Odds and Ends

1. We made this posole last week and it was so flavorful and delicious.

2. I think we all deserve these cozy pajamas. Let’s do it together.

3. Great accounts to follow for at-home cooking inspiration.

4. Love this statue.

5. This is my favorite beauty roller for face AND body and it’s 30% off today and tomorrow with the code SARAH10. Full details here! (Yes, it was the one my dad was using on my Instagram Stories last night…)

6. Sacha Baron Cohen delivered quite the burn here.

7. Tracy Anderson got me hooked on these bodysuits and they just restocked today. They sell out so fast!

8. OKC had a huge ice storm this week that damaged so many mature trees in our neighborhoods. Here are some photos from the week.

9. Kalliroscopes are so cool.

10. Meditation works. Now just make me do it.

11. These holiday sets are always my favorite, year after year.

12. If I didn’t have a dress in this exact same print, I would buy this blouse in a hot minute. So chic.

13. Kitchen fails always make me laugh.

Happy Friday! Y’all, we are 4 DAYS AWAY FROM THE ELECTION. #holdmeclosertonydanza Let’s do this thing!

image credit: guido gutierrez ruiz