shoulder length hair with bangs

A Fresh Cut for Spring

Awwww yeahhh, heavy hair be gone. Although not pixified, I do feel like a new lady. You see, to make a long (hair) story short, about a year and a half ago, I decided to grow my hair out like this lovely woman. The idea was born during the Pantene commercial shoot, when it was […]

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Odds and Ends No. 23

1. Someone PLEASE get me one of those ice cream cones. 2. Everlane silk blouse with band collar. Do it. I promise you’ll love it. (And if silk isn’t your thing, Everlane tees are the bee’s knees. I know – I own, uh, 5. Only $15!) 3. I read about Teux Deux last week via […]

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I’m Down With Upscale Resale (+ Giveaway!)

Wita has a pretty fab wardrobe, and I say that without being all look-at-me-and-my-awesome-taste because, well, the majority of her closet is filled with hand-me-downs. Yep, adorable hand-me-downs are responsible for about 60% of what Wita wears on a daily basis. In fact, Wita’s wearing at least one hand-me-down in each of the above photos. […]

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Adele by Wita

Hey! Let’s just make this a toddler lip sync blog or something! I feel compelled to update you on Wita’s journey to becoming The World’s Premier Lip Syncer. She’s been working hard – adding some intensity to her routines, and taking her show on the road. For instance, Monday morning at a fabric warehouse in […]

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D’s Magazine Debut!

You all, I am so so so excited to share that one of D’s recent projects is the cover feature in Luxe Magazine this month! I can’t even express how proud of him I am – he’s not only a natural talent, but an extremely hard worker. Here are the photos! (You can click to […]

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5 healthy smoothies to start the day

Get Your Smoothie On

Do you smoothie? Well, I’m a self-professed Vitamix-loving, smoothie-making fiend myself, and the above 5 smoothies are in constant rotation at our home. (Disclaimer: I have to add blueberries to the two green ones to appease my dear son who detests anything green.) Check out these 5 recipes, and let me know if I should […]

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