definitely do not use this BB Cream as my sole moisturizer, but it’s a nice addition because it makes my skin look super hydrated and plump. This is probably due to the Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Avocado and Jojoba Oils contained in the formula. My skin seriously loves all things Prickly Pear, so I was thrilled to see it in the mix. It moisturizes and softens the skin, deeply penetrates, tightens pores and has essential fatty acids to help keep the collagen layer of the skin moist and healthy.

The formula isn’t thick at all, and I would say it’s light coverage. I prefer to apply it with my fingers – quick and easy! I usually apply it after my morning skincare routine of washing with the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, toning with MUN Anarose Toner, applying the Patyka Advanced Plumping Serum *my new plumping secret!,* and applying the Maya Chia Supercritical Chia Oil as my moisturizer. After 5 or so minutes of letting the Chia Oil absorb, I apply the BB cream all over my face. Since it’s a fairly light coverage, it doesn’t look or feel heavy on my face at all. It just blurs any imperfections and hides the redness around my nose and chin. If I feel I need a bit more coverage in an area, I’ll add a little more, but I always want my natural skin to shine through. This formula is the absolute best for natural-looking skin, and it really gives me a lit from within glow.

The BB Cream comes in 8 shades, and I use the third lightest called Nude. It is a gamechanger, folks! If you want to give it a try, use the code WHOORL for 10% off at The Choosy Chick! (And the Choosy Chick is offering a great promotion on INIKA products right now – when you purchase two products, you will receive the Mini Trio Kit which features a blush, bronzer, and mattifying powder. The kits will be shipping out on Monday, October 15th. Wondering what else to buy by INIKA? The mascara! It’s my fave and you can see it in action here.)

Unfiltered photo wearing the Vapour Soft Focus Foundation


Another total winner. The Soft Focus Foundation by Vapour provides the softest satin finish on the face. So lovely! First things first, Vapour is so committed to their customers and the environment.  The foundation contains 70% Organic ingredients and 30% essential oils, vitamins, and color. The products have biodegradable ingredients, are made with wind power, and the inner and outer packaging are recyclable. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way (how amazing is this company?), let’s get down to the product itself.

The foundation contains Vapour’s proprietary Herbal Enlightenment Complex of Frankincense, Tulsi, and Lotus which helps soothe, calm and protect, and it’s amazing at evening skin tone and texture. It definitely enhances natural glow, but it’s not super luminous. As I stated above, it is a satin finish, so it’s not too glowy. And praise be, it doesn’t settle into lines and pores and is totally lightweight and breathable.

The Soft Focus liquid formula is designed to balance normal, sensitive and combination skin types, and I would say it’s a medium coverage. However, you can definitely build to a full coverage with this foundation, and it never looks too heavy or cakey on the face. The product is super concentrated – you only need a 1/2 pump to start, and I use my fingertips. (Which is recommended by Vapour.) The result is just lovely and natural, and like the INIKA BB cream, enhances your natural skin, not masks it.

This particular formula comes in a whopping 19 shades, which is so fantastic for women of all skin tones.

I tend to use the Vapour foundations on days when I have meetings or in front of people, as well as evenings out. INIKA is more my every day, running errands, chilling-with-family foundation. (And as a comparison between the Vapour Soft Focus Foundation and the INIKA BB Cream, the Vapour looks more luminous on the face. I would think an oily complexion would prefer the BB Cream.)

I also want to say that Vapour has another foundation that is in stick form called the Luminous Stick Foundation that I adore as well. I reviewed that one thoroughly with photos in this post if you are interested. You know I love me a good stick! #thatswhatshesaid

Also, this a great comparison chart between the two Vapour foundations.

If you want to give one of these (or both) foundations a try, use the code WHOORL for 15% off at Vapour Beauty! Not sure about your color? Order samples here! You can get samples of 5 shades for $15. (I wear shade 115 for most of the year unless I’m really tan.)


