Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends 10.16.20

Odds and Ends 10.16.20

1. Who else has a teenage son and can relate to this? LOLLLL

2. Ummm, TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. This is why I will never surf.

3. How to throw yourself a middle-age reveal party. Haha, the knee test.

4. The Shopbop Fall Event ends today! Here are my favorite picks.

5. Well, this just blew my mind. #iloveuno

6. Did you know I have daily style posts on Instagram? (You can check them out in my “Daily Style” highlight.) Yesterday I was gushing about how well these pants fit my curves.

7. This one-time box from Boxwalla ships the last week of October and I have fallen HARD for the brand. The overnight masks are incredible. (And gentle on my skin!)

8. Interesting take on kids trick-or-treating this year. This is kind of genius.

9. The unflattering dog photo challenge is what we all need right now. Also, good boy.

10. My beloved hand cream trio is back with new scents! Buying one thousand.

11. This. So true! #wheredoesitallgo

12. Dexter is coming back for a new season. And for a full 180, have you seen Emily in Paris? I thought it was a cute little series and the male cast members were not hard to look at. #justsayin

13. Winter is around the corner and it’s time to profess my love for these slippers. I’ve worn them for years and they are super cozy while keeping your ankles warm!

Happy Friday! Wishing you all a great weekend.

image credit: ash holmes art