Dress ‘Em Cute For a Cause

It’s Wita’s runway debut! (Although, upon closer review, I did a horrible job of matching skin tones, didn’t I?) If you can’t tell from the photo, Wita’s caricature is wearing the limited edition Huggies Jeans Diaper. What’s the Huggies jean diaper, you ask? Wait, you…

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Buttons as Earring Holders

I stumbled upon this little gem last week. Buttons as earring holders. Buttons as EARRING HOLDERS! Am I the last to know about this genius idea? If you are afflicted with the Can’t Keep A Pair Of Earrings Together Disorder, you must employ this quick…

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Bikini Bonanza!

I’m still coming off our holiday weekend pool party bender, so I definitely have bikinis on the brain. I love me some bikinis! Like Jora, I’m a huge proponent of the string bikini. I wear both the black one and the plaid one shown above…

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B+ Parenting Update

Y’ALL. I made some strides in my B+ parenting project. However, first off, I feel it necessary to delve into the roots of my Type A behavior. The Type A and Type B personality theory describes a Type A individual as ambitious, aggressive, business-like, controlling,…

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She’s One!

Curious. Deft. Fearless. People watcher. Feisty. Independent. Water baby. Physically strong. Determined. Quick on the draw. Wita celebrated her first birthday last week, and I’m in shock over how fast her first year flew past us. Where did it go? Who is this toddler (almost)…

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