Short Hair Inspiration and Thoughts

I’m still stewing over the big chop, which really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since I don’t possess even a sliver of the “oh what the hell, just do it” gene in my body. Nope, I approach my hair decisions exactly like I approach…

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silky blouse obsession

Silky Blouse Obsession

I might be slightly obsessed with silky blouses. (Notice I call them “silky” blouses — I’m equal opportunity regarding pure silk blouses, and, you know, a little polyester here and there. Hey! It’s way cheaper and you can machine wash polyester, so the lack of…

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Dishing on Downton – Episode 4

OMGWTFOMGOMGDJFRWLGBRWLGUNWRIGUNWRLGWRLBGU Are you kidding me? Julian Fellowes, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We have lots of processing to do concerning this turn of events. Proceed with caution. What do you all think? Were you surprised? Did you see this coming? Most importantly, do you want to…

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The Mouthy Twos

One of the best parts of blogging for the past eight (OMG EIGHT) years is accessing my archives for a little walk down memory lane. And truly, thank god for my archives because my memory ain’t so great, y’all. Truth, I’ve forgotten actual chapters of…

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How to really keep your updo all day

How To Really Keep Your Updo All Day Long

You can use all the bobby pins you want, but if you want your updo to truly last all day, it’s what you do to your hair BEFORE you put it up that matters. Check out my tried and true tips at Style United.

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