Odds and Ends


1. People. Get ready. If you are looking for alternatives to resting bitch face, here you go. I used a lot of these faces this past year, but the winner has to be a tie between “You Are Still Talking About Yourself Face” and the “I Would Do Well to Question Your Motives Face,” which I used approximately 49,000 times this year.

2. Vintage holiday snapshots. I want that emerald satin dress.

3. Dude. Do you put toilet paper on the seat? Oops.

4. What romance really means after 10 years of marriage. I love this so much.

5. Why it’s time attitudes towards addiction change.

6. Have you heard of the Invisible Backpack of White Privilege from LL Bean? “It’s great for carrying questionable things like weed, Ponzi schemes, and sex crimes.”

7. Do you know that the Merriam-Webster word of the year is? I know a few who love to use this word.

8. 21 books everyone has started but never finished. Haha, I have over 10 on the list.

9. Sometimes, I wish Lena Dunham would just shut her mouth.

10. Are you still bullet journaling? Here are some top ideas from 2016.

11. Me, trying to understand many things. Ha!

12. Dark sense of humor? You will LOVE these. I could not control my laughter while reading.

13. What chefs buy from Trader Joe’s. I have to say the Omega Trek Mix is my absolute fave.

14. Best photographs of 2016. Oh, these are good.

15. Born before 1985 like yours truly? What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the Internet.

16. How many of these “healthy” things are you doing? According to this article, they are all myths.

17. 2016 was the year the feminist bubble burst. Super interesting read.

18. What is up with the celebrity deaths this year? I CAN’T TAKE IT.

19. All for this approach to eating.

20. What a month of mirror selfies can can teach you.

21. Have you seen these reversible faux leather totes? So good. Also, this initial bar necklace is on sale for 6 bucks. #whut

22. Last, but certainly not least, I am going to miss this man so much. SO MUCH.

Happy New Year’s Eve! 2017, let’s do this thing!