This Skin Firming Combo is Magic

I am SO excited to announce this exclusive collaboration bundle with Boxwalla containing 3 incredible products at an insane price!

I worked closely with Boxwalla founder Lavanya to create a collection of products that not only work beautifully alone but even better when used together. (Yes, I think I’ve stumbled across the secret formula to clear, bright, and firm skin.)

First, let’s look at the products individually.

1) Votary Super Seed Facial Oil ($110) : A fragrance-free, deeply nourishing & calming oil serum made with a beautiful blend of 22 seed oils including omega-rich pumpkin seed, cranberry, raspberry, chia, pomegranate, cherry, carrot seed and more! It minimizes fine lines, increases the skin’s elasticity and makes the skin healthy & glowing! NO fragrance or essential oils for my sensitive friends.

2) Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream ($102) : A soothing and protective cream with a luscious texture that melts into the skin. Made with a blend of 22 seed oils to nourish and moisturize, as well as hyaluronic acid for lasting hydration. Leaves the skin plump and healthy, with an almost matte, non-greasy finish. Again, no fragrance or essential oils.

3) African Botanics Le Masque Hydralift Intense ($180) : An innovative hydrating, lifting and firming serum-strength mask that is powered by advanced marine biochemistry and plants sourced sustainably from South Africa. I FREAKING LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

I use and love all three of these products, but the magic happens when you combine the Super Seed Facial Oil and the Le Masque Hydralift together. (Check out my “Skincare” highlight in my Instagram profile to see my step-by-step process.)

I combine a dime-sized amount of the Le Masque and about 3-4 drops of the Super Seed Oil and it creates the creamiest emulsion that makes my skin look so firm and hydrated! It’s hard to explain, but it’s something I haven’t experienced with any other product combination out there. And if you have super dry skin, you can apply the nutrient cream as the last step for an ultimate moisture bomb.

Here’s an unfiltered photo of my bare face about 5 minutes after applying my favorite combo. (And this was a morning after a particularly rousing night of cocktails so that’s saying something. #wineface)

I’ve been utilizing this combination in my skincare routine about three times a week and I prefer doing it in the evening because my skin is always so bright and youthful when I wake up in the morning. However, you can definitely do it in the morning but not directly before makeup application. The emulsion is so creamy that you need to give it time to completely soak into your skin.

You all, it is just lovely. So dang lovely.

Boxwalla is offering this box for $135 and if you use the code WHOORL you will receive an extra 15% off the bundle which means a $392 value for $115! An absolute steal, no doubt about it. Click here to purchase the box!

The kicker is that these boxes are limited in number and I expect them to sell out quickly. I simply don’t think you can go wrong purchasing these three products – they are sublime for all skin types! I hope you adore them as much as I do.