Odds and Ends

1. We are in the midst of a historic time here in Oklahoma. So proud of our teachers!

2. LOL hilarious Obama memes FTW.

3. Amongst many other things, Robert Mueller is a style icon.

4. Madeline Albright makes some incredibly valid points in this piece. Frightening.

5. I’m starting to target specific skin concerns with these little bottles and I love what I’m seeing.

6. Also, these lip glosses are LEGIT. (Use code Whoorl10 for 10% off!)

7. How psychology is being used as a weapon against children in terms of technology.

8. 56 questions for Young MC after hearing “Bust a Move” for the first time in decades. Hilarious.

9. Okay, this is the sweetest story.

10. Gray bags always have my heart.

11. Yep. #diggingthroughthetrash

12. I love this week’s podcast – sharing our lazy meals and a great interview about the coolest new website, Feed Our Democracy.

image credit: jasmine dowling