Odds and Ends

1. Hey, I don’t care if people don’t like me, I just need a list of who and why not.

2. Do you think this hat will keep me shaded enough at the pool this summer? This one might be a touch more affordable, methinks.

3. Visas to visit Europe in 2021?

4. Hey! I’m a Contributing Editor for The Bleu. Check out my piece on embracing my grays here.

5. Social media during the teenage years freaks me out.

6. No one is using napkins anymore.

7. Once again, love Patagonia something fierce.

8. Bad diets are responsible for more deaths than smoking. Green is good, folks!

9. With all the dog walking, I’m getting serious about facial sunscreen. Might be hard to beat this one and this one, but I’m trying some other options that are being sent my way.

10. 7 ways to age well in 2019. A round-up of great ideas, if you’re into that kind of thing.

11. Canned wine. I guess I’m not totally against it…

Happy Friday! Spring has sprung and I AM HERE FOR IT.

image credit: ashley seil smith