Odds and Ends

1. Well, if this isn’t the sweetest thing.

2. You all! The Mars Rover landing! Swati Mohan! #CHILLS

3. Did you ever see this post on the mental load women carry? It’s so good.

4. If the outages and freezing temps in Texas weren’t enough, there has been quite a disruption in the food supply. Feeding Texas is a great way to help.

5. I can’t stand Ted Cruz, but he didn’t write that tweet. #factsfirst #forbothsides

6. I’ve found the pinnacle of loungewear! Maybe you caught my IG stories this week when I was wearing my favorite pieces? This, this, and this are the pieces I had on.

7. Another loungewear purchase (yes I am the queen of loungewear, I take pride in this fact) is this set. (I purchased the off-white shade and can’t decide if that was an unwise move. #dogowner)

8. Black makeup legends.

9. COVID cases are falling rapidly. Here’s why.

10. Our rental in Santa Fe this week had an incredible library which introduced me to Jim Harrison. I devoured this book in a few days.

11. Maybe the best purchase I made so far this year. Seasonless and fits like a dream.

12. What’s the deal with all the robins? An answer!

13. I added a new ring to my stack and I love how dainty and lovely it is.

14. Man’s best friend might be a dog, but a dog’s best friend might be a woman. Interrrresting.

Wishing you a warmer weekend with lots of sunshine. It seems things are heading in the right direction.

image credit: mark rothko

One thought on “Odds and Ends
  1. Coco

    February 20, 2021 at 10:56 pm

    He also has an incredible (under-read) book of poetry called Letters to Yesenin that I love and recommend. (Yesenin was a popular early 20th century Russian poet who was very briefly married to Isadora Duncan.)