1. This post is a bit of a Whoorl-other-places onslaught today, so feel free to skip. To those of you who stick around, BFF. FOR EVAH AND EVAH.

2. I’m selling some jeans over at Whoorl’s Closet. Check ’em out, and email me if you are interested! Proceeds go to the Whoorl Kitchen Renovation Fund.

3. Andrea from For the Love Of is doing a great series called “In Anticipation of Fall,” and she featured my fall favorites this week. Thanks for having me, Andrea!

4. I have a new Save or Splurge article up at Women & Co. This time it’s all about skincare. (Hint: lose the expensive eye creams, ladies.)

5. Since we are still in drywall/floor finishing mania at the new house, I thought I would put together a collage of what products we are using for our kitchen for tomorrow’s renovation post. (Unless you want to see more photos of drywall. And wood planks. No? Okie dokie.) In the meantime, a little hardwood floor porn for you?

6. Oh! 8 best beauty apps that are free. (Do any of you use the Pose app? I’ve been on for awhile, but really want to start pos(t)ing again. Tell me what your username is so I can follow you! Mine is whoorl.)

Happy Thursday!