Odds and Ends

Did you try any of these Tiktok beauty hacks in 2021?

I’m going to make a trip to this hotel happen. Just putting it out there.

My 2021 Clean Beauty Picks post is up! Lots of good stuff this year.

Finding joy in learning to fail.

Do you lick raw cookie batter off the spoon?

This made me laugh so hard.

I use this pot several times a week and it’s such a good deal right now.

15 most talked-about dresses in 2021.

This is what I purchased with my Christmas money, if you must know. #bougie ;)

The best podcasts of 2021, according to people who make podcasts.

Did you set a resolution for 2022? Tiny habits are the key to big change.

Happy Friday and New Year’s Eve! Wishing you a wonderful start to 2022.

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