Odds and Ends nO 16


1. Now, THAT’S a beard. photo credit: Jimmy Niggles Pipe Series

2. I just barreled through Season 1 and 2 of Homeland over the past two weeks. Oh, wow. So so good, and I’m genuinely sad over the ending of the second season. Why did that happen? WHHHYYYYYYYY, I ASK OF YOU? Seriously, I’ve found myself sitting in the school pickup line this week thinking about that ending. (Obviously, emotional investment in television programs/movies/novels is my forte.) Season 3 doesn’t start until September. That is a very, very long time, people.

3. For those of you who have asked, yes, I am planning to post pics of the house renovation. We still have so much to do in regards to decorating the house, but I promise I’ll post each and every room in the upcoming months. (Once we finish the lighting, the kitchen will be the first post, methinks. So happy with the way things turned out!)

4. A few articles I wrote elsewhere, if you are interested. 5 Quick Hair Fixes to Keep in Your Clutch. | Stylish Designer Stationery. | The Best Shopping Apps. (Are you all using Stylebook? It rocks the casbah.)

5. Oh! The titillating conclusion to The Great Ankle Boot Search is coming next week. I know I know, you’re on the edge of your seats over there. Right. In the meantime, here are even more super cute boots at a full range of price points.

6. Anyone watching The Bachelor this season? I have the episodes recorded, but haven’t jumped in yet. (See #2.)

7. We are taking the kids to Legoland for the first time this weekend. Any tips? Rides/treats we shouldn’t miss?

Happy weekend to you and you and you.

  1. Louise

    January 20, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    – lives from another country. don’t know what is homeland all about. googles.