As I mentioned with these two foundations, I usually use my fingers, but I also use a Beauty Blender occasionally to soften the overall look or I love this brush by Zoeva for overall blending. I focus almost entirely on the inner 1/3 of my face – I apply the product in this area and then just blend out over the rest of my face. This keeps the foundation uber light and transparent around the parts of my face that don’t need coverage and prevents a mask-like appearance. Also, when choosing a foundation shade, I usually match it to my neck opposed to my face. The neck doesn’t lie when it comes to your true skin tone because it doesn’t have as much damage as our faces, which cause surface tones like redness that might make you believe you are a different tone. (For the longest time, I considered myself a cool tone because of the pinkness on my face, but in actuality, I’m a neutral tone. Go figure.)

A light hand is key when applying foundation in your 40s…mo’ product, mo’ problems. Start with the smallest amount and build from there! I think you will be pleasantly surprised when employing the less is more method. Let me know if you have any questions about these particular foundations or foundations in general in the comments. Always happy to help out if I can!

The Best Clean Skincare for Ladies Over 40

Welcome to the #CleanOver40 Series! After MANY conversations about the unique challenges women over 40 experience in terms of beauty and wellness, my good friend Lisa from This Organic Girl and I are teaming up to bring you the most effective clean skincare, makeup, and lifestyle products for those of us fortysomethings. This series will publish the second Monday of every month so be sure to stop by for the latest. You can also search #CleanOver40 on our blogs to access the entire series. Be sure to tag #CleanOver40 on social with your favorite picks as well…we ladies of a certain age need to stick together!

As most of you know, I am heading into my mid-forties. Well, barrelling into my mid-forties might better describe it. (Yield, barrel. YIELD.) My forties have actually been my favorite decade yet, but I will say that the aging process definitely seems to accelerate around this particular age period. In fact, I remember being in my late thirties and having a conversation with my gorgeous friend who happened to be about my age now. She told me, “Sarah, shit gets REAL around 43,” and I remember internally rolling my eyes at the statement. I mean, like 43 is some mystical number in which I will turn into a pumpkin? Rubbish, I thought. Well, I’m here to tell you SHE WAS SO RIGHT. Ladies, I wake up these days, look into the mirror, and find new “occurrences” on a weekly basis.

So, yeah. There’s never been a better time to invest in some high-performing skincare. (And pssst, thirtysomethings? Not a bad idea to jump on the bandwagon to get a head start.)

I love that Lisa and I have joined forces on this series. Some of you have mentioned that I’m your go-to girl for green beauty…well, Lisa is my go-to girl. She’s gorgeous, hilarious, and wicked smaht (although currently in Atlanta, a Bostonian through and through), and I know I can trust her recommendations 100%. The girl should be dubbed the Research Queen as she’s always in communication with beauty brands, digging deep and holding them completely accountable. Also, she is completely growing out her gray and looks sexy as hell!

Okay okay, let’s dive in. This month’s topic du jour? Our top three clean beauty skincare items.

This was no easy task, friends! Skincare is a massive category, so I had to really ponder this one. Here are my top three and make sure you head over to This Organic Girl to check out Lisa’s top picks. We are also giving away Lisa’s top three and my top three to TWO winners on our Instagram accounts later today! Each winner is taking home all 5 picks! (We share one…)

First up? The one product both Lisa and I chose… the MUN Aknari Brightening Face Serum.

My love for this serum knows no end. I’ve written about it countless times (here and here and here) and I still feel as strongly about it as I did from day one. It only has three ingredients in it, but my goodness, they pack a punch. Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil (this oil is my skin’s bestie), Organic Argan Oil, Organic Rose Essential Oil – that’s it, ladies. And probably why my skin just drinks it up. It’s not overwhelming like some others can be. My skin never feels congested, always hydrated, and the biggest benefit? How soft my skin feels the morning after I use it. Bright, plump, and soft. So so so good.

Next up? Well, duh, an exfoliator. Mama can’t live without an exfoliator and honestly, you shouldn’t either! If you want your skin to glow, you must get yesterday’s news off your face. You need to stimulate cell regeneration and get rid of those pesky dead skin cells to really get your skin looking vibrant. My holy grail exfoliator is the True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask. HELLO, GLOW. (True Botanicals was one of the first lines inducted into my Best of Best series.)

