How To Pack Stylishly For 7 Days in a Carry-On

2017 is shaping up to be a year of travel for me. Although I really didn’t plan for it to be, it’s March and I’ve already visited London, Paris, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Kansas City, and Dallas this year. Not to mention the…

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Laguna Beach

My Guide to Laguna Beach

I’ve been involved in quite a love affair with Laguna Beach for some time, as many of you have witnessed on my Instagram account and blog over the past decade. It all started 14 years ago, when my boyfriend (now husband) and I were living,…

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My Birthday Weekend in The Mexican Riviera

I’ve told you about my birthversary, right? November 5th is my wedding anniversary followed by my birthday on the 6th. (I have no clue why I thought this was such a good idea at the time.) Well, about a month or two ago, I was…

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What’s the Best All Inclusive Family Resort?

You all had such great responses regarding vacation spots…can I take it one step further? Have any of you stayed at an all-inclusive resort with your family? What’s your favorite? I just started my search, but immediately happened upon this resort in Turks and Caicos….

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Tell Me About Your Dream Vacation Spot

You guys, I need a vacation. Yes, I’ve been traveling a fair amount for conferences/blogging/quick weekends, but I mean A Real Vacation. A┬áNo-Plans-Whatsoever, Doing-Absolutely-Nothing, Staring-Off-Into-Space Real Vacation on a beach in a remote location. I just want to be in the sun with nothing to…

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This is Love

Last night, as I was preparing dinner, Wita was working hard on a drawing at the dining table. So, when Wita gets into masterpiece mode, she makes it crystal clear to all family members that they are NOT allowed to view her work until she…

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