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Home Tour: Whoorlita’s Room

Well well well, it seems I forgot a room in our home tour. Wita is VERY disappointed with my blogging.

To be fair, Wita’s room has been the most in flux over the past year – first a crib and glider, then onto a big girl bed. Here a few photos from the baby days.


crib. glider. storage.


elephant storage. boots. stool.


mobile. memory game. string animals.


kitchen. stuffed animals.


And her current setup.


bed. duvet cover.

All in all, a nice update to the original room from when we bought the house.


Hold me.

p.s. – Any locals looking for a glider? We are looking to sell the Room & Board blue one in the photos.

Home Tour: Whoorlito’s Room

The kids’ rooms are last in the tour because they are definitely the ones in most flux. In fact, we added larger beds for both kids after we had the house photographed by Jessie. So you can check out both setups! Here’s Wito’s lair.

The room when we bought the house. Hello, hodge podge.


And after we got our hands on it!

whoorl home tour

Paint is Dunn Edwards White, wood units and duvet by Ikea, wool loop pillow by Jonathan Adler

I personally think Wito has the best room in the house due to the enormous window overlooking the backyard.

whoorl home tour

Parsons Desk by West Elm

It is super light and bright, yet totally private. I have a feeling he is going to love growing up in this room.

whoorl home tour

When we decided it was time for a bigger bed, we chose this one from West Elm and it’s perfect in the space.


Duvet and throw pillows by Ikea. Gold crosshatch pillowcases by West Elm. Rug by West Elm. (Which we’ve had for 4 years and still looks great!)

When I’m working at home during the day while the kids are in school, I always find myself gravitating to this room. It’s definitely a happy place.

Home Tour: Master Bedroom

The master bedroom of our home needed some MAJOR help. I mean, you guys, it was pretty dang sad when we purchased it. (Remember this little video I shot of the demolition? It was the last room of the video.)


Am I right? Ouch.

We are much happier with it post-renovation. (HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT.)


We purchased the canopy bed prior to owning this house, so it wouldn’t have been our #1 choice for this particular space, but we still love the bed itself. (Room and Board, yo!)



We loved and wanted to keep the original cantilevered closet doors, even though they were the biggest pain in the arse to prime and paint. However, I love how they retain the original feel of the room.


The closet space itself isn’t massive, so it forced me to do a little refreshing and updating to my wardrobe. Not a bad thing, people.


We also love this red chair that was compliments of Fashion for Home. Adds a nice pop of color to the room.


Happy dance. The kids rooms are up next!

Home Tour: Living Room

I have to say, our home’s formal living room has been the most unexpected surprise for us. As you walk into the front door of the house, this room is directly to your right. It’s the only room in the main living area that isn’t a part of the great room, and we initially assumed it would be the least used room in the house. Well, I have to say that this room has become my favorite for many reasons. First off, it houses so many of our finds and treasures from the past decade – I could spend days telling stories about the objects residing in the room. Secondly, although I love that our kitchen, family and dining room are one bright, open space, it is nice to have one room separate from the others. (And I suspect it will be a welcome oasis as our children get older and want some space from each other…oh, who am I kidding…they are already bickering at the ripe old ages of 3 and 7.)

Truthfully, though, the #1 reason I adore this room is the fact that it’s the warmest during the winter months. I’m easy to please, what can I say?

whoorl home renovation

The room is rather large, so we created two sitting spaces. The true living space, and my “office.” That Eames chair serves as blog central, and I love that spot because I can look out the window to the left and see all the happenings on my street, which is crucial to me not feeling so isolation central while working.

whoorl home renovation

I am obsessed with this vintage brass light fixture that we found at Kerson in Palm Springs. It produces the coolest shadows at night.

whoorl home renovation

(And yes, we love this rug from West Elm so much that we have it in both living areas!)

We found this large display cabinet at HD Buttercup several years ago when we were planning to move into the mid-century mold disaster. (Remember that fun, homeless time? Ugh.) We weren’t sure if we would be able to use it again, but it fits nicely in the living room. Talk about a lot of books and set-abouts, people. The piece has 18 glass panes, and I could probably write a 18 blog posts about the items in each and every one.

whoorl home renovation

Our main renovation task in the living room was dealing with the fireplace. As you can see, it was quite a mish-mash of materials.


We simplified by using a gorgeous grey quartzite material called “London Fog,” and are super pleased with the result.

whoorl home renovation

That orange pillow was the very first gift I ever gave D…12 years ago. Time flies, whoah.

Overall, the room is light, bright, happy-making, and don’t forget, quite toasty during our brutal Southern California winters.

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

Thanks to Jessie Webster for the lovely photos.


Home Tour: Entry and Family Room

Next up, the entry and family room! The family room is probably the most used since it’s just an extension of our kitchen in our great room. I love being able to cook while the kids play nearby.

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

Here’s a before shot.

whoorl home renovation

We didn’t have to do much to this room – just a fresh coat of paint (Dunn Edwards White), and we refinished the floors.

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

If you have any questions about the furnishings, please feel free to ask. Most are vintage, but a few were new purchases. (The rug is from West Elm and our sofa is from Ikea.) Also, the hanging light fixture was made by Southern Lights Electric. Adam is awesome if you are looking for a custom-made fixture!

Thanks to Jessie Webster for the lovely photos.

Home Tour: Kitchen and Dining Room

It’s home tour time. Cue trumpet fanfare!

First up, the kitchen and dining room. Here’s the kitchen when we bought the house and after the renovation.

(psst – all of the previous nitty gritty renovation posts can be found here.)

whoorl kitchen remodel

Our new island is totally the command center of the house. (All kitchen appliances and fixture choices can be found here.)

whoorl kitchen remodel

And check out the dining room transformation. Sayonara, nasty wood paneling!

whoorl dining room remodel

Although, it’s funny – we thought we were done with this part of this house until we decided, well, we weren’t. We made a few more changes since photographing the house, namely, adding another window in the dining room.

dining room window

I’m telling you, that window is a game changer. The morning light is beyond. LOVE.

As for the other window in the dining room, we changed that as well. (Please take a look at that before photo. Not only were we dealing with the wood paneling, but the previous tenants purposely installed a carpet strip into the wall. WHAT THE WHUT.)

whoorl dining room remodel

Did I mention that the lovely and talented Jessie Webster shot these beautiful photos of our space? Here are some of my favorites.