Dubbed a “facial in a jar,” this lactic acid-based mask does the nearly impossible task of moisturizing AND exfoliating at the same time. The hydrating aspect comes from the addition of avocado butter, and the illumination comes from the combo of lactic acid and Astaxanthin, which is such a winner ingredient in my book. Good to note that this product is a chemical exfoliant vs. a physical exfoliant, meaning you don’t need to work it into the skin. You just apply the gel-like product on your face, wait 3-5 minutes, and voilá, you’re done. Yes, you heard me, the mask only needs 3-5 minutes to work. How much of a bonus is that?!

(Get $20 off your first True Botanicals order of $40+ with code WHOORLTRUE20)

So now’s the time when I divulge my 1-2-punch in terms of creating the best glow. It involves the above-mentioned True Botanicals mask and my last pick, the Honua Malu Protecting Day Cream SPF 30. You guys, I am OBSESSED with this facial sunscreen. Before being introduced to this product via Beauty Heroes, I wore facial sunscreen about 30% of the time. (Hey, I’m being honest. It was just so hard to find a clean facial SPF that I wanted to use daily.) Then this beauty of a product entered my life and the search was over.

I’m not going to lecture you on the importance of wearing a facial sunscreen, but not wearing one is by far the quickest to looking weathered before your time. The sun is your face’s #1 enemy in terms of staying youthful-looking and radiant, but finding a good clean sunscreen is hard, trust me, I know. This particular product not only protects you from the sun, but from environmental pollutants as well.

But here’s the thing, this cream gives me the best glow, so much so that the SPF really is an afterthought. I would use this as my facial day cream regardless, but win-win on the SPF! It’s so hydrating and illuminating, yet never greasy or oily. So what I do (almost) every morning is apply the True Botanicals mask for a few minutes, remove and then apply the Malu Day Cream. Did I mention it smells like Jasmine?!

Bare-faced after rinsing off the True Botanicals Resurfacing Mask and applying the Honua Malu Day Cream SPF30.

This pair creates a lovely canvas for my makeup application, so basically, I’m not swaying from this combo. Praise be.

Be sure to head over to Instagram this afternoon to enter the #CleanOver40 giveaway! As always, happy to answer any questions in the comments!

My Favorites for Dry Skin and/or High Altitudes

Hello from one of my very favorite places, Breckenridge, Colorado! My family spends time here every summer so I figured no better time to talk about what I use regularly when my skin is parched from dry and/or high-altitude climates.

For those of you who have visited high altitudes, you probably remember the drill. For the first 48 hours or so, your body is like HELP WHERE DID THE OXYGEN GO PRAY TELL. However, over time, you adjust to altitude…that is, almost everything adjusts. Your skin, hair, and lips? Um, not so much. So when I travel to places like mountain towns, I always bring my tried-and-true dry weather arsenal to keep the hydration to a maximum.

Here are the products I have sitting on the bathroom counter as I type this. And they aren’t just for high altitudes – these also work wonders during the colder, drier seasons and/or for those with chronically dry skin.


May Lindstrom The Honey Mud Mask – The only mask I need for mega hydration. Made with honey, clay, and pure plant oils, this mask is so delightful I could eat it. It’s not a mask that dries or pulls, it just gently exfoliates while plumping up your skin something fierce. I sometimes leave this on for an hour if I have time. My skin just glows afterward.

Maya Chia Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Face Oil – My favorite face oil for every occasion – I use this every day of my life, no joke! When my skin is drier, I put 5-6 drops opposed to 2-3. You can use this oil on the most sensitive of skin types, and it’s honestly one of my most highly-recommended products on this blog.

Ayuna Cream – When it’s super dry, I apply this gorgeous cream over my face oil. It’s also worked wonders on my uber sensitive chest and neck.

