Whoorlita’s Wardrobe

It’s that time again…a little bit of Whoorlita’s wardrobe. I have to say, the girl loves to do these photos – in fact, she’s been quite the little art director lately. “How about this spot, mama? Do you like this pose?”

Two things about the clothes in these pics – first off, Target is knocking it out of the park right now. I am finding it reeaaaallly hard to make a trip to that place without leaving with a piece or two for Wita. Secondly, the Moroccan-inspired duds from Tea Collection are adorable, folks.


tunic. leggings*. boots.


dress.* moccasins.


blouse. shorts. (similar) shoes.


tee*. jean shorts.


jacket. (similar) dress. (similar) flats.


tee. overalls. (similar) shoes.


tank*. shorts*. shoes.

* these items were gifted to miss whoorlita. thank you!

Whoorlita’s Wardrobe

This post should really be called Ode to the Gold Old Navy Gladiators That Sold Out So Fast I Couldn’t Even Link to Them because, as you can see, Wita currently has quite an affinity for them. Me too, actually. (Although, have you see these ballet flats? Or these sandals? Super inexpensive and cute. And available.)






Poplin Tunic. Chambray Pants.


Jacket. Dress.

(Pssst – today’s the last day to get 25% off all full-price and sale items at Shopbop. Just sayin’. And that concludes the shopping posts for the week. God speed.)

Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe

For those of you who have asked about Wita’s clothing- if the item is still available, I will link directly to it. Otherwise, I will link to something similar.

Wita was feeling a little under the weather this week, but that didn’t stop her from assembling her daily ensembles. Monday was okay…


cardigan, old navy. striped tee, old navy. polka dot leggings, j.crew. sparkly flats, j. crew.

But Tuesday was not fun.


striped dress, pink chicken. olive leggings, old navy. black suede boots, lands end.

Feeling better on Wednesday, though!


chambray tunic, j. crew. striped leggings, circo. purple suede boots, lands end.

Annnnnnd the spunk is back.


grey shift dress, j. crew. yellow striped leggings, old navy. sparkly flats, j. crew.

It’s like nothing ever happened, peeps.


cotton voile dress, siaomimi. brown suede boots, nordstrom.

Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe

Welcome to another week of Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe. This girl’s poses are killing me.


black and grey plaid top, benetton. really old ariel mermaid dress, from neighbor’s halloween bin in their garage. sparkly ballet flats, j. crew. (thank goodness we didn’t have school.)


cotton floral blouse, h&m. pink bubble skirt, nellystella. navy and white polka dot leggings, old navy. biker boots, gap.


navy blouse, gap. blue and white pinstripe denim, old navy. polka dot ballet flats, j. crew. (the sassy hip thing is mildly frightening.)


black leotard, danskin. pink wrap skirt, danskin. pink tights, old navy. ballet slippers, ABT.


floral cotton dress, pink chicken. fuchsia patent sandals, saltwater sandals.

Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe

Lately, Wita feels very strongly about a few things.

1. A goodbye doesn’t count unless a kiss, hug, and verbal confirmation of the act of leaving is acknowledged via intense eye-to-eye contact. (Seriously, don’t ever attempt a half-hearted hand wave with this girl.)
2. Only a very weak individual allows another human being to help buckle their seat belt, even if it takes 20-30 minutes to make it happen.
3. Before bedtime, you must, simply MUST, choose and display your outfit for the next day. THE GOLDEN RULE, PEOPLE. Outfit. Laid out. End of bed. The end.


Wita’s absolutely obsessed with choosing her outfit the night before (ALL BY HERSELF, thankyouverymuch), but what gets me is the care and conviction she demonstrates while dressing herself in the morning. She never exits her bedroom until she’s fully dressed and ready for the day. Forget lounging around in your pajamas with this one-  at 6:50am, I’ll hear her doorknob click, and there she’ll stand – coiffed and ready to go.

So when I decided to start documenting these outfits, I wasn’t sure how she would react. Well, as you are about to witness, she has no qualms with posing for the camera. Future Fashion Bloggers of America, methinks? Without further ado, I give you Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe.


denim jacket, gap. red tulle skirt, gap. yellow striped leggings, old navy. biker boots, gap.


cotton blouse, old navy. bubble skirt, nellystella. grey cable knit leggings, j. crew. purple suede boots, land’s end.



printed dress, old navy. fuchsia leggings, j. crew. bronze sparkly ballet flats, j. crew. multicolor beaded necklace, ellabead.


navy printed cotton tunic, pink chicken. red cotton leggings, j. crew. tan suede boots, nordstrom.


red chunky knit cardigan, gap. courdoroy polka dot bubble dress, gap. black leggings, old navy. tan suede boots, nordstrom.