Hair Romance: 30 Days of Gorgeous Updos

I don’t know about you, but I’m updo-challenged. Besides the fact that my hair repels bobby pins with brute force, I have never been able to get the hang of it.

That is, until now. Seriously, ladies, I think I’ve figured it all out, thanks to Christina’s blog, Hair Romance. Have you seen her blog? Ahhhhh, just post after post of hair goodness.

Besides Christina’s inspiring posts, she has published an eBook of her 30 favorite updos, 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days, with step-by-step tutorials on how to create each one.

(I’m wearing Day 18 in the photo above, and it took me all of 3 minutes.)

Not only does Christina show you step-by-step photos and directions, she has pages dedicated to styling products, styling tools, tips on blowdrying, and her cool “twist and pin” technique, which makes updos so much easier to accomplish.

For a paltry $9.95, you can buy her eBook of 30 lovely updos, and it’s worth every penny. I’m telling you, you won’t be disappointed. Buy it now and you’ll have updos out the yin yang for the upcoming holiday season!

  1. Brit

    November 20, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    This is one of those times I hate having short hair. :(