hair thursday makeover 40

Welcome to this week’s Hair Thursday, straight from my deathbed! (Also, who says Alka Seltzer Plus Nighttime Cold Medicine is just for night?! Why am I seeing double? Where’s my toddler?)

I think it’s best for you and I if I keep most of my thoughts/hallucinations to myself this week.

Here is cute Jodi!

Jodi’s hair:

Red/auburn with blond highlights
Chemically-processed, a little dry
Medium texture and thick
Prefers shorter styles
Spends 15-30 minutes styling
Uses flat iron
Uses Brocato max hold hairspray and Rough Paste by Redken, sometimes Aveda Volumizer

I like Jodi’s hair! Don’t you think it’s cute? I can’t really tell what it looks like on the sides and back, but I like how it’s texturized and the highlights look nice with her skin.

However, something (the cold medicine?) is telling me that Jodi would look great with shorter hair. Maybe the same layering on top, but taking the sides and back up.

Something like Option #1. (BTW, this photo is from a CUTE HT participant on the waiting list. Why she’s wanting to change her darling hair, I DO NOT KNOW.)

(Cute seems to be the operative word this week, yes?)

Jodi’s hair is already very similar on the top and in the front, so she would only be taking the bulk off the sides and back.

OR Jodi could keep the length and REALLY texturize the hell out of it, for a super modern look like Option #2.

(OMG, a gray piece of matter just emerged from my lungs.)

Tell Jodi what you think!

  1. Jodi

    July 5, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    Oh these comments are great! Those interested in my glasses I got them from Target Optical of all places….I had to search high and low for a pair I liked and I love those….Too bad the damn dog just got a hold of them.

  2. monkeygirl

    December 14, 2008 at 7:44 am

    What does the back of Nicole’s hair look like? I love the front!