Odds and Ends No. 28

1. I am over the moon with our home photos shot by Jessie Webster. Full home tour coming in July, finally! 2. I just caved and bought Ballet Beautiful thanks to Roxanna and Rebecca. I’ll let you know how it goes. (Great list of the best workout videos here. Good stuff on the Whoorl Facebook […]

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1 Summer Scarf, 4 Ways

Here ye, here ye, I do declare this to be the summer of the scarf. I bought myself some cute cotton scarves from Madewell a a few weeks ago and have been wearing them all the livelong day. (Madewell must have sold out of the one pictured. It’s a cutie.) Here are my four favorite […]

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june faves

June Favorites

clockwise, from top left Print Silk Kaftan Maxi – Dream boho maxi for a beach bonfire with bearded men. Mimosa Bandeau Maillot – I stare at this maillot for ridiculously long periods of time. Could it be any prettier? Eyelet Peasant Top – New arrival at J. Crew, and it comes in several colors. Roller […]

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Bronze Smoky Eye Tutorial

Here’s the deal – I can’t rock a smoky eye. At least, I can’t rock most smoky eye looks. Anything involving black or plum or dark navy instantly transforms me into a brothel inhabitant, so I steer very clear. However, I’ve been experimenting with metallics lately, and have found a really pretty (and fairly subtle) […]

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steam heat rollers

Let’s Talk Hair Rollers

Here’s the thing about blogging for eight years – you’ll be in a conversation with someone, and they’ll say, “Hey! You should do a post on hair rollers,” and you’ll say, “I did! I created a battle of the rollers series! DON’T YOU REMEMBER THAT RIVETING SERIES!?,” and they’ll be like, “No.” Then you’ll search […]

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