The Olympic Dream Is Alive and Well (+Odds and Ends)

1. I miss the Olympics. It’s ridiculous, actually, because my experience with the Olympics had to be the worst in the world…being on the West Coast with the tape delay, it was like the entire entirety of the universe knew what happened before I did. Couple that with getting behind on our DVR (because who really stays up until midnight to watch the Olympics? Are you kidding me?), we are still catching up. Seems kind of fruitless, but whatevs. Who will win the 5000-meter? The suspense!

2. Did I mention we are in escrow? I think maybe I did once or twice or a thousand times. (Was that in my head?) Wow, you guys. Entire forests of trees have been slayed just for our personal escrow papers. It’s a good thing my signature looks like a scribble because my hand done fell off.

3. Everything is changing in our life right now. Schools, schedules, childcare, houses, new work…who am I? And why am I writing this post right now? Not sure.

4. These are pretty dang good. They help when the hamster wheel in my head starts whizzing out of control. (So does running, but cookies taste a lot better.)

5. I didn’t just make this up – this facial mask is the bomb. Plus, you can eat it with your cookies.

6. Happy weekend to you all.

  1. brianne

    August 17, 2012 at 8:56 am

    cookies help me stay grounded (literally, ha) when life is changing rapidly! i’m going to bake joythebaker’s dark choc chip/pistachio/smoked salt cookies today. hope you have an awesome weekend too!

  2. Jessica

    August 17, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    We don’t have a TJ’s here, but I just discovered I can buy them from Amazon, at a much higher price! However, it might be worth it…