Your Favorite Things – Lifestyle/Fitness Edition

Your Favorite Things - Lifestyle/Fitness Edition

Ever wonder what products mentioned on this blog are the most popular? One of my favorite things about blogging is doing a deep dive into my analytics at the end of each month to see what’s resonating with you, and I thought I might share with you all going forward!

I love to see what you all are buying and loving each month so I combed through this summer’s hits and bestsellers and these are the products at the top of the heap.

I also featured your favorite items from this summer in the clothing, beauty, and hair categories!

Your Favorite Things From Summer 2020: Lifestyle/Fitness Edition

The #1 Bestseller Across All Categories

Your Favorite Things - Lifestyle/Fitness Edition

Athleta 5-Pack Everyday Masks

I posted about these masks in July and they definitely eclipsed any other singular product’s sales from my blog this summer. (I’m not one to usually share specifics, but $15,000 worth of these masks were purchased by you all. Look at all of you and your Athleta masks!) Frankly, it makes my heart happy that there are so many awesome mask-wearers out there. You can read my full review of the masks here. (Great for smaller faces too!)

Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Kids

While I prefer the Athleta masks, my 10-year-old daughter’s face still needs a smaller kids’ size. She loves these triple-layer cotton masks by Old Navy. They come in great colors and prints too!

Genius Square Game

We bought this game during quarantine and it’s been a total hit with all four family members. I’ve found it’s a great way to reset my brain after an onslaught of social media.

Fitbit Inspire HR Activity Tracker

I was on the fence about purchasing an activity tracker for years because I can be a bit, ahem, obsessive about stats and details, but I must say this tracker has added nothing but good health to my life. (Physical and mental!) I prefer this model because it’s very narrow and streamlined – it doesn’t look too bulky on my small wrists.

Beyond Yoga Slim Racerback Cropped Tank

Some of you may have seen on my Instagram account how I hemmed many of my longer tanks to make them more cropped, but these tanks are a buttery soft option if you are looking for new ones!

Bluetooth Earbuds

Listen, I’ll spend good money on lots of things, but I can’t bring myself to pony up for the AirPods. Instead, these have been a great, cheaper version for me. (The stems are a little bigger than the Apple ones, though.)

The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi

Cheers to the best non-fiction book I read this summer! I love Kendra and her approach to making things work by becoming a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that simply don’t. A quick and helpful read, especially during these times.

  1. Frannie

    September 17, 2020 at 6:35 pm

    I love your posts! Thanks! I also got some AirPod knock offs at a Walgreens of all places. They were $12 and I daresay, they’re pretty good!

  2. whoorl

    September 17, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    That’s an incredible deal!