The Whoorl Hair Academy

Sometimes, I dream of moderating a hair blog. (Okay, maybe “dream” is a little much. How about, the thought occasionally pops into my head as I stare vapidly at Wito feasting on my Mac power cord.)

Yesterday was a perfect example – after all of the bang comments and votes, the stunning Holly emailed about her own hair dilemma. This email was like the highlight of my week – someone (not just someone! Beautiful Holly! With the lovely British accent!) was requesting my input on a hairstyle. I was on a mission to find photos of the perfect cut, based on her request. I found myself wanting to ask tons of questions, what’s your hair type, what kind of climate do you live in, do you like to use product, how much styling time will you allow?

People, is this normal?

I think it’s time to make an admission. I am obsessed with hair. Like really obsessed. And I wish I could say I was equally obsessed about the current state of the economy or politics, but no. Hair, it is.

Is there such thing as an online Hair Consulting Business? If so, I’m all over it. And what would I call it, pray tell?

Speaking of hair, my Gallery of Good Hair has been a little neglected and is quietly whimpering in the corner. Do you have any photos to add? If so, send a photo (and your URL, if you have one) to hairATwhoorlDOTcom.

Have a great weekend!