hair thursday makeover 51

No time for chit chat – just lots of awesome hairstyles and of course, your votes.


Courtenay’s hair:

Auburn brown
Extremely thick, very straight
Prefers hair out of eyes
Always has hair in ponytail or messy bun

Courtney, I love your natural auburn color. However, with hair this thick, I think you need to grow it longer to give it more weight. If you keep the length where it grazes your shoulders, it will always flip up and/or gravitate towards your face. Here are some options for you.


Alyce’s hair:

Dyed platinum blond several months ago and slowly repairing color
Very thick, tendency to frizz
Wants something “cute and short”

Alyce, I definitely gravitate towards a darker blond or strawberry blond for you. I think a shorter style would look great with your features. These would be super cute on you, but FYI, you are going to have to texturize the hell out of your hair.


Susie’s hair:

Light brown with golden highlights
Normal to oily condition
Very thick and wavy hair
No preference for length
Uses flat iron occasionally
Loves the messy bun look
Tons of layers in hair

Susie, I like your hair with a little more length. Right now, the shorter cut combined with all of your layers is creating a little bit of a helmet-type shape. Keep growing and blending the layers – once it’s a tad bit longer, you will be able to pull it back into messy buns all the time.


Kristi’s hair:

Light medium brown, considering a color change
Oily at the scalp
Very fine, naturally curly
No preference for length
Cut her own layers

Kristi, I think you should go with a blond shade with a hint of red (like #1) or even blonder. (You know, to match your darling baby!)

  1. kat

    November 13, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    i would love to see alyce go dark to one color. with her fab skin tone, it would really work and make her eyes POP.

    and susie cuts her OWN layers? that is courageous. i agree with whoorl – would LOVE to see a brighter shade on her!