hair thursday makeover 32

Will you take a look at this woman?


It’s been several months, but I think it’s time to induct another participant into the Hair Thursday Fishing For Compliments Hall of Fame.

Cue lights! Fanfare! Trumpeteers!

Congratulations, Sarah! Your hair is so lovely that I just might weep.


That is her natural color, people! NOT FAIR, SARAH.

I’m totally pissed.

Obviously, Sarah doesn’t need much help with the color/style issue, but she did have questions about products. She currently owns a hair dryer and a flat iron, but doesn’t know what (if any) products to use while styling her hair. Judging from her photo, I don’t think she needs to use tons of different products on her hair. Since it’s so texturized, she could run the risk of weighing it down, but I do have a couple of recommendations that could make all the difference.

First off, Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray is AWESOME. I just started using it myself, and it does an excellent job of detangling and protecting my hair from heat styling and the sun. And don’t even get me started on the the scent. Honestly, I don’t wear perfume, but if I did, it would smell exactly like this. Light, fresh and clean. In fact, I might just start spraying it all over my damn body. Excuse me for a second.

The treatment spray would be a perfect way for Sarah to protect her gorgeous locks when busting out those styling tools or spending time out in the sun. Another product that I would recommend for her (or anyone who has texturized ends and/or flyaways) is the Cutler Fly-Away Stick, which would add smoothness and shine on days when she’s dealing with frizz (HELLO, summertime is on its way). Just rub a little bit between your fingers and work it through the rogue parts of your hair.

Cool? Cool.

(Sarah, let me know if you try out the products. Seriously, the scent alone is fantastic.)

Our next participant is Maui.


Maui’s hair:

Black, straight, very fine
Has grown-out layers mixed throughout
Wears ponytails all day, every day
Prefers longer hair

Maui’s a new mother, so I understand her preference to keep it longer in order to pull it off her face, BUT I think she needs to take off several inches.

In fact, the illusion of shorter length in her first photo confirms my thoughts. Taking those inches off will give her hair so much more vitality (HATE THAT WORD) and many more styling options. Maybe cutting it to the length of the bottom of the black stripe in the second photo. Oh yeah. That would look good.

Orrrr what about a little shorter with layers around the face? With a little curling iron action for extra oomph?


It’s a toughie. What do you think?