House Renovation Update #6

1 here. 2 here. 3 here. 4 here. 5 here. Man, I just can’t seem to get these renovation updates done on time, but here’s the latest! The floors are done, and we are in looooove. Ripping out the floor in the kitchen and dining…

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House Renovation Update #4 – Our Kitchen Choices

Since we’re still in the drywall/floor finish/boring phase, I thought I would answer Katy’s question from last week’s post. I read a lot of home remodel blogs and love hearing about all the details on the process, would be interested in learning specifics on what…

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House Renovation Update #3

House renovation #3 drinking game. Take a swig every time you read the word “drywall” or “floors.” Okay, so I’m a little late on this one. Sorry about that, but you see, I have good reason! If I would have posted on Friday, the photos…

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House Renovation Update #2 (+ Requesting Appliance Advice)

Renovation Update #1 here. Good news! Demo is officially finished. Bad news. It doesn’t make for a super exciting update #2. Lots of decision-making this week, and not so much doing. So, we took out the kitchen and opened up the walls, and continued with…

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House Renovation Update #1

I’ll be posting updates on the house renovation every Friday, so if you love this kind of stuff, yay! If you hate it, Fridays won’t be our day. It’s okay, I understand. I still like you a lot. I will definitely put together more succinct…

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