Have You Tried Axiology Lipsticks?

I’ve got a steal for you guys happening right now. Have you heard of Axiology lipsticks? Made with just 10 organic and wildcrafted ingredients, each lip product in the Axiology line provides earth-based pigments and long-lasting hydration. The secret to the lip stains’ staying power is avocado butter and candelilla wax, a vegan alternative to beeswax, and each lipstick is encased in a chic, gold vessel.

This month, the Beauty Heroes Makeup Discovery includes three full-sized lipsticks and/or lip crayons for $45. (Normally would retail for $86, so once again, Beauty Heroes is serving up quite a steal.)

You can choose between three boxes, Bright, Daring, or Natural. (You can see the color choices here.)

I, of course, chose Daring. I mean, did you even have to ask?

top to bottom: Valor Matte Lip Crayon, Worth Matte Lipstick, Infinite Sheer Balm Lipstick

Matte Lip Crayon in Valor

Matte Lipstick in Worth

Sheer Balm Lipstick in Infinite

My thoughts? These colors would look good on many skin tones. (I honestly think my very cool skin tone is the hardest match for warm colors, but the shades didn’t look too off on me.) I almost always go for blue or neutral-based reds and pinks, so these shades were a new frontier for me, and I’m glad I gave them a try! In general, from my experience, Axiology lipsticks run warm and brown, so if you gravitate towards those tones, you are going to love these.

And you know what? For those of you who might be scared off by the “daring” name, never fear…they are wearable. (Especially Infinite, which is really sheer.) The darkest (and not surprisingly my favorite) is Valor, and I would say the most “daring” is Worth, which is orange orange orange on me.

Of course, there are also the Bright and Natural discovery boxes, so you are covered on all fronts. Check out all the shades here, and as always, leave any questions for me in the comments!