Odds and Ends

Inevitable questions from daughters and how to answer them.

This hydration miracle maker was in my Best of 2021 post so I didn’t include it in 2022, but you guys, don’t sleep on it. I put it on my face last night after a hiatus and my skin is like buttah.

Man, generative AI is everywhere and it’s totally insane.

Wait. Could these be the perfect inexpensive grey trousers?! I’m intrigued.

Cheese is healthier than we thought. The end.

I’m declaring 2023 the year of big, voluminous hair. These will be clutch.

Your city is the most livable in the country…that is until we publish an article about it.

I think at least half of my dresses are Mille and they are having an extra 30% off sale right now. So many good deals to be had!

How water and food insecurity are being tackled by two young climate change activists. Love.

Does anyone rock a better bob than Michelle Williams?

If you love tubing mascaras, this one is INCREDIBLE. (Did you see my video when I applied it on top of the Tower 28? #megalashes)

Happy Friday! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

image credit: libby haines art