Odds and ends

I received so many IRL compliments (from strangers!) yesterday wearing this blouse and these jeans.

Um, let’s quit cooking chicken in Nyquil, mmkay?

A few of the trends from New York Fashion Week.

10 best new restaurants of 2022.

It dropped about 20 degrees yesterday (don’t worry, right back up to the 90s again today UGH), but I had a fall moment there for about 12 hours. Three of my very favorite fall lipsticks are this one in Rush Street, this one in Soho, and this one in L’Avenue.

Cutest little clutch in so many colors!

Accidental optical illusions.

Dinner plans tonight? Shall I bring my crippling anxiety?

From boy to Bono.

Selling lots of goodies from my closet here!

11 ancient solutions for modern malaise.

Sure, it’s still in the 90s here, but I’m probably gonna bust out the pumpkin and make this really soon.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: slow_roads