hair thursday makeover 36

Hello to Michelle!

Michelle’s hair:

Dark brown with gray coming in under the sides and back
Thick, with a little natural wave
Length needs to be at least touching her shoulders
Spends about two minutes styling – brushes and pulls it back in an elastic rubber band on most days. Uses a curling iron occasionally.
Uses shampoo on a daily basis (but didn’t mention conditioner)

Michelle is a SAHM and finds herself pulling her hair back in a ponytail or baseball cap on most days around the house. Although I can totally relate to that situation, a couple of subtle changes will make such a difference.

Michelle mentioned that she usually wears a baseball cap because she doesn’t like the way her forehead looks when she has her ponytail pulled back. Sounds like someone needs some ponytail bangs! I will say it until my dying day – long, sideswept bangs are the ticket for ponytails. Since they fall to the side, they cover a little bit of the forehead and you don’t get that whole dramatic, slicked back look.

Also, Michelle’s hair is lacking in the shine department, but that will be a breeze to fix.

Let’s look at some options.

Now, these styles are very similar, but there is one major difference. The length of the bangs. Option #1 has longer, cheekbone-skimming bangs (which might be the way to go for Michelle’s intial foray into bang territory). Option #2’s bangs are shorter – grazing the eyebrow, but the overall style is similar.

Michelle had additional questions about styling and covering her grays. Michelle, do you ever wash your hair the night before and style (flat/curling iron) the next morning? This might not work for everyone, but since Michelle is a SAHM, she might be able to pull it off. If I’m planning to spend some time styling, I wash in the evening, let air dry and then either flat iron or curl with an iron the next morning. I do think Michelle will benefit from a flat iron, to help smooth her hair and promote shine.

Oh, yes! Shine. Michelle, have you bought the Frederic Fekkai glossing cream? BUY IT. Buy it and covet it. Oh, and buy a good conditioner. Less expensive – Infusium Moisturizing conditioner, More expensive – Terax Crema conditioner.)

As for coloring her grays, I would recommend staying close to her natural shade. Of course, when it comes to first-time color, I would suggest visiting a professional, BUT does anyone have good recommendations for at-home, semi-permanent color? Natural instincts? Color Spa?

Let’s get on with it!

Our next participant is Kristen.

Kristen’s hair:

Dark brown, never colored or highlighted
Normal condition, naturally wavy
Prefers longer hair
Lets her hair dry on the way to work, spends absolutely no time styling
Would like to learn to use a flat iron

You know, I’m really glad that Kristen was one of the participants this week. I can now prove to you that my obsession with cute, ponytail bangs does have its limits. Yes, believe it or not, I simply don’t think EVERYONE benefits from bangs. Kristen included.

The great news is that when I contacted Kristen to see if she needed to update her photos, she informed me that she had been growing out her bangs for the past several months, and they now reached the end of her nose. Phew! The hard work is already over for Kristen.

Kristen has really shiny, thick hair with lots of volume. Her options for styling are really endless once she gets her hands on some good tools and cleans up the shape.

She mentioned an interest in flat irons, and I think an iron could add a sophisticated style for her, but she shouldn’t forget my friend, the curling iron. First off, let’s look at her options.

This more of a now and later situation, but I would suggest Kristen take the first photo to her stylist and shape up. The length has been left below shoulder level and soft face framing layers have been added around the front to create shape and body. The great part about this style is that it will allow Kristen to wear her hair wavy, but will look very smooth and sleek when she dries it with a round brush and/or uses a flat iron.

As for the flat iron, we all know what I recommend, and she should pin up her hair and work from the underneath up, sectioning off 1-2-inch sections. Kristen doesn’t need to spend a ton of time with the iron – just enough to smooth the waves, close the follicle, and promote a nice shine.

As her hair grows, she can always bust out the curling iron for the second look, but let’s focus on the cut for now.

What do you think about the first photo? Should Kristen shape it up accordingly?

Coming up next week:

Our first Hair Today candidate – she is HOT

Men with gray hair – opinion and polls

Of course, more brave HT candidates on Thursday

Have a great weekend, y’all.

  • Michelle

    May 30, 2008 at 11:01 am

    Got the info. on the flat iron…it helps to look around the Hair Thursday site, Michelle – anyone know of any good brain translpant surgeons I could consult with?

  • erica

    May 30, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Just a thought from a ponytail addict… cheek-length bangs can seriously bug. If you don’t like hair in your face, I would go with the shorter bangs. I’ve had both, and I always just ended up clipping the longer ones back – while the shorter ones look good when my hair is up or down and never bother me.

  • Kristen

    May 30, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    Thanks to Whoorl and all the Whoorl readers for the help! I had the day off, and already visited the salon with those pictures in hand! I am really happy with the results and sent in a picture with the update! Yippee for Hair Thursday! (I can’t stop running my fingers through my shiny, smooth hair!)