Odds and Ends

Looks like Gen Z falls for online scams more often than boomers do.

The best eye cream in my book is 25% off right now. #brokenrecord #inwhoorlwetrust

Why does everyone freak out about bangs? Seriously.

The Saks Friends and Family 25% off event starts today! I scoured the website and here are my picks.

My Saturday self versus my Sunday self.

Which star signs make your closest friends?

These boots are such a good price for how luxuriously expensive they look in person.

Fall fashion makes me unnaturally happy.

The skincare products that save my face again and again are 20% off this weekend with code FLASH20.

Nothing beats the 1955 Horsebit. So damn classic.

I only use BK Beauty brushes and my favorite set is 25% off this weekend. The code is ANGIE-2Y for additional savings.

12 fragrances master perfumers wish they created.

Who else is watching The Super Models?

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: john thatcher