Maya Chia The Highlight of the Day – I am super duper low maintenance when it comes to makeup on summer vacations – usually opting for lip gloss and mascara. (But, let’s be honest, only if I’m feeling incredibly motivated re: the mascara part.) But The Highlight of the Day? Bring it, baby. This highlighter makes my skin super glowing – I dab just a bit on my cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and bridge of my nose and it’s all I need to look well-rested and ready for the day. Plus, it’s not just a highlighter…it’s a serum packed with skin goodness. When I apply it to the tops of my cheekbones, it totally hydrates and diffuses the fine lines around my eyes. Win-win. I have all four colors, but I have to say I’m partial to Afternoon Delight. Peachy pink goodness.

Patyka Almond Blossom Moisturizing Body Milk – First and foremost, this lotion smells like heaven. Secondly, it makes my skin smoother than a baby’s butt. Soaks in quickly too – one of my biggest pet peeves is getting dressed while a film of lotion sits on my skin. Am I the only one?

Ouli’s Ointment – An all-purpose salve, I put this balm on my cuticles, elbows, ends of my hair, etc. It also works as a super subtle highlighter on the face as well!


Honua Malu Protecting Day Cream SPF 30 – Such a great sunscreen for the face. Very hydrating yet not greasy at all, plus it smells like Jasmine. Enough said.

Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 – I am so thrilled that Beautycounter reformulated their body sunscreen this year. I love this stuff! The continuous mist is perfect – it applies so easily and dries quickly. Formulated with non-nano zinc oxide and none of the nasty stuff that’s ruining our ocean reefs. (I also use this formula plus the stick formulation on my kids.)


Rahua Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner – Love this combo when my hair is feeling dry. Smells great and is the most perfect shade of pink. (I know, I know…what does color have to do with it? Nothing, but I JUST LIKE IT OKAY.)

Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control – Another low maintenance part of vacation? My hair. I very rarely blow dry or style my hair on vacation – I just let it air dry with a little bit of this amazing styling cream. (Now, if we could just get the 80s back, my natural waves would be on point. Look out, Tawny Kitaen…)


Fitglow Beauty Lip Serum in Nudie – Similiar to how The Highlight of the Day encompasses so many benefits, this lip gloss is so much more than just a gloss. It truly is a lip serum that nourishes and hydrates the lips, all while making your lips the most gorgeous color. Nudie is just perfect – your lips but better x 1,000,000.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask – I use this lip product every night before bed, but apply it both morning and night when in dry climates. This stuff is AMAZING. I have never had flaky, dry lips and I owe it all to this product.


H. Gillerman Travel Remedy Blend – Get ready for some smell-good, folks! This blend is perfect for helping you to adjust to temperature, climate or time-zone shifts. I love this so much, and the scent is divine. Lemony and fresh. Totally uplifting.

H. Gillerman Tension Remedy Blend – This blend of lavandin grosso and peppermint is crucial in keeping my travel-related migraines at bay. Also, if you have trouble focusing, this stuff is incredible. It sharpens a tired mind and really helps with my headaches. Good stuff.

There you have it. Adore all these products, but would love to hear what you use for dryness and hydration. Let me know in the comments, and as always, I’ll try to answer any questions as well!

Anthony Bourdain and Thoughts on Suicide

photo by david scott holloway/cnn

I am absolutely devastated by the death of Anthony Bourdain. He was, in my eyes, one of the world’s best storytellers. I’ve been in a complete daze all morning…this coupled with the news of Kate Spade’s suicide earlier this week and the enormous amount of discourse around the subject of mental health, depression, and suicide that it’s triggered, it has me thinking a lot.

Like you, I’ve heard and seen all types of comments buzz past my screen via social media about depression and suicide. I just read this one a few hours ago.

I really don’t understand what’s going on with so many great people committing suicide. Those that live by their example will be forever confused about their idol state of mind and why drive them to this option.

I’ve also heard, “how could anyone get to that place?”, “can’t these people just see that life is worth living?”, and “I would never have thought it…they had everything!”

I, too, have thought those very questions. That is until I suffered a deep depression in 2013.

Those questions are no longer a part of my lexicon.

