Au Revoir!

Monday morning, I’m leaving California on a little adventure. First stop, New Jersey, where I will get the chance to film my very own talk show at CafeMom Studios. Totally crazy, but super exciting crazy. We’re filming ten episodes devoted to all the things I…

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Easter Weekend at Mammoth

The lovely folks at provided us with two nights lodging during our trip to Mammoth Lakes, California. has a fantastic loyalty program called Welcome Rewards which rewards you with free hotel nights for your accumulated purchases. For every 10 nights, get 1 free….

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Odds and Ends

1. We had such a fun weekend in Mammoth – plenty of snow, temps in the 50s…we couldn’t have asked for more. (We even got a family self portrait on the gondola. Miraculous, I say!) I’m sorting through the photos this weekend, and hope to…

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We’re Off to the Mountains!

March kicked my butt. It was one of the busiest months I’ve ever experienced (new opportunities -yay! nonstop hamster wheel in my brain – BOO), so I’m beyond excited that we’re leaving the beach (and my laptop) this morning for a little change of scenery…

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New York

The one nice thing about flying to New York and back for one day of work is that I can recap every detail of my trip in 13 photos. Proceed! Sunday morning. The family drops me off at the airport. Wita starts crying. Wito starts…

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House Hunters International

You guys, I’m so behind on this whole television thing…don’t get me started, really, BUT I just started watching House Hunters International last month and am a total addict junkie. Every night, I can’t wait until the kids are sleeping so D and I can…

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