1. This post is a bit of a Whoorl-other-places onslaught today, so feel free to skip. To those of you who stick around, BFF. FOR EVAH AND EVAH. 2. I’m selling some jeans over at Whoorl’s Closet. Check ’em out, and email me if you…

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House Renovation Update #3

House renovation #3 drinking game. Take a swig every time you read the word “drywall” or “floors.” Okay, so I’m a little late on this one. Sorry about that, but you see, I have good reason! If I would have posted on Friday, the photos…

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House Renovation Update #2 (+ Requesting Appliance Advice)

Renovation Update #1 here. Good news! Demo is officially finished. Bad news. It doesn’t make for a super exciting update #2. Lots of decision-making this week, and not so much doing. So, we took out the kitchen and opened up the walls, and continued with…

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House Renovation Update #1

I’ll be posting updates on the house renovation every Friday, so if you love this kind of stuff, yay! If you hate it, Fridays won’t be our day. It’s okay, I understand. I still like you a lot. I will definitely put together more succinct…

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Eight Things

1. House update! We are officially homeowners, you guys! I AM HOMEOWNER, HEAR ME ROAR. We got the keys yesterday afternoon, and the demo crew showed up bright and early this morning. This is going on right this very minute. (I am a crazy picture-taking…

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Kitchen Inspiration

Here’s the thing about escrow. It’s so involved, right? So involved, in fact, that you kind of stop thinking about the house itself and focus on the specifics of closing escrow. Then, as you approach closing (tomorrow, woohooo!), you pretty much have a panic attack…

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