Odds and Ends

1. If I could only have one product during quarantine (ONE PRODUCT!), this would be it. (Skin, hair, highlighter. Boom.)

2. This is hands-down the most accurate depiction of a Trump task force briefing I’ve ever read. lololollllll also hulk smash

3. Hulu’s interface is stupid and confusing, so it’s nice to have this list of top 100 movies to guide me.

4. Okay, this girl is the luckiest in the world. Skip to 8:49 marker to get to the nitty-gritty.

5. Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40 or Kosas Tinted Face Oil? I went down the rabbit hole hard and here are my findings.

6. These painting recreations are hilarious.

7. Pancake charcuterie boards? HELLO, LOVER.

8. Gahhhhh, I’m going to miss David Rose so much.

9. Go ahead, get a photoshoot for your cat. We won’t judge.

10. OMG, Disneyland released its Dole Whip recipe. It really is End Times.

11. Do we all need these right now? I think we do. Yes, most definitely.

To quote Morrissey, “every day is like Sunday.” Yes, yes it is. Stay safe and sane, friends.

image credit: spoonflower