(I also want to point out that I’m not insinuating that Bourdain was depressed…it’s just that his suicide got me thinking about my own thoughts of suicide in the past, which stemmed from depression.)

It’s interesting, you know, the timing of these experiences. Just yesterday, while talking with someone I see a few times a year for beauty-related stuff, she shared her ongoing struggles with anxiety. We’ve talked about this in the past, but she mentioned that she was now dealing with depression. I could just see the angst in her eyes when we briefly discussed Kate Spade’s suicide, and before I gave it too much thought, I asked…”have you thought about killing yourself recently?” She immediately broke down in tears. Yes, she had. And she was scared.

I want to talk about my personal experience, in hopes that it might shed some light for those of you who have the same questions. Many of you that know that I’m a Type A, get ‘er done, ambitious-type, and when my mental health suffers, I usually go in the direction of anxiety. I wrote about anxiety here. The fight-or-flight, the what-ifs, the buzzing thoughts and worries…that’s my MO. For the vast majority of my life, depression has not been a piece of the puzzle. I consider myself incredibly lucky.

Except in 2013, coming off a particularly rough year, my pendulum swung to the complete opposite side in regards to my mental health. I was horribly depressed. Honestly, I didn’t even know who I was. It’s like all my energy, positivity, and ambition completely disappeared, yet I couldn’t muster up the mental energy to care.

But you see? Depression goes much further than sadness or exhaustion or despair.

Depression is a damn liar.

Depression makes you think things that are not true nor logical nor factual. But, you see, you still have the thoughts. They. Just. Slowly. Trod. Though. Your. Brain. Matter. Over. And. Over. And you believe them. They feel logical and normal and factual. If you’ve met me or read this blog for awhile, you know I’m generally a glass-half-full gal. I can find the humor in almost any situation and don’t take things terribly seriously. I’m animated, aspirational, confident, and possess a deep reservoir of energy. (Well, my early-to-mid 40s are slowly whittling away at the energy, but whatevs, hormones.) What I’m trying to say is BY GOD, I’M A DELIGHT, PEOPLE. (Also, by the looks of the past few sentences, a possible narcissist, but who’s keeping tabs here?)

Point being…I was none of those things during this period of mental illness. None. And frankly, I felt everyone, including me, would be better off if I was dead. To even think that…to even type that right now seems so absolutely foreign to me. I mean, I do not want to die. I have a wonderful life and career and children and family and friends. How could I ever have thought that??

Yet, I did. For a brief period, I thought about killing myself, and you see, the most bizarre thing is that it seemed perfectly logical to me. My brain thought that killing myself would benefit the people in my life. I thought my precious children would be better off without a mother. Period. And the scariest thing was that the thought itself wasn’t rooted in drama or attention-seeking, it just was the thing that seemed to make sense at the time.

Depression is a damn liar.

Why am I telling you this? Well, to let you know that I’ve been there. That I have struggled. (And so many are struggling out there right now, despite what they might look like on the outside. SO MANY.) But most importantly, that sometimes, when you are depressed, when you are truly in the thick of mental illness, you are simply unable to realize that life is worth living. You just can’t see past the clouds, and it’s not as easy as changing a mindset. You can do all the yoga poses and vibration-raising and therapy-ing and even medication-taking, and sometimes, your brain just can’t. At that time, my brain just couldn’t.

Until it could. And it did. And now it does. (Probably due to a mixture of all of the above things.) Listen, I’m no expert…I don’t have any solid answers, but what I can say to you from my personal experience is this. Hold on. If you (or a loved one) are going through this right now, HOLD ON. I know it seems grim, but you can make it through this. You can continue to fight. Your brain is lying to you right now, and it will not continue to lie to you forever. You are ABSOLUTELY worthy of being alive. You are loved and you are seen and you are valued. Talk to someone. A friend, a therapist, or you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, which is available 24 hours a day. Don’t bear the brunt of mental illness alone.

For those of you on the other side of depression, please continue to be an unwavering support to loved ones you suspect are struggling. Listen and love and let them know they are incredibly valued and seen. They are needed. You are needed.